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Nicomachean Ethics | Glossary


arete: (n) virtue, excellence, good character

continence: (n) self-control, restraint

deduction: (n) inference of a specific conclusion from general or universal premises

ethos: (n) character, disposition

eudaimonia: (n) happiness; acting and living well

homonymous: (adj) having identical names but different meanings; used to describe words or concepts

induction: (n) inference of a general or universal conclusion from specific premises

premise: (n) idea or theory on which a statement or action is based

phronesis: (n) prudence, practical wisdom, rational thinking

polis: (n) a city-state in ancient Greece

pusillanimous: (adj) timid, cowardly

sophia: (n) intellectual, theoretical wisdom about universal truths

syllogism: (n) argument consisting of three statements or propositions; major premise, minor premise, and conclusion

techne: (n) craftsmanship, art

telos: (n) final end or purpose

temperance: (n) habitual moderation or abstinence

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