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Frederick Douglass

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass | Characters

Character Description
Frederick Douglass Douglass is born into slavery in Maryland before ultimately escaping to freedom. Read More
Mr. Covey Mr. Covey is a notorious slave breaker who gets control of Douglass for one year. Read More
Sophia Auld The wife of Hugh Auld, Sophia teaches Douglass the alphabet and simple words. Read More
Hugh Auld Hugh Auld lives in Baltimore and is Douglass's master. Read More
William Freeland Freeland rents Douglass for a year. Douglass considers him to be the most decent of his owners. Read More
Captain Thomas Auld Captain Thomas Auld becomes Douglass's master when his father-in-law dies; he is very cruel despite his dedication to religion.
Colonel Edward Lloyd Colonel Edward Lloyd is Douglass's master, and he punishes slaves harshly and unfairly.
Captain Anthony Captain Anthony is Douglass's first master and probably his father.
Andrew Anthony Andrew Anthony is the son of Captain Anthony; he is a violent drunk.
Lucretia Auld Lucretia Auld inherits Douglass after her father passes away.
Aunt Hester Aunt Hester is Douglass's attractive aunt; she is whipped often by Captain Anthony.
Betsy Bailey Betsy Bailey is Douglass's maternal grandmother; she is eventually turned out of the plantation to live alone.
Harriet Bailey Harriet Bailey is Douglass's mother. He sees her only a few times, and she dies when he is around seven.
Demby Demby is Colonel Lloyd's slave; he is killed by Gore, who is not punished for his crime.
Mr. Gardner Mr. Gardner is a shipbuilder who hires Douglass from Hugh Auld.
William Lloyd Garrison William Lloyd Garrison is a leading abolitionist who provided a preface to Douglass's Narrative.
Rowena Hamilton Rowena Hamilton is Captain Thomas Auld's second wife.
Thomas Hamilton Thomas Hamilton is Douglass's neighbor in Baltimore; he brutalizes his slaves.
Austin Gore Austin Gore is a cruel, serious, and merciless overseer at Colonel Lloyd's plantation.
Henny Henny is a slave of Thomas Auld's; she is disabled due to a childhood accident.
William Hamilton William Hamilton is Douglass's master's father-in-law; he captures Douglass when he is planning to escape.
Henry Harris Henry Harris is part of the group of men with whom Douglass plans to escape.
John Harris John Harris is part of the group of men with whom Douglass plans to escape.
Nathan Johnson Nathan Johnson is an abolitionist who takes in Douglass and his wife when they arrive in New Bedford.
Sandy Jenkins Sandy Jenkins is a slave and a friend of Douglass's who gives him a root for good luck.
Anna Murray Anna Murray is a free woman who marries Douglass when he escapes to New York.
Wendell Phillips Douglass's friend and president of the American Anti-Slave Society, Wendell Phillips is an abolitionist who provided a letter included in the Narrative.
Charles Roberts Charles Roberts is Douglass's uncle and one of the men caught planning to escape.
David Ruggles David Ruggles assists Douglass when he arrives in New York and helps him get to New Bedford.
Mr. Severe Mr. Severe is a cruel overseer at Colonel Edward Lloyd's Great House Farm.
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