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Rita Mae Brown

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Rubyfruit Jungle | Book 2, Chapter 7 | Summary



As Molly continues to achieve popularity and success in high school, Leroy continues to flunk out and gravitate toward a tough crowd. The cousins don't see much of each other and eventually have a fight that leaves a rift between them.

Molly's best friends at Fort Lauderdale High School are Carolyn Simpson and Connie Pen, both popular like Molly. Molly dates the popular Clark Pfeiffer. Molly prefers the rather uptight Carolyn's looks to Connie's, but Connie's personality is more like her own, "totally irreverent." The two of them are forever pulling pranks that the whole student body loves, but their crowning achievement is something that gets them ownership of the school for their senior year.

Carolyn, Connie, and Molly ditch their boyfriends in favor of a night out on the town drinking together and discussing their sexual activity—or, in Carolyn's case, lack thereof. Carolyn gets drunk and passes out. While Molly and Connie drive her home, they come across the school principal and the dean of women, obviously out on a date. Since both are married to other people, Molly quickly sees an opportunity for blackmail. She makes sure the illicit couple notices she and Connie have seen them. That Monday, the two girls are called into the administrative offices of the school, where each gets what she most wants. Molly is promised help getting a scholarship to college and help getting elected student council president, and Connie is given the position of school newspaper editor.


This chapter includes one clear example of foreshadowing. On the night Carolyn, Connie, and Molly go out on the town, they begin by going to a Paul Newman movie. Newman was considered one of the handsomest movie stars ever. Connie, a "hyper-heterosexual" according to Molly, drools over Paul Newman's body, whereas Molly finds herself enamored with the body of the woman he is with. She says something that the sharp-witted Connie is quick to pick up on but slow to equate to Molly's affinity for women. Readers should take note of this comment. When Molly realizes the actress resembles Carolyn, whose looks she has always admired, Carolyn "took on new stature in my eyes and I started getting that warning signal in my stomach."

Later, as the girls get drunk and Molly learns that Carolyn is still a virgin, she becomes enraged to see her "sitting there in her righteousness and with that gorgeous long body." Then when the very drunk Carolyn stumbles against Molly and lets her hand keep brushing against her breast, Molly has a hard time dealing with the intensity of her feelings. It won't be long until she gets to test them out.

In the meantime, however, Molly achieves her greatest witty victory to date. When she and Connie first see Mr. Beers and Mrs. Silver, Connie thinks only that they might get into trouble for being drunk. Molly sees past that to the way she can manipulate the situation in their favor. Whereas Connie would have been sure not to be seen by the two administrators, Molly knows being seen will give them a huge opportunity. She is right.

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