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Rubyfruit Jungle | Characters

Character Description
Molly Spunky, honest, and rebellious Molly Bolt fights unflinchingly to be who she is, even though her adoptive mother and society in general want her to be someone else. Read More
Carrie Molly's adoptive mother, Carrie Bolt is determined to have her own way at all times even when doing so brings out her cruelty. Despite her rages and harsh words, she loves Molly. However, Carrie is opinionated and angry about the restrictions imposed on her by poverty, but she is too stubborn to accept help. Read More
Carl Molly's adoptive father, Carl Bolt is a kind, even-tempered man who does his best to protect his daughter from his wife's cruelty and to push her toward college and success. He admires Molly's strength and determination. Read More
Leroy Slow-witted Leroy Denman is Molly's cousin and main childhood playmate whose only desire is to be accepted. As they reach adolescence, Leroy and Molly experiment sexually. Read More
Leota Cat-eyed Leota Bisland is Molly's first lesbian lover; the two become intimate at the end of sixth grade. When they meet nearly a decade later, they have nothing in common. Read More
Faye Faye Raider is Molly's wild, wealthy college roommate at the University of Florida. They become passionate lovers and are thrown out of school because of their relationship. Read More
Holly The kept woman of a well-known actress, Holly picks up Molly at the restaurant where Molly works. They have good sex, but Holly is too shallow and opportunistic to be more than a temporary lover in Molly's life. Read More
James Adler James Adler is a talented editor at Silver Publishing Company in New York City with whom Molly works closely.
Barry Aldridge A student at Molly's school, Barry Aldridge has the part of shepherd in the disastrous sixth-grade school play and embarrasses himself by urinating on the stage because he is frightened by what is going on around him.
Babs Carolyn's little sister Babs has to be paid off to keep from tattling to her parents when Molly and Connie bring Carolyn home drunk.
Missy Barton A student at Fort Lauderdale High School, Missy Barton spreads the rumor that Molly, Carolyn, and Connie's friendship has ended because Connie wanted to sleep with Molly's boyfriend and Carolyn was unable to take sides.
Mr. Beers Mr. Beers is the Fort Lauderdale High School principal who Connie and Molly blackmail when they see him in an illicit tryst with the dean of women.
Mr. Bellantoni Mr. Bellantoni, Alice's father and Polina's husband, is a socially inept, spineless 49-year-old art history scholar who is unconcerned about his wife's adultery.
Alice Bellantoni Polina's precocious 16-year-old daughter, Alice Bellantoni has a love affair with Molly that ends when Polina discovers it.
Polina Bellantoni Polina Bellatoni is a 41-year-old author and professor of medieval studies whom Molly gets to know through her work at Silver Publishing. Their brief affair is unsatisfying for Molly because Polina needs fantasy-based sex featuring men.
Mrs. Bisland Leota's mother, Mrs. Bisland, welcomes Molly when Molly returns to the York area in 1964 and tells her how to get in touch with Leota.
Sam Breem Sam Breem is the student at Fort Lauderdale High School to whom Connie loses her virginity at age 16 in a fairly unsatisfactory way.
Nancy Cahill Nancy Cahill is the girl most enchanted with Broccoli's uncircumcised penis; she likes to play with it every day.
Calvin The gay young man Molly describes as "gorgeous," Calvin allows her to share an abandoned car with him in New York City the first two nights she is there and teaches her how to survive as a gay person on the streets. A middle-class African American man from Philadelphia, Calvin has abandoned his family and the girl he impregnated while trying to prove to his parents that he was straight.
Cathy Faye's big sister in the University of Florida sorority Chi Omega, Cathy counsels Faye as the sisters begin to worry about her wild behavior and uncontrolled drinking.
Joel Centers A student in Leroy's junior high school, Joel Centers is tormented and apparently abused by the other boys for being effeminate.
David Cohen David Cohen is the president of Silver Publishing Company, where Molly works in New York City. A stern boss, he seems obsessive in his behaviors, as described in detail by his wife, Stella.
Craig About 25 years old when eighth-grader Leroy meets him in Fort Lauderdale, Craig is handsome and muscular, with a fancy motorcycle. Although frightened of being gay, Leroy experiments sexually with him.
Dr. Demiral Dr. Demiral is the psychiatrist at the University of Florida hospital. When she is committed for being a lesbian, Molly passively agrees with him so she can be released.
Ep Denman Jennifer's husband and Leroy and Ted's father, Ep Denman looks up to Carl even though they are not related. Ep is a hard-working man whose hot temper and prejudice often get him into trouble.
Ep Denman the Second Ep Denman the Second, named for his grandfather, is Leroy's oldest child, born around 1960.
Florence Denman Florence Denman, whom Molly refers to as the Mouth, is Jennifer's mother and Carrie's sister. She gossips constantly and often supports Carrie in her harsh judgments of Molly and Molly's behavior.
