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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Thomas Paine's Rights of Man. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Thomas Paine, Part 1 he Revolutions of America and Francehave thrown a beam of light over theworld, which reaches into man. Sources: Encyclopaedia Britannica,, Smithsonian Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Constitution Principles according to which a state is governed Republic A government in which the people govern through representatives Despotism The exercise of absolute power, especially in an oppressive way Key French Revolution The aim of the French Revolution was to overthrow the aristocracy and create a new representative government to protect the rights of the people. American Revolution The American Revolution was fought to gain independence from England and for the right of the colonists to establish their own government. The Constitution Paine holds up the United States Constitution as an example of how a representative government should protect individual rights. Context Paine is credited with helping spark the American Revolution. He wrote many passionate political pamphlets on revolution and aimed to spread his ideas further with Rights of Man. Despite his contributions, Paine was ostracized when he returned to America from France in 1802 because of his writings about religion. THOMAS PAINE1737–1809 Author Every nation has the right to replace oppressive governments through revolution. Right to Revolution Governments should protect natural rights and base civil rights on them. Natural & Civil Rights Only a government based on the will of the people will protect natural rights. Hereditary vs.Representative Government After successfully arguing in favor of America’s revolution, Paine set his sights on France. In Rights of Man, Paine defends the French Revolution and supports a nation’s right to revolt against an oppressive governmentin protection of freedom, happiness, comfort, and equality. Government forthe People MAIN IDEAS English Original Language 1791–92 Years Published Thomas Paine Author Rights of Man Political Science Nonfiction

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