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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest | Characters

Character Description
Bromden Bromden, known around the ward as "Chief Broom," is the unreliable narrator of the story. Read More
Randle McMurphy Randle P. McMurphy is the newest patient in Nurse Ratched's ward. Read More
Nurse Ratched Nurse Ratched, also referred to as the Big Nurse, manages one of the wards at the psychiatric hospital. Read More
Alvin Alvin is the medical resident who floats the theory that McMurphy is simply a con man.
Billy Bibbit Billy Bibbit, an Acute, is a 31-year-old virgin who voluntarily admitted himself to the hospital.
Blastic Blastic is an old patient in a vegetative state brought on by a lobotomy; he dies in his sleep during McMurphy's first night on the ward.
Breckenridge Breckenridge is the appraiser representing the Department of Interior during a government visit to the Columbia Gorge Indian Reservation.
Bruce Fredrickson Bruce Fredrickson is an Acute and Sefelt's best friend.
Candy Starr Candy Starr, a prostitute, is a friend of McMurphy's. She relieves Billy Bibbit of his virginity.
Captain Block Captain Block owns the boat McMurphy steals.
Cheswick Charley Cheswick is an Acute who drowns in the hospital pool.
Colonel Matterson Colonel Matterson is the oldest Chronic in Nurse Ratched's ward.
Dr. Spivey Dr. Spivey is the head doctor on Nurse Ratched's ward.
Dale Harding Dale Harding is the leader of the Acutes before McMurphy joins the ward.
Ellis Ellis is a Chronic who spends his days standing against the wall, arms spread like he is on a cross.
Female Government Employee The female government employee is part of the group that visits the Columbia Gorge Indian Reservation.
Geever Geever is one of the aides on the evening shift.
George Sorenson George Sorenson is a shy Acute who used to work on a fishing boat.
John, the government employee John, an employee of the U.S. Department of the Interior, is part of the group that visits the Columbia Gorge Indian Reservation.
Lifeguard The lifeguard for the hospital pool, a former professional football player, is a patient in the Disturbed ward.
Martini Martini is an Acute who sees things that are not there.
Mrs. Bibbit Mrs. Bibbit, Billy Bibbit's mother, treats her 31-year-old son as if he were a child.
Mrs. Bromden Mrs. Bromden is Bromden's mother, a white woman who married into the Columbia Gorge Indian tribe.
Mrs. Harding Vera Harding is Dale Harding's wife.
Mr. Turkle Mr. Turkle is the aide on the overnight shift who helps the Acutes throw a party.
Night Nurse The night nurse gives the men their medication before bedtime and ensures they stay in the dormitory.
Miss Flinn Miss Flinn is the junior nurse during the day shift.
Perce Perce is one of the loafers at the dock who harasses Candy.
Pete Bancini Born with a mental handicap, Pete Bancini is an Acute who spent 30 years working for the railroad in a menial job.
Public Relation Public Relation brings outsiders, mostly women, on tours of the ward.
Rawler Rawler is a patient on the Disturbed ward who castrates himself and bleeds to death.
Robert Gideon Robert Gideon is the medical resident who convinces the others that McMurphy is a psychopath.
Ruckly Ruckly, the recipient of a lobotomy, was once an Acute but is now a Chronic.
Sandy Gilfillian Sandy Gilfillian, Candy's best friend, skips out on the fishing trip but makes it to the late-night party.
Scanlon Scanlon is an Acute who helps Bromden escape the ward after McMurphy's death.
Sefelt Jim Sefelt is an Acute who suffers from seizures but will not take his medication.
Taber Max Taber is a former Acute who received a lobotomy prior to his release.
Tee Ah Millatoona Tee Ah Millatoona is Bromden's father and former chief of the Columbia Gorge Indian tribe.
Uncle Jules Uncle Jules, also known as the "Wallwalker," is a former patient who thought that the aides turned the ward onto its side in the middle of the night.
Warren Warren is one of Nurse Ratched's three daytime aides.
Washington Washington is one of Nurse Ratched's three daytime aides.
Williams Williams is one of Nurse Ratched's three daytime aides.
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