Jennifer Denman Jennifer Denman, whom Molly calls Aunt Jenna, is Ep's kind and gentle wife and Florence's daughter. She dies of cancer at 33, just a week after her infant son.
Joyce Denman After getting her pregnant, Leroy marries Joyce Denman, who wears a lot of makeup, seems jealous of other women, and acts in the traditionally sweet way expected of women in the South at that time. Although the marriage appears happy on the surface, Leroy confesses to Molly he often feels trapped.
Ted Denman Leroy's older brother, Ted Denman, is 13 when his mother dies and is hit hard by it.
Mrs. Detwiler Mrs. Detwiler is Broccoli's mother and a good friend of Carrie's.
Broccoli Detwiler Broccoli Detwiler is the nickname of Brockhurst Detwiler, Molly's childhood friend. When she discovers he has not been circumcised, she concocts a scheme in which they charge money for other children to look at and touch his penis.
Paul Digita Paul Digita, whom Molly finds boring and physically repulsive, is an English teacher at New York University and Polina Bellantoni's lover.
Dix Eunice's secret lover, Dix, is an English major, small and talkative. She seems attracted to Faye.
Dot Dot, who lives in the same dorm as Faye and Molly, is one of the girls who discover them together.
Douglas A football star, Douglas is Connie's boyfriend during their senior year at Fort Lauderdale High School.
Ruby Drollinger Although Ruby Drollinger doesn't appear in the novel, she is Molly's biological mother, whom Carrie refers to as a slut, impregnated by a married French athlete who jilted her.
Eunice The secret lover of Dix, Eunice is a physical therapy major, the more serious of the two, and apparently the one more interested in romance.
Fritza Fritza, the first lover of Chryssa Hart, is a successful stockbroker who still gives Chryssa money, thinking of it as "alimony."
Gladys Gladys is Carl's tall, elegant lover in 1937. When their affair is discovered, Carl tells Carrie he loves both her and Gladys but breaks off the affair.
Mrs. Godfrey The Advanced English teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School, Mrs. Godfrey is such a good teacher Connie and Molly never miss her class even though Mr. Beers would let them cut class whenever they wanted during their senior year.
Dr. Harmeling Dr. Harmeling, who treats the hysterical Carrie when she discovers Carl's affair, is also the one who counsels Carl to choose to stay with her.
Harold A gross, middle-aged man who comes with his wife to The Flick, where Holly and Molly waitress, Harold fondles Holly's breast. Holly then shoves a banana split in his face and kicks him down the stairs.
Harold's wife A plump woman stuffed into a green satin dress, Harold's wife seems to have no idea what is going on when Holly attacks her husband.
Chryssa Hart A well-known archeologist, Chryssa Hart is part of the rich lesbian crowd in New York City. Called Chrys by her friends, she instantly falls in love with Molly and would like to have her as a "kept woman."
Mrs. Hershener Mrs. Hershener owns the tiny store in Shiloh and is kind to Leroy and Molly when they are children. Molly later learns Mrs. Hershener inexplicably hanged herself.
Jane Eunice's roommate at the University of Florida, Jane nearly discovers Eunice and Dix having sex in the room when she comes back to the dorm unexpectedly.
Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre is the name of Molly's biological father who promised Carl he would never try to have a relationship with Molly. A handsome French athlete, already married—who never appears in the novel—he abandoned Ruby when he learned she was pregnant.
Karen Karen, who lives in Faye and Molly's dorm, is one of the girls who discover them together.
Larry Carolyn's high school boyfriend, Larry finally succeeds in having sex with her, an experience she does not enjoy.
Larry the Leech Larry the Leech runs The Flick, where Holly and Molly work. When he fires Holly for attacking Harold, Holly kicks him down the stairs just as she did Harold.
Layton Layton is the man with whom Ep loses his temper shortly before Jennifer dies. Inciting Ep's anger by talking badly about Leroy and Ted while bragging about his own son's appointment to West Point, Layton hurts Ep badly with a knife before the fight is broken up.
Man in station wagon The kind man is driving the station wagon to Georgia with his wife and child and picks up Molly when she is hitchhiking from Fort Lauderdale. He gives her $10 when the family drops her off in Statesboro, along with advice about staying safe.
Miss Marne Miss Marne is the dean of women at the University of Florida, to whom Molly is sent when her lesbian affair with Faye is discovered. Although she tries to reason with Molly and presents a plan to allow her to remain at school, she becomes enraged when Molly accuses her of being a lesbian and consequently has her locked in the psychiatric ward and her scholarship revoked.
Miss Martin Miss Martin is the teacher who calls Carrie to inform her about Molly and Broccoli's money-making scheme in elementary school.
Mighty Mo Mighty Mo is the first lesbian Molly meets in New York City. Molly is shocked to learn from Mo that lesbians sometimes label themselves "butch" or "femme."
