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Ready Player One | Characters

Character Description
Wade Watts Wade Watts, an underprivileged teen, is the novel's protagonist. Devoted to finding Halliday's Easter egg, he becomes the first gunter to find the Copper Key, and he ends up winning the quest with his friends' help. Read More
Art3mis Art3mis, a top gunter, is a young woman who writes a blog about taking part in the quest. Wade falls for her and pursues her during the quest. However, determined to win, she doesn't want any distractions, so she keeps her distance from him until the quest is over. Read More
Aech Aech is a top gunter and Wade's best friend both inside and outside the OASIS, though their friendship is purely virtual for much of the book. Read More
Daito Daito, a young man from Japan, is a top gunter who partners with Shoto in the quest. Ideals of honor and privacy are important to him. He is assassinated in real life by IOI. Read More
Shoto Shoto is a top gunter and a young man from Japan who partners with Daito in the quest. He seeks to avenge Daito's death. In doing so, his avatar is killed by Nolan Sorrento in a battle at Castle Anorak. Read More
Ogden Morrow Ogden Morrow is James Halliday's gregarious, charismatic business partner and the cocreator of the OASIS. He retires and lives in seclusion after the OASIS is unveiled but steps forward to assist Wade Watts and his friends to prevent the Sixers from winning the contest. Read More
Nolan Sorrento Nolan Sorrento works for IOI as the scheming, evil leader of the Sixers. He attempts to recruit Wade Watts to work for IOI and blows up the stack where Wade lives when he refuses, but Wade later kills his avatar in a battle in front of Castle Anorak. Read More
Acererak Acererak is a lich, a fearsome undead nonplayer character in the OASIS. He guards the Pillared Throne Room in the Tomb of Horrors and challenges gunters to beat him at the video game Joust in order to win the Copper Key.
Aunt Alice Aunt Alice is Wade Watts's maternal aunt who takes him in after he is orphaned. They live in her trailer in the stacks. She is a selfish and lazy woman who resents Wade and treats him poorly. She is killed when IOI destroys the stack of trailers where she lives.
Mrs. Gilmore Mrs. Gilmore is a kind, religious older woman who is Wade Watts's neighbor and only real-life friend prior to the quest. She gives him food, prays for his soul, and answers his questions about the 1980s. She is killed when the stack of trailers is destroyed by IOI.
James Halliday James Halliday is the socially awkward, brilliant programmer who created the OASIS. He is obsessed with the 1980s pop culture of his youth. He dies prior to the start of the novel but creates the Easter egg contest before he dies as a way to find a worthy heir.
I-r0k I-r0k is an obnoxious gunter and an acquaintance of Aech and Wade Watts, who consider him a poseur and a dilettante. After Wade and Aech discover the Copper Key, I-r0k tells others that Aech and Wade both attend school on planet Ludus, thus tipping other gunters off to the key's location.
Max Max is a computer-generated assistant used by Wade Watts in his apartment in Columbus, Ohio, and for a time is Wade's sole interaction outside the OASIS. Max is not an avatar of a real person but a piece of intelligent software programmed by Wade to resemble Max Headroom, "the (ostensibly) computer-generated star of a late-'80s talk show."
The Sixers The Sixers are faceless mercenary avatars working collaboratively for Innovative Online Industries to find the Easter egg. They are known by their IOI employee numbers, which all begin with a six, and are held in contempt by those who respect the integrity of the contest.
Kira Underwood Kira Underwood meets James Halliday and Ogden Morrow when she joins their high school games of Dungeons & Dragons as an exchange student from London. Although she is the only woman Halliday ever loved, she marries Morrow and works for the company before retiring and then dying in a car crash at a young age.
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