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Rabbit, Run | Section Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Friday, March 20, 1959

    After playing basketball, Rabbit walks out on his wife and young child and begins driving.

    Part 1, Section 1
  • 7:30 p.m., Friday

    A gas station attendant tells Rabbit he should know where he's going if he expects to get anywhere.

    Part 1, Section 1
  • After midnight

    After a wrong turn and near-crash, Rabbit shreds his map and drives back to his hometown.

    Part 1, Section 1
  • Saturday, March 21

    Rabbit goes to see his old coach for advice but realizes the man is an incoherent fool.

    Part 1, Section 2
  • That evening

    Rabbit and Tothero have dinner with two prostitutes, one of whom, Ruth Leonard, Rabbit pays for sex.

    Part 1, Section 2
  • Sunday, March 22

    Rabbit decides to move in with Ruth, who doesn't object.

    Part 1, Section 4
  • The same day

    Jack Eccles corners Rabbit to question him on Janice's behalf.

    Part 1, Section 4
  • Later on Sunday

    When Ruth and Rabbit climb Mt. Judge, he doesn't have the transcendent experience he hoped for.

    Part 1, Section 4
  • 2 p.m., Tuesday

    Playing golf Rabbit demonstrates grace for Eccles, who lacks faith.

    Part 1, Section 5
  • Memorial Day evening

    At a bar Rabbit and Ruth, who thinks she's pregnant, meet Ronnie Harrison, who insults Rabbit.

    Part 2, Section 7
  • Later that evening

    After Rabbit makes Ruth perform oral sex, he runs to the hospital where Janice is in labor.

    Part 2, Section 7
  • Early the next morning

    After their daughter is born, Rabbit reconciles with Janice and decides to return to her.

    Part 2, Section 8
  • Sunday

    After attending church and lusting after Lucy Eccles, Rabbit goes home wanting sex with Janice.

    Part 2, Section 9
  • Later on Sunday

    With the baby crying all afternoon and Janice upset, Rabbit makes her drink alcohol.

    Part 2, Section 10
  • Sunday evening

    Against doctor's orders and Janice's pleas, Rabbit forces himself on Janice and then leaves her.

    Part 2, Section 10
  • Monday morning

    After drinking all night, Janice, in despair, begs her mother not to come to the apartment.

    Part 2, Section 10
  • A few minutes later

    Frantically trying to tidy the apartment and bathe the baby, Janice accidentally drowns the infant.

    Part 2, Section 10
  • Wednesday afternoon

    At the end of the funeral Rabbit tells Janice she killed the baby and then runs into the woods.

    Part 3, Section 11
  • Later on Wednesday

    Rabbit learns of Ruth's pregnancy and finds himself running away again.

    Part 3, Section 11

Section Summaries Chart

Section Summary
Epigraph The brief epigraph which begins Rabbit, Run is an excerpt from the Pensées (1670) of French mathematician, physicist, in... Read More
Part 1, Section 1 Set in Brewer, Pennsylvania (a fictional version of Reading), and its fictional suburb Mt. Judge, Rabbit, Run begins in ... Read More
Part 1, Section 2 That morning, a Saturday, Rabbit encounters an older Tothero, who addresses him as "the great Harry Angstrom." When Rabb... Read More
Part 1, Section 3 Alone in the restaurant with Ruth, Rabbit gives her some money. He says it is for her rent and expenses, but they both u... Read More
Part 1, Section 4 The sights and sounds of the church outside the window prompt Rabbit and Ruth to discuss faith. Ruth says decisively she... Read More
Part 1, Section 5 On Tuesday afternoon Rabbit goes to Jack Eccles's house to meet him for a game of golf as promised. Lucy, Jack's wife, a... Read More
Part 2, Section 6 It is the week before Memorial Day. Rabbit is now employed as a gardener for the elderly widow, Mrs. Horace Smith. A pra... Read More
Part 2, Section 7 That night, out of boredom, Rabbit accompanies Ruth to a bar, the Castanet Club. Rabbit doesn't understand why their lif... Read More
Part 2, Section 8 Midnight passes, and Rabbit is still waiting, tormented by the idea his child will be a "monster of his own making" and ... Read More
Part 2, Section 9 Rabbit lives in the apartment with Nelson while Janice is recuperating in the hospital. He resigns as Mrs. Smith's garde... Read More
Part 2, Section 10 Back from church Rabbit finds his lust for Janice dampened by the baby's constant crying. The entire family senses a war... Read More
Part 3, Section 11 Mrs. Springer calls the Eccles house with news of the baby's death and asks Eccles to find Rabbit. Just then Rabbit call... Read More
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