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Stieg Larsson

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Millennium (Series) | Characters

Character Description
Mikael Blomkvist Mikael Blomkvist is an intrepid journalist who fights for morality and justice in Sweden. He solves a cold-case murder and uncovering human trafficking. Read More
Lisbeth Salander Lisbeth Salander is the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"—an ace researcher and computer hacker who uses her skills to take down those who have wronged her. Read More
Nils Bjurman Nils Bjurman is Lisbeth Salander's second legal guardian; he uses his position of power to abuse her. Read More
Alexander Zalachenko Alexander Zalachenko, also known as Zala, is Lisbeth Salander's father. He is a former Russian spy who now works in human trafficking. Read More
Martin Vanger Martin Vanger is Harriet Vanger's brother and the son of Gottfried Vanger. He carries on their father's serial-killer legacy. Read More
Dragan Armansky Dragan Armansky is Lisbeth Salander's boss at Milton Security and a friend she can trust. Read More
Ronald Niedermann Ronald Niedermann is Lisbeth Salander's half brother and Alexander Zalachenko's son. He works as a hit man for his father. Read More
Erika Berger Erika Berger is the strong-willed and outspoken editor in chief of Millennium magazine; she later works for the newspaper SMP. Berger sticks to her journalistic integrity and protects the free press. She is Mikael Blomkvist's longtime lover. Berger is in an open marriage and becomes the object of Peter Fredriksson's obsession.
Gunnar Björck Gunnar Björck is an ex-officer for Säkerhetspolisen (Säpo), the Swedish security service; he offers Blomkvist information about Zalachenko in Book 2.
George Bland George Bland is Lisbeth Salander's teenage lover in Book 2.
Magnus Borgsjö Magnus Borgsjö is Erika Berger's boss at the newspaper SMP; in Book 3 he is accused of using child labor to produce toilets.
Jan Bublanski Jan Bublanski is a police officer; in Books 2 and 3 he risks his job to follow leads proving Lisbeth Salander is innocent.
Torsten Edklinth Torsten Edklinth is an investigator with Säpo, which houses a secret government program that covers up Alexander Zalachenko's crimes. He discovers that Lisbeth Salander has been framed by rogue members of his organization.
Richard Ekström Richard Ekström leads the prosecution case against Lisbeth Salander in Books 2 and 3.
Malin Eriksson Malin Eriksson is a freelance writer for Millennium magazine; she temporarily takes over as editor in chief in Book 3.
Hans Faste Hans Faste is a misogynistic police officer who feels particular and irrational hatred toward Lisbeth Salander.
Monica Figuerola Monica Figuerola joins Team Salander in Book 3 and becomes Mikael Blomkvist's lover.
Geraldine Forbes Geraldine Forbes is the woman Lisbeth Salander hears being abused while she is on vacation in the Caribbean. Salander kills her abusive husband.
Dr. Richard Forbes Dr. Richard Forbes is the husband of Geraldine Forbes. While on vacation in the Caribbean, Lisbeth Salander kills him for abusing his wife.
Peter Fredriksson Peter Fredriksson is a misogynistic writer for the newspaper SMP who went to high school with Erika Berger and stalks her when she starts working there.
Dirch Frode Dirch Frode is Henrik Vanger's lawyer and plays a central role at Vanger Corporation.
Annika Giannini Annika Giannini, Mikael Blomkvist's sister, is Lisbeth Salander's lawyer in Book 3.
Evert Gullberg Evert Gullberg, former head of the Section—a secret organization within the secret organization Säpo—kills Alexander Zalachenko in Book 3.
Niklas Hedström Niklas Hedström works for Milton Security; in Book 2 he briefly joins the police team investigating Lisbeth Salander and attempts to sabotage her.
Dr. Anders Jonasson Dr. Anders Jonasson treats Lisbeth Salander's gunshot wounds in Book 3 and helps her connect with Blomkvist.
Mia Johansson Mia Johansson is the girlfriend of Dag Svensson; she is killed in Book 2.
Carl-Magnus Lundin Carl-Magnus Lundin, president of the Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club, deals drugs and does other dirty work for Alexander Zalachenko. He is assigned to kidnap Lisbeth Salander but fails to do the job.
Sonja Modig Sonja Modig is a police officer investigating Lisbeth Salander in Books 2 and 3; she believes Salander is innocent.
Sonny Nieminen Sonny Nieminen is a member of the Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club; he tries to kidnap Lisbeth Salander in Book 2.
Holger Palmgren Holger Palmgren is Lisbeth Salander's legal guardian after her release from the mental institution. Palmgren never believes Salander is insane, and he allows her control over her own financial future. In return, Salander confides in Palmgren, whom she comes to love as a father figure.
Plague Plague is Lisbeth Salander's best hacker friend. He appears in Books 1, 2, and 3.
Agneta Salander Agneta Salander is Lisbeth Salander's brain-damaged mother. Lisbeth visits her at a nursing home in Book 1, and she dies at the end of the book. Readers later learn Agneta's boyfriend, Alexander Zalachenko—Lisbeth's father—beat her repeatedly, leading to her brain damage and eventual death.
Camilla Salander Camilla Salander is Lisbeth Salander's estranged twin sister; Lisbeth hasn't seen her since Camilla disappeared at age 17. She never appears in the Millennium trilogy, but Lisbeth and their father, Alexander Zalachenko, refer to her.
Dag Svensson Dag Svensson writes a freelance journalism piece about human trafficking for Millennium magazine in Book 2, and he is murdered as a result.
Dr. Peter Teleborian Dr. Peter Teleborian, a psychologist, arranges the childhood abuse of Lisbeth Salander. She takes him down in Book 3 by exposing the child pornography on his computer.
Anita Vanger Anita Vanger is Harriet Vanger's cousin and Cecilia Vanger's sister; she helps Harriet escape from the island.
Cecilia Vanger Cecilia Vanger, one of Henrik Vanger's cousins, is the only family member who knows Harriet Vanger ran away; she never divulges this information. Cecilia has a brief affair with Mikael Blomkvist.
Gottfried Vanger Gottfried Vanger, father of Martin and Harriet, is revealed in Book 1 to be a serial killer. After his death, Martin takes over the role.
Harald Vanger Harald Vanger is Henrik Vanger's older brother and the father of Cecilia and Anita Vanger. He is a recluse on Hedeby Island, where the family lives.
Harriet Vanger Harriet Vanger disappears when she is 16 years old; 40 years later Blomkvist and Salander solve her disappearance.
Henrik Vanger Henrik Vanger is the multimillionaire who hires Blomkvist to solve the cold-case disappearance and presumed murder of his niece, Harriet, in Book 1.
Isabella Vanger Isabella Vanger is the emotionally distant mother of Harriet Vanger; in Book 1 she chooses to ignore her daughter's abuse.
Birger Wadensjöö Birger Wadensjöö becomes head of the Section after Evert Gullberg officially retires.
Hans-Erik Wennerström Hans-Erik Wennerström heads an empire of companies and is linked to the international Mafia—entangled in everything from arms smuggling to drugs and prostitution. He is Mikael Blomkvist's nemesis in Book 1. Blomkvist goes on trial for defaming Wennerström, and Lisbeth Salander steals millions from Wennerström's criminal accounts.
Miriam Wu Miriam Wu, also known as Mimmi, is Lisbeth Salander's friend and lover; after Salander gives Wu her apartment in Book 2, Ronald Niedermann takes her captive, planning to torture her to get information about Salander.
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