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Gabriel García Márquez

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One Hundred Years of Solitude | Characters

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Colonel Aureliano BuendíaThe father of 17 Aurelianos and Aureliano José, Colonel Aureliano Buendía is Úrsula and José Arcadio Buendía's son and the widower of Remedios. Read More
José Arcadio BuendíaJosé Arcadio Buendía is Úrsula's husband and the father of Colonel Aureliano Buendía, José Arcadio Buendía, and Amaranta. Read More
ÚrsulaÚrsula Iguarán is José Arcadio Buendía's wife and the mother of Colonel Aureliano Buendía, José Arcadio Buendía, and Amaranta. Read More
MelquíadesMelquíades is a prophet and José Arcadio Buendía's friend. Read More
Aureliano (II)The son of Meme Buendía and Mauricio Babilonia, Aureliano's identity is unknown to others because he's born at the convent, then delivered to the Buendías. Read More
Amaranta BuendíaAmaranta Buendía is the daughter of Úrsula and José Arcadio Buendía. Read More
Prudencio AguilarWhen José Arcadio Buendía's cockfighting opponent insults him after losing, he kills Prudencio Aguilar and is haunted by his ghost.
AlfonsoAlfonso is Aureliano's friend from the bookstore, who learns Catalan to translate the Catalonian's manuscripts, and doesn't return from a weekend trip.
ÁlvaroÁlvaro is Aureliano's friend from the bookstore, who buys an infinite pass on a train to travel.
Amaranta ÚrsulaThe second daughter and third child of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo, Amaranta Úrsula—playful, fashionable, and strong—marries Gaston, begins an affair with Aureliano, and delivers the last in the line of the Buendías before dying of complications.
ArcadioSanta Sofía de la Piedad's lover and father of Remedios the Beauty, Aureliano Segundo, and José Arcadio Segundo, Arcadio is the son of Pilar and José Arcadio.
Aureliano ArcayaAfter arriving with the banana rush, stubborn Aureliano Arcaya is exterminated after his father threatens war.
ArgénidaRebeca's servant, Argénida is the only person who has contact with her following José Arcadio's death.
Aureliano (III)The last of the Buendía lineage, Aureliano is the infant of Aureliano (II) and Amaranta Úrsula; he is killed and carried away by ants.
Aureliano AmadorDark skinned and green eyed, Aureliano Amador, a carpenter from a small village, escapes into the mountains when the extermination of the Aurelianos occurs.
Father Augusto ÁngelStubborn and bold, Father Augusto Ángel replaces Father Antonio Isabel.
Aureliano JoséThe son of Aureliano and Pilar, bawdy and idle Aureliano José is adopted by Amaranta after Remedios passes, and he receives early military training from Colonel Gerineldo Márquez.
Mauricio BabiloniaBorn and raised in Macondo, whimsical and masculine Mauricio Babilonia is a mechanic for the banana company and Meme's love interest.
BartenderThe bartender has a disfigured arm from disrespecting his mother, and serves Aureliano after Amaranta Úrsula dies.
Mr. BrownRich Mr. Jack Brown, the banana company executive, arrives in a personal coach car with German shepherds.
Patricia BrownA friend of Meme's, Patricia Brown is the daughter of Mr. Brown.
Aureliano BuendíaAureliano Buendía is José Arcadio Buendía's passive grandfather and the first Aureliano Buendía.
Don José Arcadio BuendíaAfter becoming partners with Úrsula's great-great-grandfather, Don José Arcadio Buendía, a tobacco farmer and José Arcadio Buendía's great-great-grandfather, becomes rich.
CamilaKnown as "The Elephant," charming and feminine Camila Sagastume challenges Aureliano Segundo to an eating contest that causes her opponent to lose consciousness.
Captain Roque CarniceroThe squad leader, Captain Roque Carnicero pulls the slip of paper that appoints him to execute Arcadio when no one wants to kill a Buendía.
The CatalonianOnce a classic literature professor, the insightful and paternal Catalonian owns the bookstore where Aureliano buys materials to translate Melquíades's papers.
CataureHelpful and aware, Cataure, a Guajiro Indian prince fleeing the insomnia plague with his sister, cares for Buendía children until he discovers Rebeca is infected.
