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Purgatory | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Dante Alighieri's Purgatory. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Purgatoryby the Numbers Year in which Dante’s imagined journey through Purgatory takes place Year the Catholic Church officially recognized the concept of Purgatory at the Second Council of Lyon Days it takes Dante to complete his journey through Purgatory Number of rivers flowing through the Earthly Paradise: one for remembering and one for forgetting 2 1300 1274 4 Unlike the widely shared concepts of Heaven and Hell, Purgatory was a controversial topic among medieval and early modern Christians. Dante’s vision of Purgatory takes Catholic teachings as its starting point, but many of the details—such as the specific punishments in each terrace—are the poet's own invention. Context Sources:, Digital Dante, Encyclopaedia Britannica Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Dante, Canto 1 'll sing, now, about that second realm where human spirits purge themselves from stain. A philosopher and essayist as well as a poet, Dante spent most of his life in Florence before being exiled by his political enemies in 1302. His Divine Comedy contains many rueful reflections on the state of Italian politics during his time. DANTE ALIGHIERI1265–1321 Author Themes Purification Souls in Purgatory seek redemption through suffering and prayer in order to ascend to Heaven. Seeing & Unseeing Dante is often blinded or dazzled by the sights of Purgatory, from dark smoke to radiant angels. Contrapasso As in the Inferno, each sin in Purgatory has its own suitable punishment. Main Characters Dante Living soul graced with a visit to the afterlife Beatrice Saintly lady; inspires and guides Dante’s journey Statius Roman poet suffering the pains of Purgatory Cato Roman senator; welcomes souls to Purgatory Virgil Ancient Roman poet; serves as Dante’s guide GUIDE LOST LOVE ADMIRES COUNTRYMEN Ante-Purgatory Pride Dante sees statues with expressions of humility and souls guilty of pride weighed down by large stones. Wrath Dante sees visions of meekness and sees wrathful souls living in blinding smoke. Avarice Dante sees sinners guilty of avarice laying facedown while reciting an endless prayer. Lust Dante meets the Angel of Chastity and sees lustful souls purged by fire. Envy Voices speak of generosity, while envious souls have their eyes sewn shut. Sloth Forced into activity without rest, slothful souls become full of zeal. Gluttony The gluttonous are forced to starve surrounded by fruit trees. Earthly Paradise The Long Climb to Salvation Dante’s tour of the afterlife, begun in Inferno, continues with his ascent of Mount Purgatory. Guided by the Roman poet Virgil, Dante scales the steep mountain and eventually reunites with his lost love, the saintly Beatrice. OVERVIEW Italian Original Language c. 1308–21 Years Written Dante Alighieri Author Purgatory Allegory Epic Poem

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