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Persepolis | Characters

Character Description
Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi is an Iranian girl who comes of age during the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution. Read More
Taji Satrapi Taji Satrapi is Marjane's mother. She is a fashion designer. Read More
Ebi Satrapi Ebi Satrapi is Marjane's father. He is an engineer. Read More
Grandmother Marjane's grandmother is opinionated, open-minded, and loving. The mother of Taji, her deceased husband was once a prince. Read More
Uncle Anoosh Uncle Anoosh is Ebi's brother. A former political prisoner with tales worthy of any storybook, he is young Marjane's idol. Read More
Markus Markus is Marjane's "first great love." They date for two years and break up when Marjane catches him cheating on her. Read More
Reza Reza is Marjane's husband. They marry when she is 21 and divorce when she is 24. Read More
Anna Anna is Marc's younger sister. Marjane overhears her saying terrible things about Marjane in a café.
Armelle Armelle is Julie's mother.
Yonnel Arrouas Yonnel Arrouas is Marjane's physics teacher in Austria. She confides her troubles to him, but she doesn't think he believes her.
Neda Baba-Levy Neda Baba-Levy is Marjane's neighbor and friend. She and her parents are killed by a missile that hits their house on the Sabbath.
Behzad Behzad is an illustrator at the magazine where Marjane works. He is arrested for drawing a burglar climbing a man's beard.
Enrique Enrique is Marjane's first boyfriend. A half-Austrian, half-Spanish anarchist, he doesn't realize he's gay until he nearly sleeps with Marjane.
Farnaz Farnaz is Marjane's old childhood friend who tells her being unhappily married is a lot better than being divorced.
Farzad Farzad, one of Marjane's friends from university, falls to his death when the guardians of the Revolution raid a party.
Uncle Fereydoon Fereydoon (Satrapi) is the uncle of Ebi and Anoosh and great-uncle to Marjane. He serves as the minister of justice of the Iranian province of Azerbaijan before his execution by the shah's police.
Gila Gila is a graphic designer at the economics magazine where Marjane is an illustrator.
God God is an all-mighty deity. He and Marjane are close friends until the death of her Uncle Anoosh.
Head of the Visual Communications Department The unnamed head of the Visual Communications Department at Marjane's college assigns Marjane and Reza the project to develop a theme park based on Persian mythology.
Dr. Heller Dr. Heller runs the second boarding house in which Marjane lives in Vienna. She accuses Marjane of theft and prostitution.
Hospital director The unnamed hospital director who will not grant Uncle Taher permission to go to the United States for medical care is Marjane's aunt's former window washer.
Houshang Houshang is Zozo's unemployed husband, who used to be a CEO in Iran.
Ingrid Ingrid is Enrique's friend. Marjane is initially jealous of her but then befriends her after she and Enrique break up.
Jean-Paul Jean-Paul is a new student at Marjane's French-language school in Austria. He asks her on a date, but it turns out he just wants help with his math homework.
Julie Promiscuous and rebellious Julie is Marjane's first friend at her new Austrian school.
Kaveh Kaveh is Marjane's friend who moves to the United States shortly after Iran becomes an Islamic republic. Marjane has a crush on him.
Khosro Khosro creates and sells fake passports to Iranians trying to leave the country between 1980 and 1983. He flees to Sweden after the authorities ransack his home.
Kia Marjane's former childhood friend Kia loses an arm and a leg during the Iran-Iraq war.
Laly Laly Jari is Siamak's daughter. When her father is released from prison, she brags to Marjane that he is a hero.
Lucia Lucia is Marjane's Austrian roommate at the Catholic boarding house in Vienna.
Dr. M. Dr. M. is a pseudonym for the influential intellectual who holds monthly discussions about politics and philosophy in his home.
Mali Mali is Taji's childhood friend. She and her family briefly live with the Satrapis after they are forced to leave their home in Abadan.
Marc Marc is a graduate of the French-language school Marjane attends in Austria. He assumes she is French, and she is too embarrassed to tell him otherwise.
Marjane's aunt Marjane's aunt is married to Uncle Taher.
Marjane's nervous aunt Marjane's unnamed nervous aunt panics when she hears sirens during an illegal party and hands her baby to Marjane.
Marjane's uncle Marjane's unnamed uncle throws a party to celebrate the birth of his child. The party ends when family members think there's a raid.
Mayor of Tehran The unnamed mayor of Tehran tells Marjane her idea for a theme park will never be realized because it features too many women.
Mehri Mehri is the Satrapis' live-in maid.
Mohsen Mohsen Shakiba is a former political prisoner of the shah's regime who was imprisoned for being a revolutionary. He is murdered by the guardians of the Revolution shortly after his release from prison.
Momo Momo is one of Marjane's friends at her French-language school in Vienna. Six years older than Marjane, he is obsessed with death.
Mother Superior The unnamed Mother Superior is the head nun at Marjane's first boarding house in Vienna.
Mullah The unnamed mullah, or theological scholar, administers Marjane's theological exam prior to her acceptance into university. He is impressed with her honesty about her religious beliefs.
Mrs. Nasrine Mrs. Nasrine is the Satrapis' maid.
Mrs. Nasrine's son Mrs. Nasrine's unnamed 14-year-old son is given a golden key at school. He is told it is the key to heaven for fallen soldiers.
Niloufar Niloufar is the 18-year-old communist who Khosro hides in his home. She is executed by the guardians of the Revolution.
Olivier Olivier is one of Marjane's friends at her French-language school in Austria. He and his brother, Thierry, are Swiss orphans who live with their uncle.
Pardisse Pardisse is Marjane's classmate. Her father, a fighter pilot, is killed in action at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War.
Patrolman The unnamed patrolman follows the Satrapis' car home so he can check their house for alcohol and then forgets all about it when Ebi gives him a bribe.
Peyman Peyman is Marjane's slightly older male cousin.
Ramin Ramin is Marjane's childhood friend. Marjane devises a plan to attack him with makeshift brass knuckles as punishment for his father's actions during his time with the shah's secret police.
Roxana Roxana—a friend of Marjane's in Tehran—throws the party where Reza and Marjane meet.
Shahab Shahab is Marjane's older male cousin who is enlisted in the Iranian army. He tells Marjane about the thousands of teenage boys who are senselessly killed in battle every day.
Shirin Shirin is Zozo's materialistic daughter.
Siamak Siamak Jari is Laly's father and the husband of Taji's best friend. He was imprisoned by the shah's regime for seven years for writing subversive, communist-influenced articles.
Uncle Taher Marjane's Uncle Taher desperately misses his son, whom he sent to Holland. Taher dies of a heart attack before they can reunite.
Thierry Thierry is one of Marjane's friends at her French-language school in Austria. He and his brother, Olivier, are Swiss orphans who live with their uncle.
Victor Victor is Dr. Heller's dog. He defecates on Marjane's bed.
Widow The unnamed widow joins the protest outside the hospital after the gathered crowd claims her husband—who died of cancer—is a martyr.
Wolfy Wolfy is the 19th man Julie has slept with. He's the first Marjane has seen mostly naked.
Zozo Zozo is Taji's best friend. An angry expatriate living in Austria, she shirks her promise to take care of Marjane.
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