Pastor Needle The religious leader Carrie follows in Pennsylvania, Pastor Needle encourages Carrie to adopt Molly.
Pat Pat is the young woman Calvin impregnates in Philadelphia but abandons when she refuses to have an abortion.
Connie Pen Editor of the school newspaper, Connie Pen is one of Molly's best friends at Fort Lauderdale High School. They are the most popular and powerful girls during their senior year until their friendship breaks up over the affair between Molly and Carolyn.
Clark Pfeiffer Clark Pfeiffer is Molly's popular boyfriend at Fort Lauderdale High School with whom she has regular sex.
Jack Phantom Jack Phantom is the local young man Leota marries right out of high school. He owns a body shop, and Leota declares her love for him as a fine husband and father.
Jackie Phantom Jr. The oldest child of Leota and Jack, Jackie is five and somewhat disobedient when Molly visits Leota.
Margie Phantom Margie is the second child of Leota and Jack, named for Leota's mother.
Phil Phil is Layton's son about whom Layton is bragging when the fight breaks out between him and Ep.
Pop-pop Carrie's stepfather, Pop-pop is tasked with breaking the news to Carrie about Carl's affair.
Miss Potter Molly's sixth-grade teacher, Miss Potter tries hard to keep Molly out of trouble.
Robert Prather Robert Prather has the role of shepherd in the disastrous sixth-grade play. He delivers his lines properly despite all the disruptions.
Ralph The Corvette driver who picks Molly up in Statesboro and drives her all the way to New York City, Ralph is about Molly's age, a student in nuclear physics at MIT, and is intelligent and nice: the perfect person for her to connect with as a hitchhiker.
Ronnie Rapaport A rich New Yorker, Ronnie Rapaport pays people $100 to throw grapefruits at him while he is naked. This is the only way he can reach sexual climax, and he is especially happy with Molly's performance because she has a strong arm.
Rhea Rhadin The incompetent head receptionist at Silver Publishing Company, Rhea Rhadin has a crush on James Adler and resents Molly for being able to work closely with him. Rhea tries to make Molly look bad by blaming her for errors.
Miss Roebuck Miss Roebuck is the Latin teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School whom Connie and Molly pretend to join in weeping at a certain part of the Aeneid, thereby "cinching" their good grades in Latin for the rest of high school.
Rosetta Rosetta is the owner of the gay bar in Jacksonville. She has an amazingly tall hairdo.
Rup Rup is Carrie's first husband, who beat and cheated on her. She divorced him, even though divorce was scandalous at the time.
Mrs. Silver Dean of women at Fort Lauderdale High School, Mrs. Silver is the woman Connie and Molly spy in an illicit tryst with Mr. Beers. As a result Mrs. Silver promises to help Molly get elected student council president and receive all of the assistance the administration can provide to get her a college scholarship.
Carolyn Simpson Captain of the cheerleaders, chaplain of the student body, and one of Molly's closest friends at Fort Lauderdale High School, the rather pious Carolyn Simpson has a torrid affair with Molly after having already experimented with a lesbian relationship the previous summer.
Barbara Spangenthau A girl in Molly's elementary school, Barbara Spangenthau is shunned because she smells bad and always has her hand in her pants "playing with herself."
Cheryl Spiegelglass The richest child in Shiloh, Cheryl Spiegelglass and Molly play together occasionally, but Molly doesn't like her. She punches Cheryl in the face for saying girls can't be doctors.
Ethel Spiegelglass Cheryl's very proper mother, Ethel Spiegelglass is outraged when Molly hits her daughter.
Earl Stambach Earl Stambach is Molly's enemy throughout elementary school because he tattles on her. However, she gets revenge by giving him a box of raisins with rabbit feces mixed in.
Stella Stella is the vain wife of David Cohen, the president of Silver Publishing Company. She shares too much information about life with her rather strange husband.
Miss Stiles Miss Stiles is the English professor at the University of Florida with whom Miss Marne has lived for 15 years. Molly enrages Miss Marne when she accuses her of being Miss Stiles's lesbian partner.
Susan Susan is the camp counselor with whom Carolyn has an affair the summer before her senior year in high school and whom she claims to love as much as she loves Molly.
Judy Trout Judy Trout is a girl at Fort Lauderdale High School whom Connie claims will have sex with any guy but who acts as though she is innocent.
Truck driver A truck driver picks Molly up in Philadelphia when she is hitchhiking from New York to York. He tries to touch her when she falls asleep but stops when she snarls at him.
Gary Vogel Gary Vogel is the student at Fort Lauderdale High School who seems destined to be student council president until Molly blackmails her way into the job.
Professor Walgren Head of the film department at New York University, Professor Walgren does nothing to help Molly deal with the discrimination she endures from the males in the program.
Kim Wilson Kim Wilson is the famous actress who keeps Holly as her lover. Molly likes Kim because she is unpretentious and "radiates" a good spirit.
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