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Seize the Day | Characters

Character Description
Tommy Wilhelm Tommy Wilhelm, born Wilhelm Adler, is a large, tired, middle-aged Jewish man who has recently left his job as a salesman. He is struggling financially and, under pressure from his wife for money, desperately looks for aid in the commodities market when his father refuses to help him. Read More
Dr. Adler Dr. Adler is a retired Jewish doctor who prides himself on his accomplishments and tidiness. He has worked hard his whole life and refuses to be burdened with the problems of his adult children who have disappointed him. Read More
Dr. Tamkin Dr. Tamkin is a slippery character, claiming to be an inventor and psychologist who has treated all sorts of idiosyncratic cases in patients all over the world. He also says he is an old hand at turning a profit in the commodities market. Read More
Margaret Wilhelm Margaret Wilhelm is a bitter, entitled wife and mother who badgers her husband for financial support while refusing to get a job. She resents her husband's affair and will not grant him a divorce, preventing him from marrying another woman. Read More
Artie Artie is an intelligent cousin of Tommy Wilhelm who becomes a professor of languages.
Beggar An unnamed old beggar, once a violin player, points accusingly at Tommy Wilhelm, whom he sees on the street.
Boy An unnamed boy is a patient of Dr. Tamkin's whose family is nudist. His paternity is in question.
Chinese businessman An unnamed Chinese businessman invests in the commodities markets and walks with his grandchildren and sisters. According to Dr. Tamkin, he is a shrewd investor.
Cameraman A young unnamed cameraman is a patient of Dr. Tamkin's to whom he is teaching Greek as a form of treatment.
Carl Carl is resident of the Gloriana who participates in the weekly gin game. He often yells at the other players.
Catherine Catherine is a middle-aged woman who was once an anesthetist but is currently pursuing art. She wants her father, Dr. Adler, to pay for gallery space for a show, and she doesn't speak to her brother Tommy Wilhelm.
'Nita Christenberry 'Nita Christenberry is an aspiring actress and underwear model who gets tangled up in Maurice Venice's call-girl scheme and ends up in prison.
Dead man The unnamed dead man lies in a coffin. He has gray hair but doesn't seem old, and his presence brings Tommy Wilhelm to tears.
Egyptian princess An unnamed Egyptian princess is a patient of Dr. Tamkin; she hosted him in a villa in Egypt and brought her relatives under his care.
Epileptic girl An unnamed girl and patient of Dr. Tamkin suffers from epilepsy, a disease of which he has cured her.
Estonian woman The Estonian woman is an unnamed person who lives in the Gloriana with multiple cats and dogs.
Lawyer An unnamed Wall Street lawyer buys Dr. Tamkin's suit and is winning in the market before he dies in a plane crash.
Maid The unnamed maid at the Gloriana cleans rooms. She is suspicious of Tommy Wilhelm nosing around Dr. Tamkin's room.
Manager of the brokerage office The manager of the brokerage office is a shrewd German man who keeps his opinions to himself but surely understands much about the clients he serves.
Nudist father An unnamed nudist father is a patient of Dr. Tamkin; he questions the paternity of his son and practices dentistry.
Olive Olive is a young Catholic woman with dark hair who is in love with Tommy Wilhelm. She is tired of waiting to marry him since his wife won't grant him a divorce.
Parigi Parigi is a voice instructor who lives at the Gloriana.
Paul Paul is the younger son of Tommy Wilhelm. Paul thinks his large father looks like a hippopotamus.
Mr. Perls Mr. Perls is an elderly but pleasant resident of the Gloriana and acquaintance of Dr. Adler. He has bone disease, dyed hair, and silver capped teeth.
Mr. Rappaport Mr. Rappaport is an elderly investor with poor eyesight and a taste for cigars. He was once a chicken farmer, and he has an affection for Teddy Roosevelt.
Mr. Rowland Mr. Rowland is an elderly trader and acquaintance of Dr. Tamkin. He specializes in soybeans.
Rubin Rubin works at the newsstand in the hotel Gloriana and knows a great deal about its residents. He enjoys dressing in fine clothes.
Tommy Tommy is the beloved, eldest son of Tommy Wilhelm.
Maurice Venice Maurice Venice is a talent scout with something to prove. He recognizes talent when he sees it but is a little overeager to make a name for himself, winding up in prison for managing call girls.
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