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Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1820s

    Oliver is born in a workhouse to an unknown woman who dies after giving birth.

    Chapter 1
  • 10 years later

    Oliver asks for more gruel, so the workhouse board apprentices him to an undertaker.

    Chapter 4
  • A few months later

    An older apprentice, Noah Claypole, goads Oliver into a fight and frames him for attempted murder.

    Chapter 6
  • That night

    Oliver runs away to London, where he meets Jack Dawkins (the Artful Dodger) and moves in with Fagin.

    Chapter 8
  • A few days later

    Jack picks a pocket, but Oliver is arrested for the theft; the victim takes Oliver home with him.

    Chapter 10
  • Several weeks after that

    Oliver goes out to run an errand and gets nabbed by Nancy and Sikes, who return him to Fagin.

    Chapter 15
  • A month or so later

    Sikes takes Oliver on a job; Oliver is shot and nursed back to health by the burglary victims.

    Chapter 22
  • The next summer

    Nancy meets Rose and Mr. Brownlow to help them find Oliver's true identity.

    Chapter 46
  • That night

    Sikes kills Nancy; trying to escape, he falls off a roof with a noose around his neck.

    Chapter 47
  • Soon after

    Oliver visits Fagin on death row; Fagin tells him where to find Monks's secret papers.

    Chapter 52

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapters 1–2 Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse, attended by a doctor and an old woman acting as a nurse. Oliver's mother, Agnes F... Read More
Chapters 3–4 While waiting for an apprenticeship, Oliver is held for a week alone in a dark room and taken out each morning to wash... Read More
Chapters 5–7 After an uneasy night, Oliver wakes to the sound of someone kicking the door. It is Noah Claypole, who also works for ... Read More
Chapters 8–10 Oliver sees a milestone that indicates London is 70 miles away. He has only a crust of bread and a penny, both of whic... Read More
Chapters 11–12 At the police station, Oliver is locked in a dismal cell, and the gentleman contemplates why Oliver looks so familiar.... Read More
Chapters 13–14 Jack Dawkins tells Fagin that the police have Oliver. Bill Sikes arrives, followed by his dog, a canine version of his... Read More
Chapters 15–17 Fagin meets Bill Sikes in a pub to pay Bill for his latest haul. Nancy arrives and tells the men that Oliver has been ... Read More
Chapters 18–20 After spending a week locked in the kitchen, Oliver is left alone with the run of the house. The shutters are nailed c... Read More
Chapters 21–22 Day breaks as Bill Sikes and Oliver make their way through London. They pass through Smithfield market; it's market da... Read More
Chapters 23–24 Mrs. Corney, the workhouse matron, has just made herself a pot of tea when Mr. Bumble stops by for a chat. They speak ... Read More
Chapters 25–27 In the Whitechapel house, Jack Dawkins, Charley Bates, and Tom Chitling are playing cards. Fagin, meanwhile, appears d... Read More
Chapters 28–30 With their pursuers close on their heels, Toby Crackit and Bill Sikes leave Oliver in a ditch. Their pursuers give up ... Read More
Chapters 31–33 Two Bow Street officers—Blathers and Duff—arrive, examine the scene, and interview Giles and Brittles. They determine ... Read More
Chapters 34–36 Giles has fetched Harry Maylie, who arrives shortly after the doctor has announced the good news. Harry reproaches his... Read More
Chapters 37–38 Mr. Bumble has been married to the former Mrs. Corney for two months, and things are not going well. He is depressed o... Read More
Chapters 39–41 Bill Sikes has been ill for a long time, but he is finally on the mend. Nancy stops by Fagin's to pick up Bill's pay. ... Read More
Chapters 42–43 Noah Claypole and Charlotte have stolen the money from Mr. Sowerberry's till and walked to London. There they get a ro... Read More
Chapters 44–46 Nancy gets ready to meet Rose, but Bill Sikes won't let her leave. Their altercation makes Fagin suspicious. When Fagi... Read More
Chapters 47–48 Bill Sikes comes to Fagin with the loot from his latest burglary, and Fagin and Noah tell him about Nancy's conversati... Read More
Chapters 49–50 Mr. Brownlow, Mr. Losberne, and Harry Maylie bring Monks to Mr. Brownlow's house. Readers learn that Monks, whose real... Read More
Chapters 51–53 Oliver, Rose, Mrs. Maylie, Mrs. Bedwin, Mr. Brownlow, and a sixth person travel to the town where Oliver was born. Oli... Read More
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