Father CoronelA war veteran, Father Coronel replaces Father Nicanor.
Bruno CrespiBruno Crespi is Pietro Crespi's younger brother who helps him with the store and marries Amparo Moscote.
Pietro CrespiHandsome, particular, and pleasant, Pietro Crespi courts Rebeca, then Amaranta, whose rejection leads him to commit suicide.
Don Melchor EscalonaFrom the swamp, elderly Don Melchor Escalona teaches at the school.
Fernanda del CarpioFernanda del Carpio is Aureliano Segundo's wife and the mother of José Arcadio, Meme, and Amaranta Úrsula. She controls the house after Úrsula becomes blind.
Fernanda's great-grandmotherA childhood vision, Fernanda's mother convinces her the woman in white was her great-grandmother, a late queen.
Don FernandoDon Fernando, Fernanda's idealized and solitary father, sells household items and goes into debt to ensure his daughter receives a good education.
The foreignerAfter viewing Remedios the Beauty's face, the aristocratic and attractive foreigner becomes an argumentative insomniac, who is killed by a train after falling asleep on railroad tracks.
Francisco the ManNearly two centuries old, the singing drifter stops in Macondo often to share songs about what he has witnessed.
GabrielColonel Gerineldo Márquez's great-great-grandson, lethargic and haunted Gabriel is Aureliano's closest friend from the bookstore, who moves to Paris.
GastonA pilot, Gaston is Amaranta Úrsula's meek and imaginative husband, who bides his time in Macondo with entomology and developing an airmail business.
Colonel GavilánA former colonel in the Mexican revolution in exile, Colonel Lorenzo Gavilán is a union leader who is jailed with José Arcadio Segundo.
GermánGermán is Aureliano's friend from the bookstore who doesn't return from a weekend trip.
The guardA soldier who guards the Buendía house sells Colonel Aureliano Buendía's gold fish in the swamp villages.
Gypsy girlAfter José Arcadio discovers Pilar is pregnant with his child, he has sex with the young gypsy girl and leaves with the caravan.
Mr. HerbertWhen Mr. Herbert, a thorough businessperson and traveler responsible for the development of the banana plantation stays with the Buendías, he eats and studies their bananas.
Great-great-grandfather IguaránÚrsula's great-great-grandfather is a merchant.
Great-great-grandmother IguaránBecause she sat on the stove while the area was under attack, Úrsula's great-great-grandmother became incompetent and reclusive.
Petronila IguaránWhen Úrsula begins losing touch with reality, she mourns Petronila Iguarán, her great-grandmother, who died a century ago.
Father Antonio IsabelFather Antonio Isabel replaces Father Coronel and shows signs of mental decrepitude.
José ArcadioA world traveler, José Arcadio is the eldest son of Úrsula Iguarán and José Arcadio Buendía, who marries Rebeca and is covered in tattoos.
José Arcadio (II)The listless son of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo, José Arcadio (II) is their oldest child.
Colonel Gerineldo MárquezSon of a Macondo founder, Colonel Gerineldo Márquez is Colonel Aureliano Buendía's courteous friend and, following his departure, the civil and military leader of Macondo who pursues Amaranta and whom Úrsula loves like a son.
General Victorio MedinaA revolutionary who is sentenced to death in Riohacha, Colonel Aureliano Buendía travels with seven men to Macondo to rescue Victorio Medina and fails, thus beginning another war.
MemeRenata Remedios, often called Meme, is the social and modern daughter and second child of Fernanda del Carpio and Aureliano Segundo.
MercedesMercedes is Gabriel's girlfriend.
The midwifeThe midwife and the mistress of the "brothel of lies" helps Amaranta Úrsula deliver Aureliano and seeks help when she suffers from complications.
José Raquel MoncadaWhen the war ends, José Raquel Moncada, a smart and amiable "antimilitarist" and Colonel Aureliano Buendía's friend, becomes Macondo's mayor.
José Raquel Moncada's wifeJosé Raquel Moncada's wife lives in Liberal territory and refuses to let Colonel Aureliano Buendía in her house.
Carmelita MontielDestined for Aureliano José, Carmelita Montiel is waiting for him at Pilar's house when he is shot.
