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Pride and Prejudice | Study Guide

Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Late September

    Bingley and Darcy arrive at Netherfield; Wickham arrives in Meryton.

    Chapter 1
  • Late November

    After unsuccessfully proposing to Elizabeth, Mr. Collins proposes to and is accepted by Charlotte.

    Chapter 19
  • A few days later

    The Bingleys and Darcy leave Netherfield for London.

    Chapter 21
  • Late December

    Jane goes to London with the Gardiners, hoping to see Bingley.

    Chapter 26
  • Late March

    Elizabeth visits the Collinses, meets Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and runs into her nephew, Darcy.

    Chapter 28
  • Late April

    After Darcy's unsuccessful proposal to Elizabeth, he writes to her about Wickham's villainy.

    Chapter 34
  • Late July

    Elizabeth and the Gardiners go on holiday to Derbyshire, where Elizabeth encounters Darcy.

    Chapter 42
  • Early August

    Wickham and Lydia create scandal by eloping, but Darcy bribes Wickham to marry her.

    Chapter 46
  • Late September

    Bingley and Jane become engaged; Lady Catherine tries to ensure that Elizabeth and Darcy do not.

    Chapter 55
  • Early October

    Darcy proposes again to Elizabeth, and she accepts.

    Chapter 58

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The novel opens with one of the most-quoted lines in English literature: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a... Read More
Chapter 2 Mr. Bennet teases his family but ultimately reveals that he has indeed already called on their new neighbor. Mrs. Bennet... Read More
Chapter 3 Mrs. Bennet continues to plot how to introduce her daughters to Mr. Bingley. When the young man does call on Mr. Bennet,... Read More
Chapter 4 Jane and Elizabeth discuss the ball, especially Mr. Bingley's attention to Jane. Elizabeth points out how she and her si... Read More
Chapter 5 During a social call, the Lucas family and the Bennets discuss the ball, especially the rude behavior of Mr. Darcy. Char... Read More
Chapter 6 The relationship between Jane and Elizabeth Bennet and the Bingley sisters progresses as the women of the two households... Read More
Chapter 7 The chapter opens with details about Bennet's finances, including the entail of the estate to a male Bennet heir, which ... Read More
Chapter 8 During dinner at Netherfield, the conversations are strained, and Elizabeth feels uncomfortable. Mr. Bingley and Darcy, ... Read More
Chapter 9 As Jane's health has not improved, Mrs. Bennet decides to check on her. She, Kitty, and Lydia make the trip to Netherfie... Read More
Chapter 10 Elizabeth remains at Netherfield while Jane recuperates. She notes that Caroline Bingley flirts with Mr. Darcy, but he a... Read More
Chapter 11 At last, Jane's health begins to improve, and she is able to join the others downstairs. Bingley seeks out her attention... Read More
Chapter 12 Jane and Elizabeth are ready to return home to Longbourn. However, Mrs. Bennet is not quite ready for Jane's stay at Net... Read More
Chapter 13 Soon after Jane and Elizabeth arrive back home, they learn that a cousin, Mr. Collins, will be visiting. According to a ... Read More
Chapter 14 Over dinner, Mr. Collins spends a great deal of time describing the woman who has helped him establish his career in the... Read More
Chapter 15 The narrator describes Mr. Collins as "not a sensible man," an odd blend of "pride and obsequiousness, self-importance a... Read More
Chapter 16 At the Phillips' supper the next evening, Wickham sits next to Elizabeth and seems interested in engaging her in convers... Read More
Chapter 17 The next day, Elizabeth shares with Jane the story she has heard about Darcy. Jane is skeptical and thinks that perhaps ... Read More
Chapter 18 As it turns out, Wickham does not appear at the ball, and Elizabeth is disappointed. She wonders if his unease around Da... Read More
Chapter 19 Mr. Collins now embarks on his mission to find a wife. He surprises Elizabeth with a marriage proposal. She politely tur... Read More
Chapter 20 Mrs. Bennet is extremely upset at the news of the thwarted marriage proposal. In her mind, a match with Mr. Collins woul... Read More
Chapter 21 Jane receives a letter from Caroline Bingley explaining that she and her brother will be leaving Netherfield to spend th... Read More
Chapter 22 As the Bennets and their guest Mr. Collins dine with the Lucas family, Elizabeth is grateful to Charlotte for engaging M... Read More
Chapter 23 Mr. Lucas announces to the rest of the Bennet family his daughter's engagement to Mr. Collins. Mrs. Bennet becomes agita... Read More
Chapter 24 A second letter from Caroline Bingley arrives. This letter makes clear that Mr. Bingley will not be returning to Netherf... Read More
Chapter 25 Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Bennet's brother and sister-in-law, arrive at Longbourn for the Christmas holidays. Mrs. Gar... Read More
Chapter 26 As the Gardiners' visit to Longbourn draws to a close, Mrs. Gardiner cautions Elizabeth to steer clear of Wickham, as he... Read More
