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One Hundred Years of Solitude | Study Guide

Gabriel García Márquez

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One Hundred Years of Solitude | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Macondo's fifth year; March

    Looking for Melquíades, José Arcadio Buendía takes his sons to see ice.

    Chapter 1
  • First–third generations

    Don Apolinar Moscote arrives. José Arcadio Buendía declares him an enemy.

    Chapter 3
  • Amaranta's adolescence

    Colonel Aureliano Buendía falls in love with Remedios. The patriarch, crazy, is tied to a tree.

    Chapter 4
  • March

    Colonel Aureliano Buendía marries Remedios. The Father decides to build a church.

    Chapter 5
  • Three years later

    Remedios dies, pregnant with twins.

    Chapter 5
  • December

    Colonel Aureliano Buendía commits to the Liberal Party.

    Chapter 5
  • May

    The war ends. Colonel Aureliano Buendía faces execution; José Arcadio Buendía saves him. Another war begins.

    Chapter 7
  • After 40 years of war

    The colonel returns, changed. After Úrsula confronts him, he rescues Márquez to finish the war.

    Chapter 9
  • Almost a year later

    After reaching armistice, Colonel Aureliano Buendía attempts suicide.

    Chapter 9
  • First–fifth generations

    The banana company arrives, bringing violence. The colonel asks Márquez to go to war. He refuses.

    Chapter 12
  • Friday

    The army massacres workers and covers it up. The company agrees to the workers' wishes after the rain.

    Chapter 15
  • Nearly five years later

    The rain stops. Macondo is in ruins. Úrsula and the twins die.

    Chapter 17
  • Fifth–sixth generations

    Amaranta Úrsula returns. She and Aureliano begin an affair.

    Chapter 19
  • Two years later

    Amaranta Úrsula gives birth to Aureliano and dies of complications.

    Chapter 20
  • A day later

    Aureliano finds his dead baby. He reads the manuscripts to learn he and Macondo are destroyed.

    Chapter 20

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Every month of March the gypsies, a derogatory term that refers to traveling ethnic groups, visit the city of Macondo an... Read More
Chapter 2 Despite their families' disapproval, cousins José Arcadio Buendía and Úrsula marry. Because of the "sinister predictions... Read More
Chapter 3 Shortly after Arcadio's birth, Pilar brings him to his grandparents' home. When the gypsies arrive, Úrsula forbids them ... Read More
Chapter 4 Following the renovation of the Buendía house, Úrsula furnishes it with "costly necessities" and organizes a dance. Piet... Read More
Chapter 5 A month after Remedios becomes a woman, she and Aureliano marry. Father Nicanor introduces religion to Macondo and start... Read More
Chapter 6 When Colonel Aureliano Buendía leaves, he appoints Arcadio as Macondo's leader. In his absence, he reigns as the "cruele... Read More
Chapter 7 After Colonel Aureliano Buendía is captured, the war ends. As a lesson, he's scheduled for execution in Macondo. When he... Read More
Chapter 8 After Aureliano José—the son of Colonel Aureliano Buendía and Pilar—begins shaving, Amaranta pursues a sexual relationsh... Read More
Chapter 9 Colonel Gerineldo Márquez tires of the war and finds solace in visiting Amaranta in her sewing room. After four years of... Read More
Chapter 10 When José Arcadio Segundo asks to see an execution and his brother Aureliano Segundo asks to access Melquíades's room, Ú... Read More
Chapter 11 After two months of marriage, Fernanda leaves Macondo because Aureliano Segundo has initiated an affair with Petra. When... Read More
Chapter 12 The railroad introduces new things and people to Macondo weekly. When Hotel Jacob is full, Aureliano Segundo invites vis... Read More
Chapter 13 Learning she has cataracts prior to the birth of her great-great-grandson, Úrsula hides her blindness because she wants ... Read More
Chapter 14 The town mourns for Colonel Aureliano Buendía. During Meme's last summer vacation, Aureliano Segundo stays at the Buendí... Read More
Chapter 15 When Meme's baby is delivered to the Buendía house, Fernanda convinces Santa Sofía de la Piedad she found him. After qui... Read More
Chapter 16 The rain continues for several years. To busy himself, Aureliano Segundo fixes the Buendía house. After discovering "lit... Read More
Chapter 17 While reviving their lottery business, Petra and Aureliano Segundo host a weekly fair. As Úrsula loses lucidity, she shr... Read More
Chapter 18 Aureliano (II) immerses himself in Melquíades's manuscripts. At Melquíades's suggestion, Aureliano asks Santa Sofía de l... Read More
Chapter 19 Determined to rescue Macondo, Amaranta Úrsula returns with a husband, Gaston. After two years, Gaston, uncomfortable, re... Read More
Chapter 20 The Catalonian sells his bookstore and leaves. He begins corresponding with Germán and Aureliano (II). The Catalonian ur... Read More
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