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F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Tender Is the Night | Characters

Character Description
Dick Diver Dick Diver is the central male figure of the novel, the person with whom all the other characters intersect. Intelligent, handsome, and charismatic, Dick is a noted psychologist and the "it guy" in high society as the novel opens, but his promise is unfulfilled as he experiences a downward spiral even as his beautiful, rich, and once mentally unstable wife regains her health and confidence. Read More
Nicole Diver Nicole Diver, née Warren, is diagnosed as schizophrenic at age 16, the result of an incestuous relationship with her widowed father. She wins the love and protection of handsome psychologist Dick Diver, who marries her and is important in her recovery. Yet after six years of marriage, during which they have two children, she leaves him for Tommy Barban. Read More
Rosemary Hoyt Rosemary Hoyt is a beautiful Hollywood starlet who is just 17 when she meets the Divers and falls in love with Dick. Their flirtation gradually turns into an affair, yet her love for him fades away as his glory years in high society also fade. Read More
Mrs. Abrams Mrs. Abrams is an elderly American who is elegant and gracious, described by Fitzgerald as a "good sport." She is among the guests at Gausse's Hôtel in June 1925.
American painter The patient who interests Dick the most at the clinic is a female identified only as an American painter who had been in Paris many years before having a breakdown. She suffers physically, with sores covering her body, but her mind is usually sharp. Dick feels very empathetic, even loving, toward her. When the woman dies, Dick criticizes Franz for insisting she had neurosyphilis, saying he should have let her secret die with her.
Angry discharged woman A patient at the clinic writes to Nicole after being discharged, accusing Dick of seducing her daughter who was by her side during treatments. Dick dismisses the letter as nonsense, but Nicole becomes so jealous it causes her to have a breakdown.
Augustine Augustine is the Divers' cook when they return to Villa Diana to live after Dick gives up the clinic. Dick fires her for drinking their best wine in an ugly scene that involves her threatening him with a knife and lashing out with a verbal assault regarding his own drinking.
Baby's older suitor When Baby meets the Divers in the Swiss Alps for Christmas the year before Dick and Franz start their clinic, she brings two suitors with her. Fitzgerald describes the older one as "hard with Victorian lecheries."
Baby's younger suitor One of two suitors Baby brings to the Swiss Alps the Christmas she meets the Divers there is much younger than she is and spends his time escorting various women on the slopes.
Tommy Barban Half French and half American, Tommy Barban likes nothing better than participating in wars as a mercenary soldier—except for being around Nicole, whom he loves and seems to feel the need to protect. He manages to seduce her away from Dick at the end of the novel and marries her.
Ben's girl As Nicole and Tommy begin their steamy affair in a hotel room on the French Riviera, a noisy scene is playing out between women and American sailors onshore for a brief leave. Two of the women beg Tommy to let them come up on their balcony to wave goodbye, where one of the women calls to Ben and waves her pink underwear at him.
Earl Brady Earl Brady is an American movie producer who prefers to work in France. He tries to get Rosemary to stay and work with him on a film, but she declines.
Luis Campion Campion is a homosexual who is a guest at Gausse's Hôtel in June 1925. He appears to be having an affair with Royal Dumphry, which ends the night of the dinner party at Villa Diana, so he gloms on to Rosemary and watches the duel with her that night.
Captain The captain Dick Divers is taken to after his violent, drunken outburst in Rome yells at him in French, humiliating Dick. However, the captain is willing to let Dick off—until Dick punches a lieutenant on the way out of the station.
Casasus Casasus is a bank clerk at Dick's Paris bank. He is a friendly Spaniard who tries to engage Dick in conversation while cashing his check, but Dick is absorbed in thoughts of Rosemary.
Charlie's girl As Nicole and Tommy Barban begin their steamy affair in a hotel room on the French Riviera, a noisy scene is playing out between women and American sailors onshore for a brief leave. Two of the women beg Tommy to let them come up on their balcony to wave goodbye, where one of the women calls to Charlie and is very sad he can't seem to hear her.
Chief of police Dick convinces the chief of police of the area around Villa Diana to let Mary North Minghetti and Lady Caroline Sibly-Biers go after they are arrested for a drunken stunt.
