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George Eliot

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Middlemarch | Characters

Character Description
Dorothea Brooke Dorothea Brooke (later Dorothea Brooke Casaubon), the protagonist, wants to perform great acts for humanity. Read More
Edward Casaubon Edward Casaubon is a middle-aged clergyman who marries Dorothea and expects to write the Key to All Mythologies. Read More
Will Ladislaw Will Ladislaw, Edward Casaubon's cousin, falls in love with Dorothea and chooses public life as his vocation. Read More
Tertius Lydgate Tertius Lydgate is an exceptional doctor whose "spots of commonness" stymie his aspirations to be a leader in medicine. Read More
Rosamund Vincy Lydgate Rosamund Vincy Lydgate, a social climber, gets both more and less than she bargained for in marrying Tertius Lydgate. Read More
Nicholas Bulstrode Nicholas Bulstrode is an Evangelical banker who hides the dishonest deeds on which he built his success. Read More
Camden Farebrother Camden Farebrother is an empathetic clergyman and gifted preacher. Read More
Mrs. Abel Mrs. Abel is the housekeeper at Stone Court who helps Nicholas Bulstrode take care of John Raffles.
Mr. Bambridge Mr. Bambridge is a less-than-scrupulous horse trader.
Arthur Brooke Arthur Brooke is a shallow dilettante who briefly runs as a Reform candidate. He is Dorothea and Celia's uncle.
Harriet Vincy Bulstrode Harriet Vincy Bulstrode is Walter Vincy's sister and Nicholas Bulstrode's wife.
Elinor Cadwallader Elinor Cadwallader, upper-class by birth, is a busybody who married a clergyman, Humphrey Cadwallader, for love.
Humphrey Cadwallader Humphrey Cadwallader is the clergyman for the parsonage on Sir James Chettam's estate.
Celia Brooke Chettam Celia Brooke Chettam, Dorothea's practical younger sister, marries Sir James Chettam.
Sir James Chettam Sir James Chettam, Arthur Brooke's neighbor, courts both of Brooke's nieces and marries Celia.
Mr. Dagley Mr. Dagley is a poor cottager who lives on Arthur Brooke's land.
Mrs. Dollop Mrs. Dollop is a landlady and source of gossip and false information.
Sarah Dunkirk Sarah Dunkirk, Will Ladislaw's mother, ran away from her disreputable family.
Miss Farebrother Miss Farebrother is Camden Farebrother's single sister.
Mrs. Farebrother Mrs. Farebrother is Camden Farebrother's mother.
Joshua Rigg Featherstone Joshua Rigg Featherstone is Peter Featherstone's illegitimate child who inherits all his father's land and property.
Peter Featherstone Peter Featherstone is a rich, sick, and manipulative widower related to both the Garths and the Vincys by marriage.
Mr. Gambit Mr. Gambit is a surgeon-apothecary who specializes in childbirth.
Caleb Garth Caleb Garth is a self-taught civil engineer who loves his work and does it well but is a bad businessman.
Mary Garth Mary Garth is the eldest daughter of Caleb and Mary Garth and a single teacher with few prospects.
Susan Garth Susan Garth is a housewife and school teacher married to Caleb Garth.
Frank Hawley Frank Hawley is a lawyer who dislikes reform and Tertius Lydgate.
Mr. Horrock Mr. Horrock is Mr. Bambridge's business partner.
Julia Casaubon Ladislaw Julia Casaubon Ladislaw is Will Ladislaw's grandmother and Edward Casaubon's great aunt; she married a Polish musician and was disowned by her family.
Captain Lydgate Captain Lydgate is Tertius Lydgate's empty-headed cousin.
Sir Godwin Lydgate Sir Godwin Lydgate is Tertius Lydgate's uncle who paid for his nephew's education after he was orphaned.
Dr. Minchin Dr. Minchin is a physician classically educated.
Naumann Naumann is a German painter with whom Will Ladislaw studies in Rome.
Henrietta Noble Henrietta Noble is Mrs. Farebrother's spinster sister.
Ned Plymdale Ned Plymdale unsuccessfully courts Rosamund.
Selina Plymdale Selina Plymdale is the wife of a dyer and a good friend of Harriet Vincy Bulstrode; her son is Ned Plymdale.
John Raffles John Raffles is a dissolute alcoholic and extortionist who helped Nicholas Bulstrode illegally inherit a widow's money.
Dr. Sprague Dr. Sprague is a physician classically educated.
Mr. Toller Mr. Toller is a surgeon-apothecary.
Borthrop Trumbull Borthrop Trumbull is an auctioneer and rental agent.
Mr. Tyke Mr. Tyke is an Evangelical clergyman whom Nicholas Bulstrode chooses as the chaplain for the fever hospital.
Fred Vincy Fred Vincy is the eldest son of Walter Vincy and expects to inherit a fortune. He is in love with Mary Garth.
Lucy Vincy Lucy Vincy is Walter Vincy's wife and a shopkeeper's daughter.
Walter Vincy Walter Vincy is a manufacturer with a large family and the mayor of Middlemarch.
Mr. Wrench Mr. Wrench is a surgeon-apothecary.
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