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Ready Player One | Level 3, Chapter 0032 | Summary



Parzival meets with Shoto, Art3mis, and Aech in the Basement chat room. Shoto and Art3mis flee their homes after Parzival warns them of the Sixers' threat. Art3mis berates Parzival for taking so many risks in infiltrating IOI, but Aech congratulates him on his courage. Art3mis is also angry that Parzival looked at their personal files; she knows he has now seen her photograph, which reveals the large birthmark on her face. However, Aech and Shoto express their indebtedness to Parzival for warning them about the Sixers.

Parzival tells them the Sixers haven't yet discovered how to open the Third Gate. Watching the video of the Sixers' attempts, the gunters realize the Sixers are befuddled by the inscription on the gate door: "CHARITY. HOPE. FAITH." The Sixers have reached the wrong conclusion; they think the words are from the Bible—which is true but not relevant in this case. The four gunters realize these words are from a song in the old television show Schoolhouse Rock, which also has the lyrics "three is the magic number." Based on this song, they decide Halliday wants them to work together to open the Third Gate.

Parzival discusses his plan to disable the shield blocking Castle Anorak's entrance. He says the shield will drop "on its own ... about thirty-six hours from now." He plans to get past the Sixer army around the castle by enlisting the help of all gunters around the world. Then Ogden Morrow's avatar materializes in the chat room. He supports their efforts to defeat the Sixers and invites them to Oregon, where they can clear the Third Gate safely.


Like Wade and Daito, Art3mis and Shoto have had their real lives disrupted by the Sixers' attempts to kill them. They find themselves homeless, but Aech has an RV and has been careful not to link real-life information to his avatar, so he is somewhat better off. The gunters are in mortal danger, but quitting the quest is not an option for them.

The final leg of the quest, clearing the Third Gate, forces these scrappy, independent gunters to collaborate. The Sixers don't realize the quest's cultural references are based on Halliday's beloved '80s pop culture, which shows how they're motives are different from the real gunters'.

Art3mis is angrier that Parzival read her personal file than she is grateful for his warnings about the Sixers because she is embarrassed about her birthmark. Despite her focus on the quest, she still has feelings for Parzival, but she is reluctant to share her real-life identity with him. It is likely the real-life Art3mis is less confident than her avatar, and she may fear Parzival will reject her because of her appearance.

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