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Jostein Gaarder

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Sophie, Chapter 28: Kierkegaard he was Sophie Amundsen,and only she was that. Sources: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Philosophy Now, World Heritage Encyclopedia Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc. Free Will Are people free to act, or are they controlled by fate? Identity Who are we, and how do we find meaning? Nature of Existence Does the world really exist, and if so, for what purpose? Themes Major in the UN forces serving in Lebanon; Sophie’s creator and Hilde's father Albert Knag Sophie’s mirror image in the real world; receives Sophie’s World as a gift from her father Hilde Møller Knag Sophie’s fictional philosophy mentor; creates meaning for himself Alberto Knox Fictional philosophy student; represents angst felt by those asking philosophical questions Sophie Amundsen Main Characters A philosophy and literature teacher before becoming a novelist, Gaarder wrote Sophie’s World because of the lack of engaging philosophy textbooks for young people. Gaarder is known for his creative use of metafictional techniques that remind the reader that a work is fiction. He is also an environmental activist. JOSTEIN GAARDERBORN 1952 Author Alberto and Sophie find away to escape Albert using Freud’s dream theory. Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) While studying Berkeley, Sophie discovers she exists only in Albert Knag’s mind. George Berkeley (1685–1753) Alberto instructs Sophieusing the Socratic methodof dialogue. Socrates(c. 470–399 BCE) Sophie believes she is a normal schoolgirl until she begins to receive mysterious letters and postcards from someone she doesn’t know. Via this mentor, who turns out to be Alberto, Sophie learns to ask the important philosophical questions that bring meaning into her existence. A Girl’sPhilosophicalJourney KEY PHILOSOPHERS Norwegian Original Language 1991 Year Published Jostein Gaarder Author Sophie’s World Philosophy Novel

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