Prince Chillicheff Prince Chillicheff is a middle-aged Russian who had been forced to live in hiding in his country until Tommy Barban helped him to escape. That event has just occurred when Dick runs into their party in Munich, and the prince seems dazed by the sudden huge change in his life.
Claude Claude is stocking the bar at the Ritz Hotel in Paris the morning after Abe North gets in trouble. Claude makes Abe drinks, allowing his binge to continue.
Collis Clay Collis Clay is a young Yale graduate from Georgia who falls in love with Rosemary and seems to follow her around wherever she goes throughout the novel. Collis is drinking heavily with Dick during the first part of the night when Dick gets arrested in Rome, and he helps Baby secure Dick's release the next morning.
Dr. Colazzo Dr. Colazzo is the Roman doctor whose contact information the official at the American embassy in Rome provides to Baby when she goes there seeking help for Dick after his arrest. Dick finds the doctor to be too stern, a "Latin moralist."
Concierge The concierge at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome awakens Baby Warren with the news of Dick's arrest and arranges for a taxi to take her to the jail.
Consul When Baby is finally able to talk to the Consul of Rome, he succumbs to her requests to help get Dick released, but he has the vice-consul handle it.
Dr. Dangeu Dr. Dangeu is the doctor in Lausanne who is handling Devereux Warren's case. Dr. Dangeu tells Dick Warren is dying and wants to see Nicole before he dies.
Lanier Diver Lanier, the Divers' son, is older than his sister and always obedient. Yet his father views him as unpredictable with an overabundance of curiosity.
Topsy Diver Topsy, the Divers' daughter, is as beautiful as her mother. Dick is relieved when at age nine, Topsy is healthy and polite. A "topsy," named for a comic character in Uncle Tom's Cabin, is slang for something that grows on its own with no supervision. Thus possibly Topsy is the child's nickname, yet she is never called anything else.
The doctor The doctor is Tommy Barban's second in the duel with Albert McKisco.
Dr. Dohmler Dr. Dohmler runs the clinic in Zurich, which bears his name. He diagnoses Nicole with schizophrenia at 16 and manages her care until Dick takes over—although he advises Dick not to get into a relationship with her.
Royal Dumphry Royal Dumphry, young and blond in June 1925, is having a homosexual affair with Campion, which he breaks off. When Dick goes to Lausanne on Francisco's case, Royal turns out to be the young man's lover; Royal speaks repeatedly of his love for the Divers the summer they met and is the one who tells Dick of Devereux Warren's condition and puts him in touch with Dr. Dangeu.
Ed Elkins Ed Elkins, second secretary at the American embassy in Vienna, is Dick's roommate when Dick lives there in 1916 and 1917.
Emile Emile is the proprietor of the inn near the place where Nicole Diver causes Dick Diver to wreck the car. Dick sends Lanier and Topsy, the Diver children, to the inn to get help, and Emile comes right away.
English porter The English porter at the American embassy in Rome tries to block Baby from seeing anyone when she goes there seeking help for Dick after his arrest, and he is very disgusted when she puts her hands on him and shakes him.
Englishwoman A patient at Dick Diver's clinic, the Englishwoman likes to speak to him about music.
Film director Dick Diver meets the film director when he visits Rosemary on the set in Rome.
Flirtatious brunette Dick describes the daughter of the woman who accuses him of seducing the girl as a "flirtatious little brunette." He admits to kissing her, not meaning anything romantic by it, and claims he rebuffed her attempts to have an affair with him.
Francisco Francisco is the homosexual, alcoholic son of Señor Pardo y Cuidad Real, who thinks his son can be "healed" of both problems. Although Dick Diver refuses the case, he talks with Francisco for more than an hour, trying to be helpful, until Royal Dumphry arrives on the scene.
Freeman When Abe North goes on a drunken binge instead of following through on his plans to leave Paris and go to the United States, he falsely accuses a black man of robbing him. Freeman is arrested, and no one does anything to get him out of jail.
French second When Tommy Barban and Albert McKisco have their duel, Tommy's second is a Frenchman from Cannes. He agrees with Abe North that the duelers should move 40 paces apart—the distance for a duel being fought "only to vindicate their honor."
Gausse Gausse runs the hotel on the French Riviera that bears his name and where Americans like to gather at the beach. He helps Dick settle the affair when Mary North Minghetti and Lady Sibly-Biers are arrested, but he is disgusted by the women's behavior.
