Elie Wiesel

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Night | Characters

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EliezerEliezer is a religious Jewish teen who lives in Hungary during the 1940s, and he is deported to the concentration camps by the Nazis. Read More
ShlomoShlomo is Eliezer's father, and he, too, is sent to the concentration camps by the Nazis. Read More
AlphonseAlphonse heads the musicians' block and tries to provide extra food to the young and weak.
BeaBea is Eliezer's older sister who survives the Holocaust.
Moishe Chaim BerkowitzMoishe Chaim Berkowitz is Eliezer's friend who visits Budapest and returns to Sighet to report of anti-Semitic acts there.
BlockältesteThe Blockälteste is Eliezer's prison block leader at Buna; he advises the men to run during the selection to show their strength.
Akiba DrumerAkiba Drumer is a religious Jew who ultimately struggles with his faith and is sentenced to death shortly thereafter.
FranekFranek is a foreman at the warehouse in Buna, and he insists Eliezer have his gold crown removed and given to him.
HildaHilda is Eliezer's oldest sister who survives the Holocaust.
IdekIdek, also known as Idek the Kapo, is a kapo in the Buna warehouse, and he periodically feels fits of rage and acts violently.
JuliekJuliek is a musician whom Eliezer meets at Aushwitz and who dies during the death march after playing his violin.
Meir KatzMeir Katz is a friend of Eliezer's father who helps save Eliezer from an attacker in the cattle car before losing hope and dying.
MarthaMaria is a non-Jew who worked for the Wiesels in Hungary as a maid, and she offers to hide them.
MeirMeir is one of the starving and freezing men in the open-air train, and kills his father for a crust of bread.
Dr. MengeleDr. Mengele is a Nazi doctor who inspects people to determine if they will live or die.
Moshe the BeadleMoshe the Beadle is a mystic who was taken away by the Nazis but was able to escape and return to Sighet, where he tries to warn the Jews of the pending disaster, to no avail.
MotherEliezer's mother is sent away along with her daughters upon arriving in the concentration camp; she dies in the gas chamber.
Prisoner in infirmaryThe prisoner in the infirmary tells Eliezer he places his faith in Hitler because Hitler has kept his promises to the Jews.
Rabbi EliahuRabbi Eliahu, who is respected by all, is left behind by his son during the death march after going through the camps with him for four years.
Madame SchächterMadame Schächter is sent on the same train as Eliezer and his family to the concentration camps. She goes crazy and has a premonition of the crematoriums.
SteinStein is a relative of the Wiesels and comes to Eliezer and his father in desperate straits as he is hoping for news of his family.
TibiTibi lost his parents in the concentration camp. He and his brother Yossi befriend Eliezer, and the three of them dream of emigrating to Palestine.
TziporaTzipora is Eliezer's youngest sister who dies in the gas chamber along with their mother.
Unnamed inmateThe unnamed inmate in Section 3 advises Eliezer and his father to lie about their age in order to survive the selection.
Young PipelYoung Pipel is a boy who is tortured and hanged for his involvement in sabotage; his death disturbs Eliezer.
YossiYossi lost his parents in the concentration camp. He and his brother Tibi befriend Eliezer, and the three of them dream of emigrating to Palestine.
ZalmanZalman focuses on religion to help him escape the reality of the camps, but he feels stomach pains during the death march and falls to his death.
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