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Willa Cather

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O Pioneers! | Characters

Character Description
Alexandra Bergson Alexandra Bergson is a fierce, steadfast woman who becomes a prosperous farmer as everyone else in her community gives up. Read More
Emil Bergson Emil Bergson, a sensitive, intelligent college graduate, is much more like his father than his two older brothers. He is kindhearted and passionate. Read More
Carl Linstrum Carl Linstrum is the Bergson family's neighbor. He is an aware, good-natured boy and, later, a driven and slightly cynical man. Read More
Marie Shabata Marie Shabata (née Tovesky) is a charming, young Bohemian girl, who is spirited and infectiously positive. Read More
Frank Shabata Frank Shabata, Marie Shabata's husband, is an angry and bitter man. His jealousy destroys him. Read More
Hector Baptiste Hector Baptiste is the name of Angelique Chevalier and Amedee Chevalier's baby.
Mrs. Bergson Mrs. Bergson, Alexandra Bergson's mother, is a Swedish immigrant who misses her homeland. She plants gardens and an orchard to try to recreate the life she left behind when she moved to America.
John Bergson John Bergson, Alexandra Bergson's father, is a Swedish immigrant who started a farm in Nebraska before passing away.
Lou Bergson Lou Bergson is one of Alexandra Bergson's brothers. He is interested in politics and has a selfish and rigid personality.
Oscar Bergson Oscar Bergson is the eldest of Alexandra Bergson's three brothers. Like Lou Bergson, Oscar struggles to adapt to any new ideas, and he is always overly concerned about what others think of him and his family.
Bertie Bertie is a convict who is sitting in the warden's office at the State Penitentiary when Alexandra Bergson visits Frank Shabata.
Bishop The bishop conducts the confirmation service at the French Church the day before Amedee Chevalier's funeral.
Jean Bordelau Jean Bordelau is a friend of Emil Bergson's.
Mrs. Chevalier Old Mrs. Chevalier is Amedee Chevalier's mother.
Amedee Chevalier Amedee Chevalier is a lively young French man who is a close friend of Emil Bergson's.
Angelique Chevalier Angelique Chevalier is a fun and kind French woman who becomes Amedee Chevalier's wife.
Xavier Chevalier Xavier Chavelier is Amedee Chevalier's uncle.
Mrs. Xavier Chevalier Mrs. Xavier Chevalier is Amedee Chevalier's aunt.
Father Duchesne Father Duchesne is the young priest at the French Church Marie Shabata attends.
Barney Flinn Barney Flinn works for Alexandra Bergson as the unofficial foreman on her farm.
Mrs. Hiller Mrs. Hiller is an oft-mentioned Bohemian neighbor of Marie Shabata.
Ivar Ivar, sometimes called Crazy Ivar, is a local Norwegian man who lives as a barefoot hermit.
Nelse Jensen Nelse Jensen is one of Alexandra's hired men, a quiet and gruff man, who marries Signa.
Mrs. Lee Mrs. Lee is Annie Lee's elderly mother, and despite Lou Bergson and Annie's bad relationship with Alexandra Bergson, Mrs. Lee and Alexandra remain close.
Annie Lee Annie Lee, Lou Bergson's wife, is much like her materialistic, entitled, money-centric husband, but she is a bit kinder than he is.
Moise Marcel Moise Marcel, Raoul Marcel's father, owns the local saloon and attends the French Church.
Raoul Marcel Raoul Marcel, a friend of Emil Bergson's, is a happy-go-lucky man who sings in the French Church choir.
Milly Milly is Lou Bergson's daughter and Alexandra Bergson's favorite niece. She is a talented piano player and a sweet girl.
Uncle Otto Uncle Otto left the prairie to work in a bakery in Chicago. He is only mentioned in the novel.
Sadie Sadie is one of Lou Bergson's daughters and a niece of Alexandra Bergson.
Fabien Sauvage Fabien Sauvage is the local banker.
Malvina Sauvage Malvina Sauvage wins the bid for Emil Bergson's turquoise button at the French Church auction.
Pierre Seguin Pierre Seguin digs Amedee Chevalier's grave.
Shabby traveling man The shabby traveling man in Part 1, Chapter 1 comments on Alexandra Bergson's hair, and she gives him an icy stare in return.
Signa Signa is a Swedish girl whom Alexandra hired to help out around the house. She marries Nelse Jensen.
Stella Stella is one of Lou Bergson's daughters and a niece of Alexandra Bergson.
Albert Tovesky Albert Tovesky is Marie Shabata's father.
Joe Tovesky Joe Tovesky is Marie Shabata's uncle.
Warden The warden, Mr. Schwartz, works at the State Penitentiary where Frank Shabata is imprisoned.
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