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Isak Dinesen

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Out of Africa | Characters

Character Description
Narrator The narrator is a Danish woman who moves to British East Africa to run a coffee farm. Read More
Denys Finch-Hatton Denys Finch-Hatton is a British aristocrat, an aviator and safari guide, as well as the narrator's friend and lover. Read More
Farah Farah is the Somali majordomo, or chief steward, on the farm who becomes the narrator's trusted friend. Read More
Kamante Kamante is a young Kikuyu who serves as the narrator's assistant and chef, and is a source of unique views and commentary on life and events. Read More
Kinanjui Kinanjui is the appointed chief of the Kikuyu living on the farm and is a source of advice and support to the narrator in dealing with the natives. Read More
Augustus von Schimmelman Augustus von Schimmelman is a fictional character in "In the Menagerie," taken from the narrator's published short stories Seven Gothic Tales.
Awaru Awaru is a Kikuyu elder who once spent seven years in a European prison and became a skilled tailor.
Belknap Belknap is the mill manager in whose house the shooting accident occurs and who owns the gun.
Berkeley Cole Berkeley Cole is a British aristocrat who owns a nearby farm and is a close friend of the narrator.
Choleim Hussein Choleim Hussein is an Indian timber merchant in Nairobi who sponsors the visit from the Muslim High Priest.
Emmanuelson Emmanuelson is a Swedish actor and vagabond, helped on his way to Tanganyika by the Baroness.
Esa Esa is the old Kikuyu cook who is taken away from the farm during World War I and is later poisoned by his new wife.
Father Bernard Father Bernard is a Catholic priest from the French Mission and good friend of the narrator.
Fatoma Fatoma is the young wife of Esa who murders him with poison.
Gustav Mohr Gustav Mohr is Norwegian farmer who is a source of farming advice, help, and friendship for the narrator, especially during her hardest last days on the farm.
Hugh Martin Hugh Martin is a government official from Nairobi and a frequent visitor to the farm.
Ingrid Lindstrom Ingrid Lindstrom is a Swedish farmer and friend who struggles, like the narrator, to keep her farm profitable.
Ismail Ismail is a Somali gunbearer and storyteller who escorts the narrator on her wartime safari.
Jogona Jogona is the father of Wamai.
Kabero Kabero is a Kikuyu boy who is responsible for an accidental shooting on the farm and runs away to live with the Masai.
Kamau Kamau is a boy who hates to fly yet is in Denys's plane when it crashes.
Kaninu Kaninu is a wealthy squatter and father of Kabero.
Karomenya Karomenya is a deaf-mute Kikuyu boy who, for a time, finds useful work in walking the narrator's dogs.
Kitau Kitau is a Kikuyu boy who works in the narrator's house, seizing the opportunity to help decide whether to become a Christian or Muslim.
Kitosch Kitosch is a native boy who dies after being severely beaten by a white settler. This abuse leads to a sensational court case.
Mr. Bulpett Mr. Bulpett is an older English gentleman who becomes the narrator's valued friend.
Mr. Nichols Mr. Nichols is the South African manager of the farm at the time two lions drag two oxen from their pen.
Mrs. Darrel Thompson Mrs. Darrel Thompson finds out she is dying and bequeaths to the narrator a pony on its way from Ireland.
Muslim High Priest The Muslim High Priest is a visitor from India who spends a memorable day at the farm.
Old Knudsen Old Knudsen is an aging Dane beaten down by life who comes to stay at the farm for a short time until he dies.
Pooran Singh Pooran Singh is the Indian blacksmith and master artisan on the farm.
Titi Titi is Kamante's little brother; he announces the arrival of the Muslim High Priest.
Unnamed settler The white settler, responsible for Kitosch's death by beating, is not named.
Wainaina Wainaina is the father of Wanyangerri.
Wamai Wamai is a Kikuyu boy who is the main victim of the shooting accident and dies of his wounds.
Wanyangerri Wanyangerri is a Kikuyu boy who is a second victim of the shooting accident and suffers facial disfigurement as a result of it.
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