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Thomas Keneally

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Thomas Keneally's Schindler's List. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

schindlers-list-thomas-keneallySources: Encyclopaedia Britannica, IMDb, New York Times, TIMECopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.Narrator, Chapter 2e who saves the life of one man saves the entire world.Schindlers Listby the NumbersNames on Schindlers list Member of the Nazi Party buried on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem—Oskar Schindler Times Schindler was arrested during WWII but released because of his connections to high-ranking NazisAcademy Awards wonby the 1993 filmadaptation directed by Steven Spielberg7~1,1001 3 A prolific Australian writer, Keneally is best known for his historical novels—especially Schindlers List. A chance meeting in Los Angeles with Holocaust survivor Poldek Pfefferberg prompted Keneally to write the story of Oskar Schindler, an endeavor that led Keneally to interview almost 50 Schindler survivors.THOMAS KENEALLYBORN 1935AuthorMain CharactersAmon GoethSadistic Nazi official in chargeof labor camp Płaszów;protects workers for SchindlerItzhak Stern Intellectual Jewishassociate of Schindler;urges him to help JewsEmilie SchindlerReserved, pious wife;helps Schindler take careof his workersSubversionUsing his position as a factory owner to save Jewish lives, Schindler undermines the Nazi regime from within.Power of CultureMany Jews resist a loss of identity by practicing cultural and religious traditions, even in the death camps.SalvationSchindler ensures Jews that he can help them survive the war and is able to keep his promise, leading the Jews to view him as a savior.Poldek PfefferbergBlack-market runner for Schindler; subversive leader among the prisonersOskar SchindlerFactory owner; manipulates the system to save Jewish lives ThemesTrying to strike it rich in Poland, Oskar Schindler opens a factory that employs Jews.1 Schindler befriends powerful Nazis, vowing to undermine the system from within.2With a new camp in Czechoslovakia, by wars end he has saved many Jews from death.5When mass executions are ordered, Schindler plans to save Jewish workers by taking them out of Poland.4 When the regime imprisons Jews, Schindler establishes a humane labor camp at his factory.3FriendsManipulatesMarriedEmploysSet in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II, Schindlers List tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a real war profiteer with a taste for women and liquor and a talent for schmoozing high-ranking Nazis. Disturbed by the regimes brutality toward Jews, Schindler cleverly manipulates the system to save more than a thousand Jewish lives.An Unlikely SaviorOVERVIEWEnglishOriginal Language1982Year PublishedThomas KeneallyAuthorSchindlers ListHistorical FictionNovel

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