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Silas Marner | Characters

Character Description
Silas Marner The embittered linen weaver, Silas Marner lives a solitary life until chance robs him of his gold and brings him a new and better kind of wealth. Read More
Godfrey Cass The Squire's oldest son, Godfrey Cass, is good-natured and good-hearted but all too easily led. Read More
Eppie Eppie is the little girl who wanders into Silas's life after the death of her mother, Molly Farren. Read More
Nancy Lammeter Nancy Lammeter, who marries Godfrey Cass, comes from a well-off Raveloe family. Read More
Dolly Winthrop Dolly Winthrop, the wheelwright's wife, becomes Silas's friend and Eppie's godmother. Read More
Dunstan Cass The second son of Squire Cass, Dunstan Cass—Dunsey for short—is a good-for-nothing who blackmails his brother and steals from Silas. Read More
Bryce Bryce is a member of the local hunt in Raveloe; he buys Godfrey's horse from Dunstan.
Bob Cass Squire Cass's third son, Bob, is his favorite.
Squire Cass Called "squire" because he is the only village landlord with tenants, Squire Cass is at the top of Raveloe society.
Mr. Crackenthorp The rector, Mr. Crackenthorp, is also Raveloe's Justice of the Peace.
Mrs. Crackenthorp The rector's wife, Mrs. Crackenthorp, is a nervous little woman.
William Dane Silas's best friend in Lantern Yard, William Dane, steals a pouch of money from the church, frames Silas for the theft, and marries Sarah.
John Dowlas A man who loves a good argument, John Dowlas is the farrier in Raveloe.
Molly Farren Eppie's mother, Molly Farren, who is secretly married to Godfrey Cass, is a drunk and an opium addict.
The Miss Gunns The two Miss Gunns are the daughters of the wine merchant in Lytherly and attend Squire Cass's New Year's Eve dance dressed in the latest fashion.
Jane Jane is a servant in the Red House when Godfrey and Nancy live there.
Keating Keating is a member of the local hunt in Raveloe.
Kench Kench is Raveloe's village constable.
Dr. Kimble Dr. Kimble is an apothecary and the squire's brother-in-law; he comes from a long line of Raveloe village doctors.
Mrs. Kimble As the sister of Squire Cass, the dignified Mrs. Kimble plays hostess at all Red House social functions.
Miss Ladbrook One of the young guests at the Squire's New Year's Eve dance, Miss Ladbrook is a bit of a prude.
Mr. Lammeter Nancy's father, Mr. Lammeter, is one of the stalwarts of the Raveloe community; he conducts his business and his life with good sense.
Priscilla Lammeter Priscilla Lammeter is Nancy's older, less attractive, but much more talkative sister.
Bob Lundy Raveloe's butcher, Bob Lundy, is slow to speak and slow to anger.
Mr. Macey Old Mr. Macey, a tailor and the parish clerk in Raveloe, suspects Silas has links with the supernatural.
Solomon Macey The tailor's brother, Solomon Macey, is the best fiddler in the area and plays at the local dances.
Justice Malam Justice of the Peace Malam is happy to leap from scanty evidence to weighty conclusions.
Sally Oates Silas Marner's knowledge of folk medicine helps cure Sally Oates, the cobbler's wife, of heart trouble.
Gilbert Osgood Nancy Lammeter's cousin Gilbert Osgood, Godfrey's son, wanted to marry her, but she turned him down.
Godfrey Osgood Mr. Godfrey Osgood is a wealthy farmer whose family has been in Raveloe as long as anyone can remember.
Mrs. Osgood Mrs. Osgood is Silas's first customer in Raveloe and pays him the first five guineas in his hoard of gold.
Mr. Paston Mr. Paston is the minister of the Lantern Yard sect.
Jem Rodney Raveloe's mole catcher, Jem Rodney, is also a poacher.
Sarah Sarah, a servant, is Silas's fiancée in Lantern Yard.
John Snell John Snell is the landlord of the Rainbow Inn, the pub in Raveloe.
Mr. Tookey Mr. Tookey has taken over old Mr. Macey's tailoring business as well as some of his duties as parish clerk.
Aaron Winthrop Dolly and Ben Winthrop's son Aaron falls in love with Eppie and marries her.
Ben Winthrop Ben Winthrop is the wheelwright in Raveloe and leads the church choir.
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