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Ready Player One | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

ready-player-one-ernest-clineReady Player Oneby the NumbersModel year of the DeLorean car awarded to a fan who found the Easter egg hiddenin Ready Player One 1981Cost of lifetime access to the OASIS 25¢Year the Atari 2600 was released1977Sectors in the OASIS27Sources:, New York Times, The Verge, Wired Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.James Halliday, Chapter 0038s terrifying and painful as reality can be, its also the only place where you can find true happiness.Personal TransformationIn the OASIS, people transform themselves into avatars; Wade Wattss transformation gives him confidence and courage.EscapeLiving in the OASIS and obsession with winning the contest allow people to avoid real-world problems like instability and poverty. ObsessionGunters are obsessed with early video games, 1980s pop culture, and finding the Easter egg.ThemesLike his protagonists, Cline used his lifelong obsession with 1980s pop culture, classic video games, science fiction, and fantasy to achieve success and fame by incorporating it into his writing. Clines first novel, Ready Player One, earned him a 2012 Alex Award and was an instant best seller.ERNEST CLINEBORN 1972AuthorMain CharactersOgden MorrowReclusive cocreator of OASISShoto & DaitoGunters and brothers in the OASIS; Daito murdered by IOIAechGood-natured, obsessive gunter James HallidayEccentric, deceased creator of OASISNolan SorrentoEvil leader of the Sixers—IOI guntersWade Watts/ParzivalScrappy, independent gunter; wins the quest Art3misDevoted, idealistic gunter FriendsLove InterestEnemiesHelpsAs his avatar Parzival, Wade Watts is the first gunter (egg hunter) to open the First Gate. 1After an epic online battle, Parzival, Art3mis, and Aech unlock the Third Gate. 5When Parzival finds the egg, Hallidays avatar gives him the prize and advice—don’t waste your life inside virtual reality. 6With Art3mis close behind, Parzival opens the Second Gate and learns the Third Gate is in Castle Anorak. 3Bent on finding the egg, IOI and its mercenaries—the Sixersstart attacking gunters in real life.2When the Sixers erect a force field around Castle Anorak, Parzival hacks IOIs systems. 4In the dystopian world of 2044, people escape into the OASIS, an online simulation created by James Halliday. Before his death, Halliday hid an Easter egg in the OASIS for one person to find and win his fortune. Determined to find the egg and escape poverty, Wade Watts faces off against the corporation Innovative Online Industries (IOI)—but they are willing to kill to win.A Life-and-Death Video Game QuestOVERVIEWEnglishOriginal Language2011Year PublishedErnest ClineAuthorReady PlayerOneNovelScience Fiction

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