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Jack Kerouac

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On the Road | Characters

Character Description
Sal Sal Paradise is the novel's narrator and the stand-in for the author. He enjoys the thrill of life on the road but also uses it as a quest for identity. Read More
Dean Dean Moriarty is a wild, charismatic man who embraces life on the road with the same exuberance that he embraces drugs, alcohol, and women. Read More
Camille Camille is Dean's second wife, who offers him stability.
Carlo Carlo Marx is an eccentric poet who is friends with Sal and becomes very close to Dean, with whom he shares a wild passion for life.
Chad Chad is the intellectual friend who introduces Sal and Dean after Dean wrote letters to him from reform school.
Dodie Lee Dodie Lee is Bull and Jane's eight-year-old daughter who is raised with little supervision.
Eddie Eddie is the hitchhiker Sal supports on his first trip west who steals Sal's wool shirt and then abandons him in Nebraska.
Ed Dunkel Ed is an intellectual companion who accompanies Dean and Sal on their second adventure.
Ed Wall Ed Wall is a rancher who was once close to Dean but now no longer trusts him.
Frankie Frankie is the single mother raising three children who houses Sal and Dean during their third road trip.
Galatea Galatea is the wealthy wife of Ed Dunkel who claims to love him despite his poor treatment of her.
Ghost The Ghost of the Susquehanna is a little old man who's trying to go to Canada.
Henry Glass Henry Glass is the ex-con who rides the bus with Sal as he travels west from New York.
Hyman Solomon Hyman Solomon is a Jewish hitchhiker who has funded his trip by demanding money from other Jewish families.
Inez Inez is Dean's third wife, who bears him a child.
Jane Lee Jane Lee is Old Bull Lee's wife and companion.
Laura Laura is Sal's girlfriend who accompanies him to the concert in the final chapter.
Lee Ann Lee Ann is Remi's money-obsessed girlfriend with whom he fights regularly.
Little Johnny Little Johnny is Terry's young son, whom Sal pretends to father for a short time.
Lucille Lucille is Sal's girlfriend whom he intends to marry but forgets all about when Dean returns.
Marylou Marylou is Dean's first wife, who understands him better than most people, even as a toxic relationship develops between them.
Mississippi Gene Mississippi Gene is an older hitchhiker that Sal meets on his first journey and who is helping a younger hitchhiker stay safe on the road.
Montana Slim Montana Slim is a hitchhiker whom Sal meets on his first journey who is selfish and suspicious but whom Sal likes anyway.
Old Bull Lee Old Bull Lee is a drug addict and mentor to the young intellectuals in the novel.
Ponzo Ponzo is Rickey's friend who has a crush on Terry.
Ray Lee Ray Lee is Bull and Jane's one-year-old son.
Ray Rawlins Ray Rawlins is Tim's childhood friend who gets in fights and throws a highball in the face of a famous tenor.
Remi Boncoeur Remi Boncoeur is Sal's French friend from prep school who works with him as a security guard in the barracks near Mill City.
Rickey Rickey is Terry's older brother who believes everything will be okay manana (tomorrow).
Major Roland Major is one of Sal's serious intellectual friends; he is obsessed with Hemingway and wants to write like him.
Sal's aunt Sal's aunt is a long-suffering relative who offers him a place to stay.
Sledge Sledge is a guard at the barracks where Sal and Remi work.
Slim Gaillard Slim Gaillard is a jazz player that Dean thinks might be God.
Stan Shephard Stan is the friend who accompanies Sal and Dean to Mexico, leaving behind an emotional grandfather.
Terry Terry, a tiny Mexican woman, has a husband and young son, but that doesn't stop her from playing "house" with Sal and planning to live in New York with him.
Tim Gray Tim Gray is a friend of Sal's from Denver.
Victor Victor is a young man in Gregoria, Mexico, who sells Sal, Dean, and Stan drugs and takes them to a brothel.
Walter Walter is the jazz musician whose wife Dean admires because she lies in bed smiling all day.
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