The general When a renowned general enters the restaurant in Paris where the Diver party is dining, he becomes the object of a bet between Abe North and Dick. Dick calls himself the "only man with repose," but Abe believes the general can show even more self-control; Abe loses the bet when the general scratches his head.
Girl at party A girl at the tea party Dick takes Rosemary to in Paris annoys Rosemary by acting desperate in her attempts to be around the starlet.
T.F. Golding T.F. Golding is a rich yacht owner and a past beau of Baby Warren. He throws a party one night, and Nicole and Dick Diver go out uninvited to the yacht. Here, the Divers meet up with Tommy Barban again—five years after Nicole last saw him—marking the beginning of the affair between Tommy and Nicole.
Franz Gregorovius Also known as "Dr. Gregory," Franz Gregorovius is a long-time associate of Dick who convinces Dick to take over a clinic with him in Zurich. As Dick's decline becomes apparent, Franz also suggests it is time for their partnership to be dissolved.
Kaethe Gregorovius Kaethe Gregorovius, Franz's wife, watches closely over the clinic and dislikes Nicole. She is manipulative enough to cause problems for both Dick and Nicole Diver.
Guide A guide leads Dick and two other men up into the Alps above Innsbruck, where Dick goes after his trip to Munich. The guide forces them to return to Innsbruck when the weather turns nasty.
Carly Hannan Mr. Hannan is with Tommy Barban when Dick encounters their party in Munich. Hannan is a drunk, loud man who doesn't know when to drop a subject.
Helen Helen is a patient at Dick's clinic who is 15 years old and the product of a great deal of family neurosis and a lax upbringing. She has no self-control or coping skills.
Dr. Herbrugge Dr. Herbrugge is a highly regarded physician from Geneva that Dick suggests should consult with Dr. Dangeu about Devereux Warren's case.
Holmes Holmes is the person who sends the telegram announcing the death of Dick's father. He is a church rector in Buffalo, where Mr. Diver dies.
Hosain's sister When the Divers visit Mary North Minghetti and her new husband (Hosain) with their children, they mistakenly believe Hosain's sister is a maid. They speak to her as such, which is an insult in that culture, and it causes a terrible breach in the relations between the two couples.
Insistent taxi driver In Rome an insistent taxi driver refuses to take Dick to his hotel for the amount of money the very drunk Dick is willing to pay. When the driver spits at his feet, Dick slaps him; the ensuing fight lands him in jail.
Interpreter A man tries to serve as an interpreter in Rome the night Dick fights with taxi drivers, but Dick insists he understands what is going on.
Italian lawyer The consulate in Rome provides a "shabby Italian lawyer" to help Dick when he is arrested. The lawyer manages to get him freed, but Dick is far from grateful.
Dr. Ladislau Dr. Ladislau works at Dick and Franz's clinic. Dick doesn't much like Ladislau and tries at first to blame him for the scene that occurs at the clinic between Dick and Mr. Morris.
Laura Laura is the sister of Maria Wallis, who shoots an Englishman at a Paris train station. Nicole calls Laura to let her know what has happened.
Lucienne Lucienne is the Divers' servant who is responsible for bathing the children and getting them ready for bed. She doesn't understand the heater at the di Minghettis' home and so cannot bathe the children, which leads to a terrible misunderstanding between the Divers and their hosts.
Conte Tino de Marmora Marmora is Nicole's Latin companion when Dick meets her again by chance, on the mountain-climbing car going to Caux.
Marmora's parents Marmora's parents are traveling with their son and Nicole and Baby Warren when Dick happens upon them on his way to Caux.
Mr. McBeth Mr. McBeth, manager of the hotel in Paris where Jules Peterson is murdered in Rosemary's room, promises to protect Rosemary's and the Divers' reputations from the scandal.
Mr. McKibben Mr. McKibben is with Tommy Barban when Dick Diver encounters their party in Munich. It turns out McKibben's wife is friends with Baby Warren, Dick's sister-in-law, and he invites Dick to ride with them to Innsbruck, but Dick declines.
Albert McKisco Albert McKisco, 30 years old in June of 1925, is a struggling writer at the time. His confidence is boosted by the duel with Tommy Barban he drunkenly fights for his wife's honor, and he later becomes a best-selling novelist whom Dick enjoys talking with when they meet again.
