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Sula | Characters

Character Description
Nel Nel is obedient, proper, and loyal. She is Sula's best and only friend. Read More
Sula Sula Peace rebels against her community and her one friendship with Nel. Read More
Eva Eva Peace is an older, one-legged woman. She loves men and disapproves of most women. Read More
Hannah Hannah Peace sleeps with everyone else's husbands, making the wayward husbands feel as if they are perfect. Read More
Jude Jude is a young man who tries to break out of poverty and wants a woman who cares about him. Read More
Ajax Ajax is a young man who is always surrounded by women who are attracted to him. Read More
Helene Helene Wright is Nel's mother. She works hard to overcome her sordid family history. Read More
BoyBoy BoyBoy Peace is Eva's violent ex-husband, who leaves her and ends up with a rich city woman.
Cecile Cecile is Helene's grandmother, who raises Helene to be obedient and religious.
Chicken Chicken plays with Sula and then drowns in the river.
Reverend Deal Reverend Deal ministers the church in the Bottom, the black section of Medallion.
Dessie A Daughter Elk, Dessie gossips about Sula at one of her social meetings.
Old Willy Fields Old Willy Fields is the nurse who notices that Eva is bleeding to death and saves her.
Mr. and Mrs. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Hodges are the white morticians who bury Sula.
Mrs. Jackson Mrs. Jackson is an underweight neighbor who eats ice chips.
Henri Martin Henri Martin arranges Cecile's funeral in New Orleans.
Patsy Patsy is a one-time friend of Hannah's.
Pearl Eva's oldest daughter, Pearl Peace marries at 14 and moves away.
Plum Eva's son Ralph Peace, nicknamed Plum, goes to war, becomes a heroin addict, and is burned to death by Eva.
Mrs. Reed Mrs. Reed is the schoolteacher in the Bottom.
Mr. Buckland Reed Mr. Buckland Reed is the town's numbers runner (leader of a lottery-like gambling game) and husband of the schoolteacher.
Rekus Rekus is Hannah's husband and Sula's father. He dies when Sula is three years old.
Rochelle Rochelle is a Creole prostitute and Helene's mother.
Shadrack Shadrack is a resident of the Bottom who comes back from World War I suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), lives alone in a shack, and institutes National Suicide Day.
Mrs. Suggs Mrs. Suggs is a kind neighbor. She helps Eva by giving her food and medicine.
Tar Baby Tar Baby is a drifter who lives with Eva and tries to drink himself to death. He also sings beautifully in church. His racial identity is ambiguous. Most people believe he is half white, but Eva suspects he is fully white. The name Tar Baby, referencing black tar, is a joke.
Teapot Teapot is the little boy who trips on stairs and breaks his leg when Sula is behind him. People blame her for the accident.
Teapot's mamma Teapot's mamma suddenly becomes a responsible mother when her son breaks his leg because she thinks it's Sula's fault.
Three Deweys The three Deweys are three boys who are adopted by Eva and all given the same name. They do everything together as if they are one person.
Valentine Valentine is a one-time friend of Hannah's.
Wiley Wright Helene's husband, Wiley Wright, leaves her when she goes to her grandmother's funeral.
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