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Northanger Abbey | Study Guide

Jane Austen

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Northanger Abbey | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Late 1700s

    Catherine Morland departs for Bath.

    Chapter 2
  • About a week later

    Henry Tilney arrives in Bath.

    Chapter 3
  • The next day

    Mrs. Thorpe and Isabella arrive in Bath.

    Chapter 4
  • Eight or nine days later

    John Thorpe and James Morland arrive in Bath.

    Chapter 7
  • That day

    Henry Tilney returns to Bath with his sister and father.

    Chapter 8
  • That Thursday

    John tells General Tilney that Catherine is well-off.

    Chapter 10
  • Over several weeks

    John attempts to thwart Catherine's plans with the Tilneys.

    Chapter 13
  • Within weeks

    James Morland and Isabella get engaged.

    Chapter 15
  • Several days later

    Captain Frederick Tilney arrives.

    Chapter 16
  • Within days

    The Thorpes discover that the Morlands are not wealthy.

    Chapter 16
  • After six weeks in Bath

    Catherine goes to Northanger Abbey with the Tilneys.

    Chapter 20
  • Her first week there

    Catherine suspects General Tilney of murder.

    Chapter 23
  • April

    James and Isabella's engagement ends.

    Chapter 25
  • Six weeks into her visit

    General Tilney goes to London and hears Catherine is poor.

    Chapter 28
  • Six weeks into her visit

    General Tilney sends Catherine home to Fullerton.

    Chapter 28
  • Home for three days

    Henry arrives and proposes to Catherine.

    Chapter 30
  • 12 months after they met

    Henry and Catherine are married.

    Chapter 31

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Catherine Morland, the heroine, is introduced. The narrator informs the reader she is—unlike many heroines—a rather aver... Read More
Chapter 2 Catherine Morland is further outlined by the narrator—who narrates with an overt consciousness toward the reader. ... Read More
Chapter 3 Catherine Morland meets Henry Tilney, a clergyman who is both handsome and witty. The exchange between them includes Hen... Read More
Chapter 4 The following day Catherine Morland and Mrs. Allen return to the pump-room. Catherine hopes to see Henry Tilney again. I... Read More
Chapter 5 The Thorpes and Allens attend the theater, and Catherine Morland looks in vain for Henry Tilney. Afterward, the Thorpes ... Read More
Chapter 6 Approximately eight days later, the two young women are again at the pump-room. After a bit of conversation at how much ... Read More
Chapter 7 Upon leaving the pump-room and walking, the women encounter their brothers: John Thorpe and James Morland. Isabella Thor... Read More
Chapter 8 The four attend the Upper Rooms, along with Mrs. Thorpe, the younger Miss Thorpe, and the Allens. John Thorpe leaves to ... Read More
Chapter 9 Catherine Morland sleeps well and plans to meet up with Miss Tilney. Unfortunately, John Thorpe shows up and claims they... Read More
Chapter 10 The Allens, Thorpes, and Morland siblings attend the theater. Isabella Thorpe speaks at length to Catherine Morland, who... Read More
Chapter 11 Catherine Morland is quite anxious over the rain. She is expecting Eleanor and Henry Tilney, but the rain is fast and co... Read More
Chapter 12 The following morning Catherine Morland is determined to set things right with Miss Tilney. She goes to the pump-room, r... Read More
Chapter 13 Despite having plans, Catherine Morland is pressured to go on an outing with Isabella Thorpe, James Morland, and John Th... Read More
Chapter 14 Catherine Morland expects another complication by way of the Thorpes, but nothing happens. She joins Henry and Eleanor T... Read More
Chapter 15 Catherine Morland receives a summons from Isabella Thorpe, and upon arrival, she is greeted by Isabella's revelations of... Read More
Chapter 16 Catherine Morland goes to see the Tilneys and is put off by their chilly reception. She tells Isabella Thorpe, who proce... Read More
Chapter 17 It is the sixth week in Bath for the Allens, and much to Catherine Morland's dismay, they are discussing their departure... Read More
Chapter 18 Catherine Morland sees Isabella Thorpe at the pump-room. Much to her surprise, Catherine learns from Isabella that John ... Read More
Chapter 19 Catherine Morland is increasingly upset by the attention Isabella Thorpe gives Captain Frederick Tilney. She worries Isa... Read More
Chapter 20 Mr. Allen escorts Catherine Morland to the Tilneys' lodging the next day. Both Eleanor and Henry Tilney are warm and fri... Read More
Chapter 21 Catherine Morland is relieved her room is nothing like the story Henry Tilney told her. Only a "large high chest" draws ... Read More
Chapter 22 Catherine Morland wakes to the maid opening the shutters. She leaps out of bed to examine the manuscript, only to find i... Read More
Chapter 23 Catherine Morland is given a tour of the abbey, and she is amazed by the magnificent drawing room and the number of serv... Read More
Chapter 24 The next day brings little information, although Catherine Morland does see a monument to Mrs. Tilney. She resolves to s... Read More
Chapter 25 Catherine Morland is embarrassed by her theories of General Tilney. She is further embarrassed that Henry Tilney knows, ... Read More
Chapter 26 Considering the revelations of General Tilney's beliefs on marriage and wealth, Catherine Morland realizes she, also, wo... Read More
Chapter 27 The following morning, back at Northanger Abbey, Catherine Morland receives a letter from Isabella Thorpe finally. Isabe... Read More
Chapter 28 General Tilney goes to London for a week, entreating Eleanor and Henry Tilney to see to Catherine Morland's comfort and ... Read More
Chapter 29 Catherine Morland is confused and upset, and rightly so. She passes by Woodston, further adding to her sorrow. As she tr... Read More
Chapter 30 For several days Catherine Morland remains in agitation. She can "neither sit still nor employ herself for ten minutes t... Read More
Chapter 31 Catherine Morland's parents were not expecting Henry Tilney or his request to marry Catherine. They are not opposed to h... Read More
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