Chapter 27 Elizabeth agrees to travel to Hunsford to visit her friend Charlotte and Mr. Collins. On the way, she stops in London to... Read More
Chapter 28 At Hunsford, Charlotte warmly welcomes Elizabeth. Charlotte's parents are present as well. Mr. Collins seems to be deter... Read More
Chapter 29 Mr. Collins diligently prepares his houseguests for the visit to Rosings. Lady Catherine takes command of the situation,... Read More
Chapter 30 After a weeklong visit, Mr. Lucas leaves Hunsford. He is satisfied that his daughter has a good life with Mr. Collins. D... Read More
Chapter 31 As Easter approaches, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Elizabeth, and Maria Lucas are invited to dine at Rosings. Lady Catherine at... Read More
Chapter 32 The following day, Darcy visits the Collins home. Only Elizabeth is at home. At first they speak awkwardly. Elizabeth be... Read More
Chapter 33 Several times, when Elizabeth takes her favorite walk, she encounters Darcy. The conversations are somewhat awkward. Ano... Read More
Chapter 34 The Collins household has left for Rosings. Elizabeth is at home by herself. Darcy shows up, inquiring about her health.... Read More
Chapter 35 The next morning, Elizabeth goes on her favorite walk. Darcy appears and hands her a letter. His letter begins by addres... Read More
Chapter 36 Elizabeth rereads the letter, trying to make sense of all she has learned. She is angered by Darcy's claims about Jane n... Read More
Chapter 37 The two men, Darcy and the Colonel, leave Rosings. Elizabeth and Maria plan to leave Hunsford a week later, stopping in ... Read More
Chapter 38 Elizabeth says good-bye to Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Then she and Maria travel to the Gardiners' home in London for a f... Read More
Chapter 39 This chapter brings Jane and Elizabeth toward Longbourn; they are met halfway there by the youngest Bennet sisters, Kitt... Read More
Chapter 40 Elizabeth finally decides to tell Jane what happened during her visit to Hunsford. She relates the proposal from Darcy a... Read More
Chapter 41 Lydia is surprised to receive a letter from Mrs. Forster, the wife of a colonel in the regiment soon departing for Brigh... Read More
Chapter 42 The chapter opens with a discussion of the Bennets' marriage. Mr. Bennet was initially attracted to Mrs. Bennet's youth ... Read More
Chapter 43 When Elizabeth and the Gardiners reach Pemberley, she is amazed by its beauty and size. They talk to some of Darcy's ser... Read More
Chapter 44 Elizabeth meets Georgiana the next day at the inn where Elizabeth is staying with her aunt and uncle. Elizabeth finds he... Read More
Chapter 45 The visitors to Pemberley encounter Caroline Bingley, who makes rude comments to Elizabeth about her family, and Mrs. An... Read More
Chapter 46 When she returns to the inn where she is staying, Elizabeth finds two letters from Jane. They are filled with upsetting ... Read More
Chapter 47 Elizabeth and the Gardiners prepare to leave Pemberley to return to Longbourn. The Gardiners attempt to reassure Elizabe... Read More
Chapter 48 Mr. Gardiner leaves Longbourn to join Mr. Bennet in London. Soon Mr. Bennet returns home, leaving the situation in Gardi... Read More
Chapter 49 Soon after Mr. Bennet's return, the Bennets receive a letter from Mr. Gardiner. He reports that Wickham has been found. ... Read More
Chapter 50 Mrs. Bennet is disappointed to learn that the new couple will not be living close to Longbourn. Mr. Bennet declares that... Read More
Chapter 51 Lydia and Wickham arrive at Longbourn. Elizabeth is rather disgusted by their behavior. Lydia brags about her new marita... Read More
Chapter 52 Mrs. Gardiner replies quickly, writing a long letter to Elizabeth. She explains that it was actually Darcy who located L... Read More
Chapter 53 Lydia and Wickham leave for his new military posting in Newcastle. Mrs. Bennet is sad because her darling daughter will ... Read More
Chapter 54 Bingley and Darcy come to dine at the Bennets' home. Bingley sits next to Jane, and they seem to enjoy each other and co... Read More
Chapter 55 Bingley makes several more visits to Longbourn. During one of them, he proposes to Jane. She joyfully accepts. The famil... Read More
Chapter 56 Lady Catherine pays an unexpected visit to Longbourn. She says that she wants to speak privately with Elizabeth. They go... Read More
Chapter 57 The next day, Mr. Bennet shares with Elizabeth a letter he has received from his cousin, Mr. Collins. In it, he brings u... Read More
Chapter 58 A few days later, Darcy and Bingley visit Longbourn, and the young people go for a walk. Elizabeth and Darcy walk togeth... Read More
Chapter 59 Elizabeth first shares her news with Jane, who is dumbfounded because of Elizabeth's initial disdain for Darcy. Darcy ca... Read More
Chapter 60 Elizabeth and Darcy talk excitedly about their courtship. They explore the ways that their relationship has grown and ap... Read More
Chapter 61 As an epilogue, the final chapter wraps up loose ends. Jane and Bingley purchase a home near Pemberley, and the two elde... Read More
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