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Siddhartha | Characters

Character Description
Siddhartha Siddhartha is an educated, upper-class son of a Brahmin (priest). He thirsts for knowledge and continually seeks his own path in life. Read More
Vasudeva Vasudeva is a kind ferryman who lives a quiet life of work and contemplation. He becomes enlightened by listening to the river, and guides Siddhartha in doing the same. Read More
Govinda Govinda is a loyal friend and a devout seeker of spiritual truth. He joins the Samanas and then follows the Buddha but still has trouble reaching enlightenment. Read More
Gotama Gotama, the Buddha, is also called "the Illustrious" and "the Perfect One." He is an enlightened holy man with many devoted followers. Read More
Kamala Kamala is a sophisticated courtesan who teaches Siddhartha the art of love. Read More
Anathapindika Anathapindika is a wealthy merchant who is devoted to Gotama. He presents the beautiful Jetavana grove to the Buddha and his followers.
Barber's assistant The barber's assistant shaves off Siddhartha's beard when Siddhartha decides to impress Kamala and stop being a Samana.
Eldest Samana The eldest Samana, Siddhartha's teacher when he and Govinda live an ascetic life together in the forest, tries to stop Siddhartha and Govinda when they want to leave to see the Buddha preach, but Siddhartha hypnotizes the eldest Samana into giving them his blessings instead of his discouragement.
Kamala's servant Kamala's servant gives Siddhartha a white robe, after the lovers' first meeting.
Kamaswami Kamaswami, the wealthiest merchant in town, takes Siddhartha on as an apprentice. Despite his success, Kamaswami worries about his business affairs a great deal.
Samanas The Samanas are a group of wandering ascetics who believe self-denial or deprivation is the path to enlightenment. Siddhartha and Govinda travel with them for three years, begging for food, meditating, and learning to fast.
Siddhartha's father Siddhartha's father is a noble and worthy Brahmin, a priest of the highest class. He teaches Siddhartha religious practices and reluctantly allows his son to join the Samanas.
Siddhartha's mother Siddhartha's mother is a loving, graceful presence in the book. She is proud of her handsome, graceful son.
Siddhartha's son Siddhartha's son, also called Siddhartha, is a spoiled 11-year-old from the city. He is sullen and disrespectful to his father, and he eventually runs away to return to the city.
Young woman The young woman washing her clothes outside of town beckons Siddhartha seductively, and he kisses her breast but walks away when his inner voice tells him, "No!"
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