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Neuromancer | Part 4, Chapter 19 : The Straylight Run | Summary



Maelcum and Case move through the hatch and bluff their way past some employees. Case jacks in, first to check in with Dixie again and then to share Molly's experience via simstim. 3Jane shares stories from her past, including her mother's vision for the Tessier-Ashpool clan, and muses about what to do about Riviera and Molly. Molly pushes 3Jane to tell her the code Wintermute needs for his goals, but 3Jane refuses. Case and Maelcum load everything they are carrying into a service cart and ride in to try to get the code and save Molly.


When Case jacks into cyberspace in this chapter, Dixie makes a joke about events taking Case so long and then reminds Case that there is "zero time lapse" for him when Case isn't there. No time passes for Dixie when Case isn't around. This makes Dixie's existence essentially contingent on Case's activities. It's as if he turns off when Case isn't there. This relates to the philosophical position of solipsism, where only one's self exists (or can be known to exist). More simply, it makes Case seem almost narcissistic: other people only exist when he pays attention to him. This isn't the case. Linda's death upsets Case, and he risks his life to save Molly, but it is part of who he is.

In this chapter 3Jane also explains her mother's vision for their clan. She was trying to create a "symbiotic relationship" between the Tessier-Ashpool clan and the AIs she commissioned. Members of the clan would not really exist as individuals any longer but would instead be part of a larger whole. This is why the symbol of the wasps' nest fits so well. This is a contemporary version of the "hive mind" or collective identity that science fiction has explored for decades. It has been a common way to portray aliens and is common to dystopias as well. One could read 3Jane's selfishness, pettiness, and ambition as fighting for individualism against her mother's collective vision.

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