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Ready Player One | Level 1, Chapter 0014 | Summary



Parzival meets with Nolan Sorrento via chatlink, which is safe because only a copy of the avatar is projected into the meeting at IOI's headquarters within the OASIS. Sorrento gives Parzival a tour: first a ride in a spaceship around the planet IOI-1, IOI's base of operations, and then a tour through a replica of IOI's physical headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Sorrento wants to make Parzival chief oologist in charge of the Sixers, a job that would pay millions of dollars a year. Parzival says he will accept for more money and on the condition Sorrento is fired: "You give me the creeps," Parzival tells him. The company agrees, but Parzival makes it clear he wasn't serious. Sorrento makes a second offer: five million "in exchange for a walkthrough up to the First Gate." When Parzival declines, Sorrento reveals IOI knows his true identity as Wade Watts as well as his location, information he secured by bribing the officials at Wade's school. If Parzival doesn't accept the offer, IOI will detonate explosives around his aunt's trailer in the stacks. Deciding IOI will try to kill him whether or not he helps them, Parzival tells Sorrento that IOI will never find the egg, and then he logs out of the OASIS. From his hideout nearby he hears the explosion in the stacks. Realizing he can't go to the police, Wade decides to leave the stacks in a few days and to warn Aech IOI might go after him next.


Parzival goes into his meeting with Sorrento primarily to express his contempt for IOI. The OASIS and the quest for the egg have effected a rapid personal transformation in him. Not too long ago he was an awkward teenager constantly bullied by his peers. Now he is the top gunter, a confident young man who is unafraid to challenge a powerful multinational corporation. The quest has made him courageous.

Despite his habit of careful preparation and his determination to safeguard his anonymity, Wade has made a critical error: when he registered for school on the OASIS, he provided his personal information. His school record is exploited by IOI when Sorrento bribes the school administrators into revealing Parzival's true identity. IOI assumes anyone can be bought for the right price; however, Parzival cannot be bought. He maintains his integrity and refuses all of IOI's offers even though he knows he is trapped and IOI probably will kill him no matter what he does.

Luckily Wade is in his hideout some distance away from the stacks when the explosion happens. Now everyone he knew in real life is dead. The lines between reality and virtual reality have become permeable. Wade is shocked: "IOI had actually tried to kill me. To prevent me from winning a videogame contest." IOI is a cutthroat entity, willing to commit mass murder to secure the egg.

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