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Persuasion | Study Guide

Jane Austen

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Persuasion | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1806

    Anne Elliot breaks her engagement to Captain Wentworth.

    Chapter 1
  • Summer 1814

    Sir Walter Elliot reveals his financial troubles.

    Chapter 1
  • August 1814

    The Crofts express interest in renting Kellynch Hall.

    Chapter 3
  • Early September 1814

    Sir Walter Elliot and Elizabeth move to Bath; Anne stays behind.

    Chapter 5
  • One week later

    Lady Russell travels; Anne Elliot stays with her sister at Uppercross Cottage.

    Chapter 5
  • Late September

    Admiral and Mrs. Croft arrive at Kellynch Hall.

    Chapter 6
  • Early to mid-October

    Captain Wentworth arrives at Kellynch Hall; Anne and he meet.

    Chapter 7
  • Late October

    Captain Wentworth rescues Anne from her unruly nephew.

    Chapter 9
  • Mid-November

    Members of the Uppercross party visit Lyme and dine with the Harvilles.

    Chapter 11
  • The next day

    Anne sees Walter Elliott; Louisa Musgrove falls.

    Chapter 12
  • Early January 1815

    Anne and Lady Russell go to Bath; Anne meets William Elliot.

    Chapter 14
  • January 1815

    Anne Elliot renews her acquaintance with Mrs. Smith.

    Chapter 17
  • February 2, 1815

    Louisa Musgrove announces her engagement to Captain Benwick.

    Chapter 18
  • Thursday, mid-February

    Anne sees and talks to Captain Wentworth in Bath.

    Chapter 19
  • Six days later, evening

    Anne sees Captain Wentworth at the concert.

    Chapter 20
  • The next day

    Mrs. Smith reveals William Elliot's past to Anne Elliot.

    Chapter 21
  • Late February

    The Musgroves arrive in Bath; Wentworth proposes to Anne.

    Chapter 23

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 In the summer of 1814 in Somerset County, England, Sir Walter Elliot lives with his two unmarried daughters—Elizabeth, 2... Read More
Chapter 2 With Anne Elliot's help and careful thought Lady Russell writes a financial proposal, softening Anne's more stringent re... Read More
Chapter 3 At Kellynch Hall Mr. Shepherd notes that the end of the war has meant the return of navy officers, who need residences. ... Read More
Chapter 4 The narrator discloses the history of Mr. Wentworth's time in Monkford. Over the span of six months he and Anne Elliot m... Read More
Chapter 5 When Admiral and Mrs. Croft tour Kellynch Hall, Anne Elliot walks to Lady Russell's home to avoid them. After a positive... Read More
Chapter 6 At Uppercross Cottage over the next two months, Anne is an emotional touchstone for the Musgroves. Because others value ... Read More
Chapter 7 A few days later, Captain Wentworth arrives to stay with his sister and brother-in-law at Kellynch Hall and makes a visi... Read More
Chapter 8 After Charles Musgrove Jr. heals, Anne and Captain Wentworth share the same social circle. When he mentions "the year si... Read More
Chapter 9 Despite other plans, Captain Wentworth remains at Kellynch Hall, spending most of his time at Uppercross. Anne believes ... Read More
Chapter 10 Because of her observations Anne thinks Captain Wentworth favors Louisa Musgrove but really is not seriously interested ... Read More
Chapter 11 As the date of Lady Russell's return approaches, Anne's anxiety grows. At Lady Russell's home in Kellynch, Captain Wentw... Read More
Chapter 12 In the morning Anne and Henrietta visit the sea. Captain Wentworth and Louisa join them. On their way back the four enco... Read More
Chapter 13 At Uppercross, Anne stays at the Great House, awaiting news of Louisa's condition, which is unchanging. Mrs. Harville ha... Read More
Chapter 14 When Charles and Mary leave Lyme after a two-week stay, Louisa has begun sitting in bed. When they subsequently visit La... Read More
Chapter 15 At Camden Place Anne Elliot is received with "unexpected cordiality." Her father and sister cheerily dominate the conver... Read More
Chapter 16 The next day Anne goes downstairs and overhears Sir Walter and Elizabeth trying to convince Mrs. Clay to stay, saying th... Read More
Chapter 17 Anne rekindles a relationship with an old school friend, Mrs. Smith, who is widowed, poor, and suffering from the aftere... Read More
Chapter 18 After a month in Bath, Anne, curious about Uppercross and Lyme, receives a letter from Mary courtesy of the Crofts, who ... Read More
Chapter 19 Captain Wentworth arrives in Bath. While out with William Elliot and several others, Anne sees him unexpectedly. She has... Read More
Chapter 20 While waiting for Lady Dalrymple's arrival at the concert venue (the Assembly rooms, an elegant public meeting space), A... Read More
Chapter 21 Anne visits Mrs. Smith to avoid the attentions of William Elliot. Her friend insists, from looking at Anne, that she mus... Read More
Chapter 22 After Anne returns home she feels relieved to know William Elliot's true character. That evening as he tries to "animate... Read More
Chapter 23 Anne has promised to spend the next day with the Musgroves. When she arrives at the White Hart, Mrs. Musgrove, Mrs. Crof... Read More
Chapter 24 Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth, of course, marry. Elizabeth Elliot seems unaffected by their union. Unable to provide... Read More
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