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Persepolis | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • January 1978

    The Iranian Revolution begins.

    The Veil
  • January–April 1979

    Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the leader of Iran, is replaced by the Islamic Republic.

    The Party
  • Mid-1979

    Marjane's Uncle Anoosh is arrested and executed on false charges of spying.

    The Sheep
  • Early 1980

    Marjane and her classmates are now required to wear hijabs, or veils, to school.

    The Veil
  • September 22, 1980

    Iraq invades Iran, marking the official start of the Iran-Iraq War.

    The Trip
  • November 1984

    Wanting to keep her safe, Marjane's parents send her to live in Austria.

    The Dowry
  • 10 days later

    The family friend with whom Marjane is supposed to live sends her to a boarding house.

    The Soup
  • February 1985

    Marjane is kicked out of the boarding house for insulting Mother Superior. She moves in with Julie.

  • May 1986

    Marjane moves into a short-term communal apartment. She lives with eight gay men.

    The Horse
  • June 1986

    Marjane's mother visits her in Austria.

    The Horse
  • A few weeks later

    Marjane rents a room in Dr. Heller's house.

    Hide and Seek
  • Late 1986

    Marjane begins dating Markus, whom she calls her "first love."

    Hide and Seek
  • August 1988

    The Iran-Iraq War ends.

    The Return
  • November 22, 1988

    After breaking up with Markus, Marjane insults Dr. Heller and ends up living on the streets.

    The Veil (2)
  • February 1989

    Marjane moves back to Iran.

    The Return
  • March 1989

    Depressed, Marjane tries twice to commit suicide.

  • April 1989

    Marjane begins dating Reza.

    The Exam
  • A few months later

    Marjane and Reza are accepted into university.

    The Exam
  • 1991

    Marjane and Reza marry. She immediately regrets it.

    The Wedding
  • September 1994

    Marjane moves to France after divorcing Reza.

    The End

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction Author Marjane Satrapi (who is also the narrator of Persepolis) gives a brief history of Iran, which was founded in the ... Read More
The Veil Marjane Satrapi (referred to by her family as Marji) is 10 years old in 1980. She lives in Iran with her parents, Ebi (f... Read More
The Bicycle In 1979, "the year of the revolution," Marjane decides she'd rather be a revolutionary like Che Guevara or Fidel Castro ... Read More
The Water Cell Marjane's parents demonstrate against the shah every day. Jealous they're spending more time doing that than playing gam... Read More
Persepolis Marjane's grandmother comes to visit. She tells Marjane how terrible the shah was to their family and how difficult it w... Read More
The Letter Marjane reads a lot of books by Ali Ashraf Darvishian (born 1941), "a kind of local Charles Dickens." Most of his storie... Read More
The Party Massacres continue regularly after Black Friday. The shah tries to make Iran into a democracy, but Iranian citizens cont... Read More
The Heroes A few days after the shah's resignation, three thousand political prisoners are released. The Satrapi family knows two o... Read More
Moscow Marjane's disappointment that her father isn't a hero is tempered by her heroic uncle, Anoosh, who was in prison for alm... Read More
The Sheep Marjane's father and Anoosh discuss politics. Ebi is worried "the Republic wants to be called Islamic" even though the r... Read More
The Trip Once Iran becomes the Islamic Republic, life changes for the country's inhabitants. Fundamentalists take over the Americ... Read More
The F-14s Marjane is visiting her father's office when a battalion of fighter jets flies overhead. Ebi, an engineer, thinks they a... Read More
The Jewels Marjane and her mother go grocery shopping. The supermarket shelves are nearly empty. Marjane's mother says people shoul... Read More
The Key The Iraqi army makes headway in its bid to conquer Iran. The Iraqis have quality weapons and troops; Iran's only asset i... Read More
The Wine Tehran soon becomes the target of Iraq's bombs. The Satrapis and their neighbors create a bomb shelter in the basement o... Read More
The Cigarette The Iran-Iraq War has been going on for two years. Marjane is 12, and she's hanging out with older girls at school. Two ... Read More
The Passport It's July 1982. Marjane and her parents are visiting her Uncle Taher and his family. Taher sent his oldest son to Hollan... Read More
Kim Wilde Iran's borders open in 1983. Marjane's parents rush to get their passports so they can go on a trip to Turkey, just the ... Read More
The Shabbat Rumors fly about the Iraqis obtaining ballistic missiles, and for once the talk of the town turns out to be true. It's u... Read More
The Dowry Marjane becomes even more rebellious after the Baba-Levys' deaths. She is expelled from her French-language school for p... Read More
The Soup Marjane arrives in Vienna, where she thinks she will be treated like a daughter by her mother's best friend, Zozo. Howev... Read More
Tyrol Marjane begins classes at the French-language school in Vienna. She arrives in the middle of the trimester, and the othe... Read More
Pasta Not long after Christmas, Marjane is startled to learn there are even more school vacation days coming up. Schools in Ir... Read More
The Pill Marjane likes living at Julie's house. Julie's mother, Armelle, thinks Marjane is a good influence on Julie, who has a p... Read More
The Vegetable Between the ages of 15 and 16 Marjane's body goes from that of a child to that of a woman. Her personal style changes, t... Read More
The Horse Armelle and Julie leave Vienna, so Marjane finds a temporary room in a Wohngemeinschaft, or communal apartment. She like... Read More
Hide and Seek Marjane is happy living in Dr. Heller's villa, except for the presence of Victor, Dr. Heller's dog, who frequently defec... Read More
The Croissant Marjane prepares to take the French baccalaureate—a test that determines whether she will be able to continue her studie... Read More
The Veil (2) Marjane is crushed by her breakup with Markus. In her eyes, she has lost "her emotional support, the only person who car... Read More
The Return Marjane arrives in Iran and immediately feels the "repressive air of [her] country." She is chastised for not wearing he... Read More
The Joke Marjane is worried everyone knows about her "failure" in Europe, but she can't avoid her friends, neighbors, and family ... Read More
Skiing Marjane is depressed. She decides to give her family a brief overview of what happened in Vienna, but they are only capa... Read More
The Exam In April 1989 Marjane goes to a party hosted by her friend Roxana. There she meets Reza, a former soldier. In her he see... Read More
The Makeup Marjane and Reza's relationship becomes official once they are both accepted into university. Most of their time togethe... Read More
The Convocation Marjane begins university in September 1989. She and Reza are both in the college of art, but they have to pretend they ... Read More
The Socks Art school—particularly figure drawing—isn't easy under the Islamic regime. Female models are required to wear the veil ... Read More
The Wedding Reza proposes to Marjane in 1991, and Marjane isn't sure how to react. For 21 years her parents have taught her to be st... Read More
The Satellite Iraq invades Kuwait in 1991. Most people in Iran don't care much—they are no longer the targets of Saddam Hussein's bomb... Read More
The End It is June 1993, and Marjane and Reza are nearing the completion of their art studies. Their situation changes significa... Read More
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