Violet McKisco Violet McKisco, married to Albert, is pretty and somewhat naïve. Her shock at what she sees the night of the Divers' dinner party—and inability to quit bringing it up—is what leads to the duel between Albert and Tommy Barban.
Mexican man A Mexican man is the speedboat driver during Dick's failed attempts to do his lifting trick on a board being towed by the boat. He is also the last man Dick tries to lift, when his humiliation is completed by yet another failed attempt.
Conte Hosain di Minghetti Mary North's second husband, the Conte di Minghetti, is the wealthy owner of Asian manganese mines. He strictly adheres to his cultural norms and is easily offended by those who are unfamiliar with them.
Tony di Minghetti Tony, one of Conte di Minghetti's two sons, has some sort of disease. The Divers are worried when Lanier appears to have been bathed in the boy's water.
Mr. Morris Mr. Morris, the father of an alcoholic son being treated at Dick and Franz's clinic, is outraged when his son tells him he has smelled alcohol on Dick's breath. He comes to the clinic to remove his son and makes a scene with Dick, which leads to the decision for Dick and Franz to part ways.
Von Cohn Morris Von Cohn Morris is at Dick and Franz's clinic for alcoholism. He tells his father he smells alcohol on Dick's breath, and his enraged father comes to remove him from the clinic.
Muchhause Muchhause is one of the bank clerks at Dick's bank in Paris. When Dick withdraws money, Muchhause always asks if he wants it from Nicole's or his own account.
Murdered Englishman An Englishman is murdered by Maria Wallis at the French train station just as Abe North's train is pulling out. The reason for the murder is never explained.
Nicotera Nicotera is an actor in the movie Rosemary is filming in Rome when Dick meets up with her again. Dick is jealous of him as Rosemary's new young lover.
Abe North Abe North, described by Rosemary as having a "golden, leonine head" when she meets him in June 1925, is an alcoholic musician who ruins his own chances for success. He ends up being beaten to death at a speakeasy in New York City.
Mary North After Abe North dies, his wife Mary marries Conte di Minghetti and enjoys her life of wealth and privilege. It is much easier than her life with Abe, during which she constantly worried about his excessive drinking, even though she kept up a merry appearance as much as possible.
Nun The nun who has been caring for Devereux Warren comes to Dick's room in Lausanne to alert him to the fact that Warren has gotten up from his deathbed and left.
Nurse After Dick tells Nicole he hopes she will fall in love and "have a perfectly normal life," a nurse at the clinic tells him Nicole is breaking their plans for that evening. Apparently, Nicole's comments to the nurse make it clear she understands Dick is trying to break off all relations with her.
Official at embassy in Rome The official at the American embassy in Rome who refuses to do anything on Dick Diver's behalf when Baby comes there asking for help. He is described as a "singular young man." He has pink cold cream all over his face and chides Baby for Dick's behavior and her belief he should be let go.
Orchestra leader Early in the evening of the night Dick is arrested in Rome, he is already drunk and picks a fight with an orchestra leader he deems "conceited and unpleasant."
Paper vendor A "thin-faced American" appears twice in the novel, and both times he is selling newspapers. The first time, he approaches Dick Diver in Paris when Dick is trying to find Rosemary's studio; the second time, he is outside the barbershop on the French Riviera where Nicole and Dick are getting their hair cut and Tommy Barban declares his love for Nicole.
Señor Pardo y Cuidad Real The wealthy, noble Spaniard Señor Pardo y Cuidad Real is unable to accept his homosexual son. He tries to change his behavior by giving Francisco aphrodisiacs and having him taken to a brothel and by beating him before coming to Dick and Franz for a possible "cure."
Party hostess The hostess of the tea party Dick Diver takes Rosemary to in Paris annoys Rosemary with her "rich American" attitude and flirtation with Dick.
Paul Paul is the famous bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris who refuses to allow Jules Peterson to come into the bar to see Abe North because Peterson is black.
Perrin Perrin is a bank clerk at Dick's Paris bank whom Dick describes as a "suave New Yorker." Dick likes to deal with this young man more than the other clerks.