Amparo MoscoteConsiderate and attractive Amparo Moscote, who later marries Bruno Crespi, befriends Rebeca and delivers Pietro Crespi's letters to her.
Don Apolinar MoscoteThe sophisticated and competent father of seven daughters, the government sends Don Apolinar Moscote to be Macondo's magistrate.
Señora MoscoteMrs. Moscote is Don Apolinar's wife and the mother of seven daughters.
Father NicanorFather Nicanor Reyna is the first religious figure in Macondo who raises money to build a church by levitating.
NigromantaThe great-granddaughter of Aureliano (II)'s friend, Nigromanta, a warm and kind prostitute, becomes Aureliano's lover.
Nigromanta's great-grandfatherFrom the West Indies and resourceful, Aureliano learns Papiamento to speak with him, the only inhabitant that remembers Aureliano's family.
Dr. Alirio NogueroA "charlatan" and political exile, Dr. Alirio Noguero arrives to Macondo with sugar pills and a forged diploma to practice medicine and is eventually murdered by the army.
A patron at Catarino'sA patron at Catarino's insults Arcadio, and to everyone's surprise, Arcadio spares his life.
PetraA widow and Aureliano Segundo's long-term concubine, lucky and charitable Petra Cotes runs a raffle business out of her home.
PetronioPetronio is an impatient and ill church sexton.
Santa Sofía de la PiedadWhen Arcadio seeks out his mother for a relationship, Pilar pays enduring and faithful Santa Sofía de la Piedad and her parents her life savings to take her place.
PilarKnown for her tarot card readings, Pilar Ternera is the chatty and intuitive mother of Arcadio, Aureliano José, and seven additional children, and whose friendship with and knowledge of the Buendías spans almost all seven generations.
RebecaThe widow of José Arcadio, Rebeca arrives from Manaure with a bag of her parents' bones and locks herself in her house with her servant after her husband's mysterious death.
Rebel colonelThe young and stoic rebel colonel is the revolution's treasurer who delivers the gold that Colonel Aureliano Buendía surrenders.
Red-haired American boyMeme's first crush, the red-haired American boy vacations in Macondo with his parents.
RemediosThe youngest Moscote daughter dies shortly after marrying Colonel Aureliano Buendía.
Remedios the BeautyA "lucid" minimalist whose scent drives men crazy, Remedios the Beauty is the daughter of Santa Sofía de la Piedad and Arcadio.
Captain Aquiles RicardoWhen José Raquel Moncada's cockfights are suspended, Captain Aquiles Ricardo, who inhabitants view as an agitator, replaces him as mayor.
Aureliano SegundoSanta Sofía de la Piedad and Arcadio's son, and twin to José Arcadio Segundo, Aureliano Segundo is a generous homebody, Fernanda's husband, and father of Meme, José Arcadio, and Amaranta Úrsula.
José Arcadio SegundoThe glum twin to Aureliano Segundo, José Arcadio Segundo is the son of Santa Sofía de la Piedad and Arcadio who survives the banana massacre and hides until his death.
Aureliano SerradorAureliano Serrador is one of the Aurelianos, who arrives with the banana rush.
Colonel Gregorio StevensonDisguised as an old woman, Colonel Gregorio Stevenson delivers Colonel Aureliano Buendía's unfortunate news to Arcadio regarding the Liberal Party's poor condition and his order to surrender the town.
Aureliano TristeThe first of the Aurelianos to stay in Macondo, driven and adventurous Aureliano Triste works for Aureliano Segundo, then begins an ice factory.
The trumpeterWhen the trumpeter greets Arcadio with "fanfare," he orders his execution.
Úrsula's motherÚrsula Iguarán's mother scares her daughter by telling her that her children will have pig tails.
General Teófilo VargasIn command of the second assembly of the principal rebel commanders, General Teófilo Vargas, wild and deadly, is murdered in an ambush.
Magnífico VisbalSon of a Macondo founder, Magnífico Visbal is Colonel Aureliano Buendía's friend.
VisitaciónA Guajiro Indian princess, helpful and attentive Visitación flees the insomnia plague with her brother and cares for the Buendía children.
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