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Slaughterhouse-Five | Characters

Character Description
Billy Pilgrim Billy Pilgrim is a traumatized World War II veteran whose experiences have caused him to become "unstuck in time" and experience episodes from his life out of order. Read More
Narrator Central only to the first chapter of the novel, the narrator presents the story of Billy Pilgrim as a version of his own difficulties with his wartime experiences. Read More
Wild Bob Wild Bob is the commander of Roland Weary's regiment; every other soldier in his regiment was killed.
Howard W. Campbell Jr. An American who has become a Nazi propagandist, Howard Campbell Jr. attempts to recruit the prisoners of war to join the German army.
Edgar Derby Edgar Derby, a prisoner of war with Billy Pilgrim, is executed after the bombing of Dresden for looting a teapot from the rubble.
Head Englishman The head Englishman at the POW camp before Dresden encourages the other soldiers to keep up morale by tending to personal hygiene.
Hobo The hobo is perhaps a figment of Billy Pilgrim's imagination and repeatedly tells Billy how things could be worse.
Paul Lazzaro Paul Lazzaro is a sadistic, "rabid" soldier, obsessed with revenge on all his enemies.
Bernard V. O'Hare Bernard V. O'Hare is the narrator's closest friend during the war.
Mary O'Hare The wife of Bernard O'Hare, Mary O'Hare scolds the narrator for writing a book glorifying war and gives her approval when he reassures her otherwise.
Barbara Pilgrim Barbara Pilgrim is Billy Pilgrim's daughter, who worries her father is losing his mind.
Robert Pilgrim Robert Pilgrim is Billy Pilgrim's son, who joins the Green Berets and fights in Vietnam after his troubled teen years.
Valencia Pilgrim Valencia is Billy Pilgrim's overweight but very wealthy and devoted wife.
Bertram Copeland Rumfoord Bertram Rumfoord is Billy Pilgrim's hospital roommate after his plane crash.
Eliot Rosewater Eliot Rosewater is Billy Pilgrim's roommate in the mental hospital after the war.
Tralfamadorians The Tralfamadorians are an alien race resembling toilet plungers, for whom all time happens simultaneously; they abduct Billy Pilgrim and display him in a zoo.
Tralfamadorian guide The Trafalmadorian guide explains to the Tralfamadorian onlookers what Billy does in the zoo.
Kilgore Trout Kilgore Trout is an unpopular science fiction writer whose work Billy admires.
Roland Weary Roland Weary is a violent fellow soldier who abuses Billy and is captured with him in the war.
Montana Wildhack Montana Wildhack is a film star who is mated with Billy in the zoo on Tralfamadore.
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