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Edith Hamilton

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Mythology | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Edith Hamilton's Mythology. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

The mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome are some of humankind’s first attempts to understand the world and shape the values that underpin society. Mythology—a collection of myths—provides a comprehensive overview of the gods, goddesses, kings, queens, lovers, and heroes whose stories live on through the ages. Ancient Wisdom with Modern Impact MAIN CHARACTERS Hades/Pluto God of the dead Persephone/Proserpine Daughter of Demeter; kidnapped by Hades Demeter/Ceres Goddess of the harvest Dionysus/Bacchus God of wine Cupid & Psyche Aphrodite’s son and the woman he marries—whose beautyinspires his mother’s jealousy Earth The Underworld (Hades) Apollo God of the sun and music Hermes/Mercury Messenger of the gods Aphrodite/Venus Goddess of love Athena/Minerva Goddess of wisdom Mount Olympus, Home of the Gods Heaven Perseus Slays the Gorgon Medusa Achilles Greek hero of the Trojan War Hercules Completes 12 impossible tasks Hera/Juno Queen of the gods *Names listed Greek/Roman The Sea Poseidon/Neptune God of the sea Jason & the Argonauts Set out to return the golden fleece to Pelias, king of Thessaly Odysseus Spends nearly 20 years after the Trojan War journeying home Uranus Titan; created the gods of Olympus Zeus/Jupiter King of the gods A teacher-turned-classicist and translator, Hamilton became a leader in classical studies, publishing several texts about ancient Greek and Roman myths and traditions, as well as explorations of early Christianity. Her collection of myths makes the ancient stories accessible to readers around the world. Edith Hamilton1867–1963 Author Themes Nature Myths often try to make sense of the sometimes incomprehensible natural phenomena that occur. Heroism To present ideals for humanity, heroes represent the most desirable traits. Reward & Punishment The gods dole out favor and retribution, sometimes based on merit—but more often based on whims. Mythologyby the Numbers Hercules’s age when he performed first heroic act: killing two snakes in his crib ~1 Muses in Greek mythology who serve as inspiration to musicians, historians, and poets 9 Gods of Olympus that make up the core of the Greek pantheon 12 Fates in Greek mythology: one to spin the thread of life, one to assign destiny, and one to cut the thread at life’s end 3 Narrator, Introduction he Greeks made their gods in their own image. Edith Hamilton 1942 English Short Stories Author Year Published Original Language Mythology Mythology Sources: Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Greek Myths by Robin Waterfield and Kathryn Waterfield Copyright © 2016 Course Hero, Inc.

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