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Regeneration | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • July 1917

    A London newspaper publishes Siegfried Sassoon's Declaration against the war.

    Part 1, Chapter 1
  • Summer 1917

    Sassoon is sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital to be treated for mental instability.

    Part 1, Chapter 1
  • Summer 1917

    Officer Billy Prior, mute because of war trauma, arrives at Craiglockhart as Dr. Rivers's patient.

    Part 1, Chapter 5
  • Summer 1917

    Rivers's dream shows his conflict about causing pain and sending soldiers back to the war.

    Part 1, Chapter 5
  • Summer 1917

    Prior's parents visit him at Craiglockhart and speak with Rivers.

    Part 1, Chapter 6
  • Summer 1917

    The poet Wilfred Owen arrives at Craiglockhart and is befriended by Sassoon.

    Part 2, Chapter 8
  • Summer 1917

    Prior meets Sarah Lumb, a munitions worker, and they go out together.

    Part 2, Chapter 8
  • Summer 1917

    Rivers hypnotizes Prior, who remembers his traumatic war experience.

    Part 2, Chapter 9
  • August 1917

    Prior and Sarah have sex for the first time.

    Part 2, Chapter 12
  • September 1917

    Rivers takes a three-week rest leave from the hospital.

    Part 2, Chapter 13
  • Autumn 1917

    Rivers returns from his leave, and Sassoon decides to return to France.

    Part 3, Chapter 16
  • November 14, 1917

    Rivers leaves Craiglockhart to work at the London hospital with Dr. Yealland.

    Part 4, Chapter 20
  • November 24, 1917

    Rivers witnesses Yealland's electroshock treatment of traumatized soldiers.

    Part 4, Chapter 20
  • November 26, 1917

    Sassoon is discharged from Craiglockhart to return to the front.

    Part 4, Chapter 23

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Part 1, Chapters 1–3 Chapter 1 begins with Siegfried Sassoon's open letter, or Declaration, opposing World War I. Dr. W.H.R. Rivers, a well... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 4–5 Rivers is listening to his patient Anderson, a surgeon, describe his terrible and strange nightmares. Anderson tells R... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 6–7 Prior's muteness disappears when he wakes up shouting in the middle of the night. He tells Rivers this mutism "comes a... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 8–9 Prior tells Rivers about his experience fighting on the front lines in France. He tells how soldiers get ready for an ... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 10–11 Sarah and her friends are on their tea break at work. They discuss Sarah's relationship with Prior. Sarah is angry bec... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 12–13 Prior visits Sarah and explains to her why he missed their last date. It's the end of August and still very hot and hu... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 14–16 Rivers is on rest leave. He's in church listening to a hymn that has become popular since the battle of the Somme, the... Read More
Part 4, Chapters 17–18 Ada Lumb, Sarah's mother, is visiting her daughter and giving her an earful about her relationship with Prior. Ada is ... Read More
Part 4, Chapters 19–20 As Prior waits in the dark for Sarah to signal to him from her window, he suddenly feels as if he's back in No Man's L... Read More
Part 4, Chapters 21–23 After lunch Rivers accompanies Yealland to the hospital's electrical room, where Callan is strapped into a dentist-typ... Read More
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