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Robinson Crusoe | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Year 1

    Robinson Crusoe leaves his home in York, England, for adventure at sea.

    Chapter 1
  • Year 1

    Crusoe's ship is attacked by pirates, and he is taken into slavery.

    Chapter 2
  • Year 3

    Crusoe and Xury escape in a boat and are rescued by a Portuguese captain who takes them to Brazil.

    Chapter 2
  • Years 3–7

    Crusoe starts a plantation in Brazil. He voyages to Africa and is shipwrecked on an island.

    Chapter 3
  • Years 7–22

    Crusoe lives on the island, expanding his food resources and accommodations.

    Chapter 4
  • Year 22

    Crusoe finds a footprint and spends years avoiding and preparing defenses against natives.

    Chapter 10
  • Year 30

    Crusoe rescues a captive and names him Friday. Friday becomes Crusoe's servant.

    Chapter 14
  • Year 34

    Crusoe and Friday rescue Friday's father and a Spaniard and scare the natives away from the island.

    Chapter 16
  • Year 34

    Crusoe and Friday help an English captain foil a mutiny. He gives them free passage back to England.

    Chapter 17
  • Year 35

    Crusoe arrives in England; his family is mostly gone but his plantation in Brazil has prospered.

    Chapter 19

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Robinson Crusoe begins his story with his family's history: his father was a merchant who emigrated from Germany, made h... Read More
Chapter 2 Robinson Crusoe sets out from London on a trip to Africa. The ship's captain does not charge Crusoe for the voyage becau... Read More
Chapter 3 Robinson Crusoe and Xury continue their travels down the African coast, hoping to reach Cape Verde and encounter a Europ... Read More
Chapter 4 The morning after the storm, Robinson Crusoe investigates the damage. He can see the wreck of the ship about a mile from... Read More
Chapter 5 Robinson Crusoe's journal recounts his early days on the island, starting on September 30, 1659, the day of his landing.... Read More
Chapter 6 Robinson Crusoe works for almost six weeks at dismantling the wrecked ship, and in this time he also fishes with some sm... Read More
Chapter 7 In additional explorations of the island during his recovery from illness, Robinson Crusoe finds more fresh water, tobac... Read More
Chapter 8 Robinson Crusoe continues exploring the island beyond his bower and the valley, and he discovers land some distance away... Read More
Chapter 9 After he plants his next round of grain crops—he now has two fields to work—Robinson Crusoe learns to make pottery. The ... Read More
Chapter 10 Now more than five years into his time on the island, Robinson Crusoe builds a new canoe and digs a canal to move it int... Read More
Chapter 11 Robinson Crusoe continues to maintain his primary home at the cave, which he calls his "castle," and the bower, which he... Read More
Chapter 12 Still anxious that the natives might discover him and his settlements, Robinson Crusoe divides up his goat herd and plac... Read More
Chapter 13 Now having lived 23 years on the island, Robinson Crusoe's menagerie has grown to include a few more parrots and other b... Read More
Chapter 14 Life continues as it has on the island for two more years, but during this time, Robinson Crusoe begins thinking serious... Read More
Chapter 15 Robinson Crusoe teaches Friday passable English and instructs him in all the trades he has learned on the island so that... Read More
Chapter 16 Robinson Crusoe and Friday build a new boat to take them to the mainland. The boat is fitted with a sail and rudder, so ... Read More
Chapter 17 Robinson Crusoe talks to the Spaniard about his ideas for escaping. Once he decides the Spaniard is trustworthy, the two... Read More
Chapter 18 When the first party doesn't return from the island, the mutineers aboard the English ship send out a second party. The ... Read More
Chapter 19 Robinson Crusoe sails back to England and arrives on June 11, 1687—35 years after he first left the country. He has some... Read More
Chapter 20 The traveling party continues over land and encounters a bear in the mountains, which Friday is eager to attack and kill... Read More
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