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Lois Lowry

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Number the Stars | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • September 1943

    Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen are stopped by soldiers.

    Chapter 1
  • October

    The Johansens learn the Hirsches, a Jewish family, have suddenly vanished.

    Chapter 3
  • Thursday, Rosh Hashanah

    The Nazis start collecting the names of Danish Jews.

    Chapter 4
  • Thursday, Rosh Hashanah

    The soldiers come to the Johansen's house, where Ellen Rosen is hiding.

    Chapter 5
  • Friday

    Mrs. Johansen, Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen journey to Uncle Henrik's house on the coast.

    Chapter 6
  • Saturday

    There is a fake funeral for Great-Aunt Birte at Uncle Henrik's house.

    Chapter 9
  • Sunday

    Annemarie runs into a group of German soldiers and must lie to them.

    Chapter 15
  • Immediately after

    Annemarie delivers the basket with the drugged handkerchief to Uncle Henrik.

    Chapter 15
  • Two years later

    Annemarie wears Ellen's Star of David now that the war has ended.

    Chapter 17

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen, both 10 years old, are running home after school. They are followed by Annemarie's f... Read More
Chapter 2 Kirsti and Annemarie are snuggled into bed, and Kirsti wants to hear a story. As the narrator explains: "All Danish chil... Read More
Chapter 3 September passes, and the mothers are knitting mittens. They have no fuel, and the nights in Copenhagen will be cold. Th... Read More
Chapter 4 Ellen and Annemarie are playing paper dolls when Mrs. Johansen and Kirsti come home. Kirsti is very upset because her ne... Read More
Chapter 5 Ellen and Annemarie are in Annemarie's bedroom talking about Mr. Rosen and his desire for Ellen to become a schoolteache... Read More
Chapter 6 After the soldiers leave, Mr. Johansen begins to figure out what to do. Ellen apologizes for having dark hair. Mrs. Joha... Read More
Chapter 7 They arrive at Uncle Henrik's house and encounter a kitten. Ellen reveals to Annemarie she has never seen the sea, only ... Read More
Chapter 8 Annemarie wakes and slips out of bed so as not to wake Ellen. Downstairs, she finds Kirsti trying to convince the kitten... Read More
Chapter 9 After supper, Annemarie goes outside to the barn to talk to Uncle Henrik, who is milking Blossom the cow. She confronts ... Read More
Chapter 10 Uncle Henrik departs, and Annemarie's mother tells her she may go to bed. She refuses and not long afterward, soldiers a... Read More
Chapter 11 Inside the casket are blankets and clothes, which Peter Neilsen begins to distribute. There is nothing for a baby, so Mr... Read More
Chapter 12 Mrs. Johansen prepares to lead the Rosens to the ship. They each tell Annemarie goodbye, and then they are gone. Outside... Read More
Chapter 13 Annemarie goes out to her mother, who says she is all right and that the Rosens are with Uncle Henrik. She tells Annemar... Read More
Chapter 14 Annemarie runs through the cold woods, thinking of the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" and of the times she's told the... Read More
Chapter 15 Annemarie thinks of her mother's advice, and she thinks of her sister. She tries to act how Kirsti would, like a "silly,... Read More
Chapter 16 Annemarie is with Uncle Henrik, her mother, and Kirsti. They all laugh that Annemarie has milked Blossom the cow without... Read More
Chapter 17 This final chapter takes place two years later. The war has ended. Annemarie is with her parents on their balcony in Cop... Read More
Afterword This is a note from the author detailing which parts of the novel are true. Lowry informs readers the inspiration for An... Read More
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