Jules Peterson Jules Peterson is part of the messy affair involving Abe North's drunken binge in Paris that results in Freeman's arrest. North claims he will help him with his shoe polish business, but Peterson ends up mysteriously murdered in Rosemary's room.
Plainclothes lieutenant After Dick gets arrested in Rome and the captain decides to release him, Dick punches the plainclothes lieutenant who originally brought him to the police station. This results in Dick being beaten by the lieutenant and dragged to a jail cell.
Pretty woman When Dick is in Innsbruck he notices a pretty woman he instantly falls in love with but fails to attract.
Rumanian intellectual While in college, Dick regularly argues with a young Rumanian intellectual, who warns him that his biggest problem will be a lack of clear judgment about himself.
Scotsman At T.F. Golding's yacht party, which Dick and Nicole Diver show up at uninvited, a young Scotsman sings a song Lady Caroline Sibly-Biers made up.
Señora When Dick visits young Nicole in the clinic, one evening another patient only introduced as Señora keeps interrupting their conversation with nonsensical comments.
Sergent-de-ville An "ill-smelling, handsome" sergent-de-ville (French policeman) comes to the Divers' rooms in Paris to advise them of Abe North's troubles. He speaks to Nicole, who firmly dismisses him, explaining they have no knowledge of the affair.
Lady Caroline Sibly-Biers Tommy Barban refers to the waiflike Lady Caroline as "the wickedest woman in London." His assessment seems true when she reveals an imperialistic attitude that gets her and Mary Minghetti into trouble with a ridiculous stunt they pull on the French Riviera.
Elsie Speers Elsie Speers is Rosemary's practical, opportunistic mother, whom Rosemary adores, trusts implicitly, and credits with her success. Mrs. Speers has been twice widowed and raises Rosemary not to depend on men, although she does encourage her to pursue an affair with Dick Diver.
Special girl In Gstaad, where the Divers and Baby are spending Christmas, on the evening of Franz's arrival, Dick refers cryptically to a special girl he has his eye on. Her identity is not revealed, but it's clear he is beginning to have a wandering eye for other women.
Studio manager The manager of the Monte Carlo studio where Earl Brady is filming welcomes Rosemary and introduces her to Brady.
Swanson Swanson is the vice-consul at the consulate in Rome who helps Dick after his arrest. Dick likes the young man and thanks him for his help.
Bartholomew Tailor Dick runs into Bartholomew Tailor in Cannes one day, and by the comments about Tailor he and Nicole make afterward, it is clear he is the type of stuffy person with whom they do not care to associate. They do not want their summer spot to be overrun with such people.
Trio of young women When Rosemary and Dick attend the tea party in Paris, Rosemary notices a trio of young women who remind her of cobras. She overhears them gossiping about Dick and his crowd and is disgusted by them.
Maria Wallis Maria Wallis is the tall young woman who snubs Nicole at the Paris train station just before murdering an Englishman.
Beth "Baby" Warren Nicole's older sister, Beth "Baby" Warren, is 24 when Dick first meets Nicole. Baby cares about little besides money, and she uses her wealth to live as she wishes and to control those around her.
Devereux Warren Devereux Warren is a rich Chicago magnate who molests Nicole after his wife (her mother) dies. He seeks help for Nicole after she develops mental illness and follows the doctors' orders not to see her, but he is racked by guilt and becomes an acute alcoholic.
Woman behind lottery wheel On the day Nicole has a breakdown due to her jealousy over false claims of Dick's infidelity, Dick is forced to leave Topsy and Lanier with a young woman working the lottery wheel at the fair because Nicole takes off running. Once he finds Nicole, he then has trouble remembering which lottery wheel it was.
Young English girl During the night of heavy drinking with Collis Clay that ends with Dick's arrest in Rome, Dick is attracted to a lovely young English girl who flirts with him and dances with him. But then the girl disappears without saying goodbye.
Young man 1 Near the end of the novel the Divers and Rosemary join a party on a speedboat. Dick watches a young man expertly ride an aquaplane board and do athletic tricks on it.
Young man 2 After going with Nicole Diver and Rosemary to join people on a speedboat near the end of the novel and watching one young man's physical display, Dick decides he will try an aquaplane board trick he did well a few years earlier. But as he tries to stand up with another young man on his shoulders, he is unable to complete the trick and becomes annoyed and frustrated.
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