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Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Tarzan of the Apes | Characters

Character Description
Tarzan Tarzan is the son of John and Alice Clayton. He is raised by the ape Kala after his parents' deaths and doesn't realize he is human until he is 10 years old. He meets Jane Porter, his love interest, when he is 20. Read More
Jane Porter Jane Porter is the 19-year-old daughter of Professor Porter. She falls in love with Tarzan when he rescues her from Tublat. Read More
Cecil Clayton William Cecil Clayton—commonly known as Cecil—is the son of John Clayton's brother, which makes him Tarzan's cousin. He is in love with Jane. Read More
Lieutenant D'Arnot Lieutenant Paul D'Arnot is a French naval officer. He teaches Tarzan how to speak French after Tarzan rescues him from Mbonga's tribe. Read More
John Clayton John Clayton is Alice Clayton's husband and Tarzan's biological father. He carries the title of Lord Greystoke. Read More
Professor Porter Professor Archimedes Q. Porter is Jane Porter's father. He initiates the trip to Africa to search for a long-lost treasure. Read More
Captain Billings Captain Billings is the original captain of the Fuwalda. He is killed during the crew's mutiny.
Black Michael Black Michael replaces Captain Billings after the mutiny on the Fuwalda. He makes sure the rest of the crew does not kill the Claytons.
Robert Canler Robert Canler loaned money to Professor Porter for the trip to Africa. He is counting on the trip to be a failure so he can marry Jane Porter when the professor can't pay him back.
Lieutenant Charpentier Lieutenant Charpentier is one of the officers aboard the French naval cruiser that rescues Jane Porter, Professor Porter, Mr. Philander, Cecil Clayton, and Esmeralda.
Alice Clayton Alice Clayton is John Clayton's wife and Tarzan's biological mother. She loses her mind after being attacked by an ape, and she dies a year after Tarzan's birth.
Monsieur Desquerc Monsieur Desquerc is the fingerprint expert at the French police station.
Captain Dufranne Captain Dufranne is the captain of the French ship that rescues the Porters and their friends.
Esmeralda Esmeralda is Jane Porter's maid and former nanny. A large African American woman, she is depicted as the stereotypical Southern "mammy" from the pre–Civil War era.
Kala Kala is Tarzan's adoptive ape mother.
Kerchak Kerchak is the king of the ape tribe from Tarzan's infancy through his early adulthood. Kerchak kills John Clayton.
King King is the mutinous sailor who takes over as captain of the Arrow. He is killed by another sailor, Snipes.
Kulonga Kulonga, a native, is Mbonga's son. He kills the ape Kala, and then Tarzan kills him.
Mbonga Mbonga is the king of the African natives who move into the apes' territory.
Mirando Mirando is a black warrior Tarzan kills in the jungle. Tarzan then drops Mirando's body from the trees for all the villagers to see.
Neeta Neeta is a female ape who drowns when Tarzan is 10 years old.
Samuel T. Philander Samuel T. Philander is Professor Porter's secretary, assistant, and oldest friend.
Snipes Snipes is the "rat-faced" sailor on the ship transporting the Porters and their friends. He shoots the ship's captain after they go ashore.
Old Tantor Old Tantor, an elephant, is Tarzan's only non-ape friend.
Terkoz The ape Terkoz is Tublat's son. He despises Tarzan, who humiliated him in front of their tribe before giving up his kingship.
Tobey Tobey is the servant who goes to pack up Professor Porter's books.
Reverend Tousley Reverend Tousley is the preacher Robert Canler hires for his marriage to Jane.
Tublat The ape Tublat is Kala's husband. He hates Tarzan.
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