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William Gibson

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about William Gibson's Neuromancer. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

neuromancer-william-gibson_v4Sources:Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Guardian, TheParisReviewCopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.A Canadian-Americanscience fiction writer andfuturist, Gibson helpedestablish thescience fictionsubgenreof cyberpunk. Heis best knownfor creatingcomplex dystopianworldswith rich and vividtextures.Neuromancerprovidedinspirationfor movies likeThe Matrixand helpedshape the Internet.WILLIAM GIBSONBORN 1948AuthorNeuromancerby the NumbersMajorscience fictionawardswonbyNeuromancer: theNebula, Hugo, and PhilipK.Dickawards31967Year Gibson movedtoCanada and became partof the hippie subculture12Age when Gibsonwantedto become ascience fiction writer1982Year Gibson coined thetermcyberspacein his shortstory“Burning Chromeyberspace. A consensual hallucinationexperienced dailyby billionsof legitimate operators, inevery nation.TVVoice-over,Chapter 3SymbolsWasps’ NestRepresents the influenceand the lossof identity withintheTessier-Ashpool clanEyesSymbolize changesin perceptionof peopleandrealityNamesSignify the purpose,background, and personalityof each characterMainCharactersCaseYoung junkie;former hackertryingto get his abilities backFUSES WITHEMPLOYERBLACKMAILERCREATOR/CONTROLLERLOVERSWintermuteArtificial intelligence;has no body orfaceArmitageComputer-generatedpersonality inveteranColonel Willis CortoMollyTough,technologicallyaugmented bodyguardNeuromancerArtificial intelligence;looks like ateenage boyHumanity &TechnologyTechnological advancesreshape and change the courseof humanity.IdentityIn aworld with artificialpersonalities and augmentation,identity is fluid.FragmentationPeople and AIexperiencefragmentationof their bodiesand minds.Neuromanceris astylistically vividreflection on humanitysrelationshiptotechnology and on questionsof identity that arise in a futuristicworld. Thiscyberpunk noveltells how a hacker named Case is blackmailed into helpingtwo different artificial intelligences fuseto become a single greater being.AWildRidethroughCyberspaceTHEMESEnglishOriginal Language1984Year PublishedWilliamGibsonAuthorNeuromancerScience FictionNovel

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