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Salman Rushdie

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Midnight's Children | Characters

Character Description
Saleem Sinai Saleem Sinai is born "handcuffed to history" and determined to prove it. Read More
Shiva Shiva is Saleem's archrival, a predatory and violent man. He is switched at birth with Saleem and, thus, is sentenced to an impoverished early life. Read More
Padma Padma, who cooks chutney for a living, witnesses Saleem's story and provides him with support. Read More
Aadam Aziz Aadam Aziz, Saleem's German-educated grandfather, is changed by the massacre at Amritsar. Read More
Naseem Ghani The wife of Dr. Aziz, Naseem Ghani (also known as Reverend Mother) clings to purdah (a woman's hidden life in the home) until after Aziz dies, when she becomes the proprietor of a gas station. Read More
Jamila Singer Jamila Singer, nicknamed the Brass Monkey, is Saleem's sister. She resists love and evolves from an angry, carefree woman into an inspiring singer. Read More
Mian Abdullah Mian Abdullah, also known as the Hummingbird, is an assassinated leader.
Aadam Aziz's father Aadam Aziz's father suffers a stroke while Aadam is in medical school.
Aadam Aziz's mother Aadam Aziz's mother leaves her seclusion at home to run a small gemstone business after her husband suffers a stroke.
Alia Aziz Alia Aziz is the daughter of Aadam Aziz and Naseem Ghani. She is the bitter sister of Amina (Mumtaz), whom Ahmed chooses instead of her.
Emerald Aziz Emerald Aziz is the youngest Sinai sister. She marries General Zulfikar.
Hanif Aziz Hanif Aziz is the moviemaker son of Aadam Aziz and Naseem Ghani; he marries Pia.
Mustapha Aziz Mustapha Aziz is the son of Aadam Aziz and Naseem Ghani. He is Saleem's uncle.
Pia Aziz Pia Aziz is the film star wife of Hanif Aziz.
Sonia Aziz Sonia Aziz is Mustapha Aziz's crazy half-Iranian wife.
Ayooba Baloch Ayooba Baloch is a soldier with Saleem in Pakistan.
Lord Khusro Khusrovani Bhagwan Lord Khusro Khusrovani Bhagwan is India's richest guru (religious teacher).
Resham Bibi Resham Bibi is an old woman in the magicians' ghetto in Delhi.
Tai Bibi Tai Bibi is a 512-year-old prostitute.
Evelyn Lilith Burns Evelyn Lilith Burns is Saleem's first love and a deranged American girl.
Homi Catrack Homi Catrack is the lover of Pia Aziz and then of Lila Sabarmati.
Toxy Catrack Toxy Catrack is the disturbed daughter of Homi Catrack.
Cyrus Cyrus is a childhood friend of Saleem; he dies in the Pakistan War.
Shaheed Dar Shaheed Dar is a soldier in the Pakistan War.
Lifafa Das Lifafa Das is a Hindu street entertainer.
Joseph D'Costa Joseph D'Costa is the socialist lover of Mary Pereira.
Durga Durga is a washerwoman and Aadam Sinai's wet nurse.
General R.E. Dyer General R.E. Dyer (1864–1927) is the British general who leads the massacre at Amritsar.
Eyeslice Eyeslice is a childhood friend of Saleem; he dies in the Pakistan War.
Indira Gandhi Indira Gandhi (1917–84) is prime minister of India from 1966 to 1977 and again from 1980 to 1984. She is often referred to in the novel as the Widow.
Hairoil Hairoil is a childhood friend of Saleem; he dies in the Pakistan War.
Ismail Ibrahim Ismail Ibrahim is an attorney and adviser to Amina Sinai.
Sonny Ibrahim Sonny Ibrahim is born shortly after Saleem.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Muhammad Ali Jinnah (c. 1876–1948) is the first president of Pakistan.
Glandy Keith Glandy Keith is a bully classmate and torturer of Saleem.
Nadir Khan Nadir Khan, also called Qasim Khan, is a communist, poet, and the first husband of Amina, who was then known as Mumtaz.
Alauddin Latif Alauddin Latif, later known as Uncle Puffs, is Jamila Singer's agent.
Ilse Lubin Ilse Lubin is a friend of Aadam Aziz from his medical school days.
Oskar Lubin Oskar Lubin is the husband of Ilse Lubin.
Maharaja of Cooch Naheen The Maharaja of Cooch Naheen competes against Picture Singh.
William Methwold William Methwold sells Ahmed and Amina Sinai their home in Bombay; he is a fictional descendant of British merchant William Methwold (1590–1653).
Masha Miovic Masha Miovic is a friend of Jamila, Saleem's sister, who comes to Saleem's aid.
Musa Musa is the Sinais' bearer, or housekeeper.
Dr. Narlikar Dr. Narlikar, a promoter of birth control, owns the nursing home where Saleem and Shiva are born.
Jawaharlal Nehru Jawaharlal Nehru (1889–1964) is prime minister of India from 1947 to 1964 and the father of Indira Gandhi.
Parvati-the-witch Parvati-the-witch is one of the midnight children who loves Saleem and manages his return to India after the war between India and Pakistan.
Alice Pereira Alice Pereira is Mary Pereira's sister and aid to Ahmed Sinai.
Fat Perce Fat Perce is a bully classmate and torturer of Saleem.
Mary Pereira Mary Pereira is the midwife who switches Saleem and Shiva at birth.
Rani of Cooch Naheen The Rani of Cooch Naheen presents newlyweds Nadir and Mumtaz Khan with a jeweled spittoon.
Rashid Rashid is a rickshaw-wallah (driver) who brings Ahmed Sinai to the Aziz house.
Farooq Rashid Farooq Rashid is a soldier in the Pakistan War.
Commander Sabarmati Commander Sabarmati is the cuckolded husband of Lila.
Lila Sabarmati Lila Sabarmati is the mother of Eyeslice and Hairoil; she has an affair with Homi Catrack.
Dr. Schaapsteker Dr. Schaapsteker is a scientist who studies snakes; he creates a venom potion that cures Saleem's typhoid.
Ramram Seth Ramram Seth is a fortuneteller; he predicts the birth of Amina's son.
Roshanara Shetty Roshanara Shetty is the child wife of an Indian steel magnate (person of power in a particular field). She takes revenge on Shiva, who seduces her.
Aadam Sinai Aadam Sinai is the stepson of the narrator, Saleem Sinai. His biological parents are Shiva and Parvati-the-witch.
Ahmed Sinai Ahmed Sinai is the father of the narrator, Saleem.
Amina Sinai Amina Sinai, born Mumtaz Aziz, is the daughter of Aadam Aziz and Naseen Ghani. She is married for two years to Nadir Khan and then marries Ahmed Sinai and changes her name to Amina.
Picture Singh Picture Singh is a snake charmer who returns Saleem to Bombay.
Tai Tai is a ferry boatman who delivers patients to Aadam Aziz.
Vanita Vanita is the real mother of Saleem; she dies in childbirth and is the wife of Wee Willie Winkie.
Wee Willie Winkie Wee Willie Winkie is a singer, entertainer of the British, and Vanita's husband. He believes he is Shiva's father.
Zohra Zohra is Ahmed Sinai's cousin.
General Zulfikar General Zulfikar is Emerald's husband, one of the seven wealthiest men in Pakistan.
Zafar Zulfikar Zafar Zulfikar is the son of Emerald Aziz and General Zulfikar.
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