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Ready Player One | Level 3, Chapter 0034 | Summary



In the OASIS Parzival prepares for battle and activates the toy robot he received for clearing the Second Gate. The tiny object roars to life and becomes enormous. Inside the robot, which also acts as a starship, Parzival travels to Sector Ten, which is crowded with ships heading for Castle Anorak.

The area around the castle is humming with ships, and reaching it is "like flying through a swarm of metal insects." In front of the castle he spots Aech, Art3mis, and Shoto in their own giant robots. Art3mis berates Parzival for being late. With six minutes to go until the shield is supposed to drop, Nolan Sorrento emerges from the castle and addresses them. He says the Sixers have been expecting them but they cannot pass through the shield. Sorrento and the other Sixers activate their own toy robots, preparing for battle.

Meanwhile a Sixer Supply Droid Wade activated at IOI takes possession of an "antimatter friction-induction bomb" and moves to the castle's roof, where a Sixer wizard is generating the shield around the castle by holding the Orb of Osuvox. When the droid detonates the bomb, everything nearby is vaporized. The Orb deactivates and falls.


In this chapter Wade's clever and risky plan comes to fruition. Just as he used fake requisition orders to secure the flash drive and the janitor's outfit that allowed him to escape IOI with the Sixers' files, he used a requisition order to force the Supply Droid to go rogue by obtaining a powerful bomb and using it to subvert the Sixers' mission. When Sorrento challenges Parzival and the others to try to get past IOI's line of giant robots and their shield, he and his Sixers are ready to battle to the death with the four gunters and their robots. They expect to crush the independent gunters, thus removing the only real threats to their winning the quest, but Sorrento underestimates their ability to succeed.

Still Wade has eluded Sorrento and IOI again and again, and cocky Sorrento has no idea Wade infiltrated his organization right under his nose. Wade, using his ingenuity, knew the way to disable the shield was not to mount a direct attack but rather to use the Sixers' ridiculous strengths against them, and he has succeeded in doing exactly that.

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