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John Milton

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about John Milton's Paradise Lost. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

paradise-lost-john-milton_UPDATESatan, Book Oneetter to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.Obedience & RebellionWhen Satan disobeys God's demands for obedience, he is cast out of Heaven and begins a rebellion in Hell.Fate & Free WillGod claims to give humans free will, yet he also knows everything before it happens.Good & EvilAdam and Eve are "good" until their curiosity gets the better of them and introduces them to evil.ThemesSin & DeathSatans children; their relationship serves as contrast to the Holy TrinityEveFirst woman; beautiful, smart, and easily temptedMichael Archangel; guides Adam and Eve out of ParadiseSatanRuler of Hell and enemy of God; complicated outcastTree of KnowledgeSymbolizes the temptation of that which is forbidden by GodAdams Wreath for EveSymbolizes the “pure loveAdam relinquishes for physical lust for EveAuthorWritten in the 17th century and set in biblical times, Paradise Lost is an epic poem about God, Satan, Adam, and Eve. Delving into weighty themes such as fate versus free will and good versus evil, it tells of Adam and Eve's fall from innocence and Satan's war with God.Paradise Lostby the NumbersYear Milton went completely blind1652Year in which Milton published Paradise Regained1671Lines of verse in Paradise Lost10,565John Milton1667EnglishEpic PoemAuthorYear PublishedOriginal LanguageParadise LostAllegoryBorn in London, Milton ranks among England's most influential writers, alongside Shakespeare. He traveled extensively in Europe prior to writing Paradise Lost. During his time of travels he wrote antimonarchical pamphlets on religion and politics, some as Secretary of Foreign Tongues in Oliver Cromwell's republican Commonwealth.SymbolsJOHN MILTON160874MAIN CHARACTERSScales of JusticeSymbolizes God's all-knowing power and ability to enact divine justiceAdamFirst human created by God; curious, smart, and rationalGodRuler of Heaven;all-knowing defender of divine justice and free willA Long Way to FallSources: Dartmouth University, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Morgan Library & Museum, Poetry FoundationCopyright © 2016 Course Hero, Inc.

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