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Cormac McCarthy

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No Country for Old Men | Characters

Character Description
Ed Tom Bell Ed Tom Bell is the 57-year-old sheriff of Terrell County, Texas; he is based in Sanderson, where Llewelyn Moss also lives. Read More
Llewelyn Moss Llewelyn Moss is a 36-year-old Vietnam vet who works as a welder with an "eight to four" job before he finds the drug money. Read More
Anton Chigurh Anton Chigurh is a ruthless killer with ambitions in the drug trade. His eyes are "blue as lapis," and one witness describes him as "dark-complected." Read More
Pablo Acosta Pablo Acosta is a Mexican cartel figure. He is only mentioned in the novel, never seen.
Loretta Bell Loretta Bell is patient and wise, and very protective of her horse. She trusts and supports her husband, Ed Tom Bell.
Aunt Carolyn A kind woman who raises her nephew Harold (Bell's relative) as her own son, Aunt Carolyn is not recognized for her efforts with an army pension or a medal.
Carla Jean Moss Carla Jean, 19 years old, trusts her husband, Moss, but also fears for him.
Carla Jean's mother Carla Jean's mother complains a lot and is also incautious, telling a stranger she and her daughter are headed to El Paso.
Roger Catron Roger Catron investigates Chigurh's car accident in Odessa.
Detective Cook Detective Cook investigates the murder of Carla Jean in Odessa.
County prosecutor The county prosecutor is a perceptive man whom Bell speaks to when he goes to the jail to visit the Mexican man who killed Moss and a state trooper.
DeMarco DeMarco is a teenager who takes a bribe from Chigurh and steals a gun from Chigurh's truck. He refuses to cooperate with Bell, even after he learns of Chigurh's crimes.
DeMarco's friend DeMarco's friend joined DeMarco in accepting the bribe and stealing the gun. He feels guilty about his actions and promises Bell he will change.
Ellis Ellis Bell is Ed Tom Bell's paternal uncle. He counsels Bell not to take on so much guilt.
Harold A relative of Ellis and Bell, Harold died in World War I at age 17.
Deputy Haskins Deputy Haskins of Sonora, Texas, has Chigurh in custody briefly. Chigurh strangles him and escapes.
Deputy Torbert Hays Torbert Hays is a deputy to Sheriff Bell in Sanderson, Texas. He discovers the stolen patrol car and the body of Bill Wyrick.
Lamar Lamar is a sheriff in Sonora, Texas.
Mac A relative of Ellis and Bell, Mac was a 19th-century Texas Ranger.
McIntyre McIntyre is a DEA agent. He is not quite as rural as Bell, but he is still a Texan.
Mexican man The unnamed Mexican man kills Moss and a sheriff. He is jailed but shows no remorse.
Molly Molly is Bell's assistant in the sheriff's office.
Moss's father Moss's father is a World War II veteran who lives in San Saba, Texas.
First night clerk The first night clerk at the Hotel Eagle promises to wake up Moss if anyone comes in, but Chigurh kills him before he can.
Second night clerk The second night clerk at the Hotel Eagle is killed during his second shift at the hotel.
Sheriff of Eagle Pass The sheriff of Eagle Pass investigates the shoot-out at the Hotel Eagle.
Carson Wells Carson Wells was a colonel in the Army Special Forces in Vietnam; he served 14 years in the army before becoming involved in crime and working for Chigurh. A drug kingpin hires him to kill Chigurh.
Wendell Wendell is one of Bell's deputies; he has a wry sense of humor.
Wounded Mexican man The wounded Mexican man asks Moss for water; later he is executed, probably by Chigurh.
Wyrick Bill Wyrick is a law-abiding citizen. Chigurh kills him to steal his car.
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