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Mark Twain

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1845

    Huck struggles to adjust to living with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas.

    Chapter 1
  • A few months later

    Pap kidnaps Huck and holds him prisoner.

    Chapter 6
  • A few weeks later

    Huck fakes his own death and gets to Jackson's Island.

    Chapter 7
  • A few weeks later

    Huck and Jim leave Jackson's Island and head down the Mississippi River on the raft.

    Chapter 12
  • A few weeks later

    Huck has an internal conflict as he considers he has helped Jim escape slavery.

    Chapter 16
  • A couple of days later

    The duke and the king join Huck and Jim on the raft.

    Chapter 19
  • A few weeks later

    The king sells Jim, and Huck is determined to free him.

    Chapter 31
  • A few weeks later

    Tom Sawyer and Huck follow Tom's elaborate plan and free Jim.

    Chapter 40
  • A couple of days later

    Jim refuses to leave Tom's side and is recaptured.

    Chapter 42
  • A couple of days later

    The truth comes out and Huck leaves for the West.

    Chapter 43

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn begins with a summary of the end of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and what has transpi... Read More
Chapter 2 As Tom and Huck are making their getaway Huck slips and makes a noise, which stirs Jim who is "Miss Watson's big nigger.... Read More
Chapter 3 The next morning Miss Watson gives Huck "a good going-over" because he messed up his clothes. The Widow Douglas cleans H... Read More
Chapter 4 A few months have passed. Huck has progressed in reading and writing and is adjusting to the Widow Douglas's ways. Huck ... Read More
Chapter 5 The sight of Pap scares Huck as he recalls the beatings he used to receive. But then Huck believes there is no reason to... Read More
Chapter 6 Pap pursues Judge Thatcher to try to gain custody of Huck and his money. The trial goes nowhere. Meanwhile Pap tries to ... Read More
Chapter 7 Pap wakes the next morning and does not recall what occurred the previous night. When Huck awakes Pap asks him why he ha... Read More
Chapter 8 Huck awakens from a nap on Jackson's Island and is ready to go back to sleep when he sees a ferryboat pass carrying peop... Read More
Chapter 9 Huck and Jim explore the island and find a cave on a hill. They stay in the cave, as it is a good place to hide if anyon... Read More
Chapter 10 Huck wants to know more about the dead man and how he died. Jim insists that it is better not to discuss the dead man be... Read More
Chapter 11 The woman, Mrs. Loftus, invites Huck in. He says his name is Sarah Williams and tells her a story about his circumstance... Read More
Chapter 12 Huck and Jim float down the river at night and hide the raft during the day. They build a wigwam on the raft in order to... Read More
Chapter 13 Huck is scared as he realizes he is in a dangerous place. After quietly searching, he and Jim find the robber's skiff. J... Read More
Chapter 14 Huck and Jim go through the booty they got from the robbers and find it is an impressive haul. Afterward Huck is excited... Read More
Chapter 15 Huck and Jim are striving to make it to Cairo, Illinois, where they can take a steamboat up the Ohio to the free states.... Read More
Chapter 16 Jim is anxious to get to Cairo and looks forward to being free. Huck recognizes that he is the reason that Jim will be f... Read More
Chapter 17 Huck calls out and asks to have the dogs called off. He introduces himself as George Jackson. The man confirms Huck is n... Read More
Chapter 18 Huck goes into great detail about Colonel Grangerford, whom he clearly admires. The Colonel is a wealthy landowner and h... Read More
Chapter 19 Huck and Jim spend a few peaceful, lazy days floating down the river. While Huck is in the canoe looking for berries, tw... Read More
Chapter 20 The con men ask Huck and Jim questions, and Huck comes up with another story and denies that Jim is a slave. They want t... Read More
Chapter 21 The next morning the duke and the king practice for their Shakespeare production. They decide to include Hamlet's solilo... Read More
Chapter 22 The loud angry mob goes to Sherburn's house and is ready to extract revenge. Sherburn appears on the roof with a gun in ... Read More
Chapter 23 The duke and the king prepare for their new production. The show sells out. Huck and the crowd find the show very funny.... Read More
Chapter 24 Jim is tired of being in ropes and pretending he is a runaway slave. The duke comes up with a plan to allow Jim more fre... Read More
Chapter 25 The duke and the king make their way to the Wilkses' home, and the townspeople gather. At the house the nieces hug them ... Read More
Chapter 26 Huck is questioned by Joanna, the youngest Wilks sister. He messes up the story repeatedly and has to come up with expla... Read More
Chapter 27 When the duke and king go to sleep, Huck goes to hide the money. With the door locked and someone coming, Huck places th... Read More
Chapter 28 Huck sees Mary Jane crying, and he asks her why. She says it is because the slave family has been split up. After Huck m... Read More
Chapter 29 The real Harvey Wilks makes a speech—according to Huck, sounding like a real Englishman—explaining why they were delayed... Read More
Chapter 30 Once the two con men are on the raft, the king grabs Huck and accuses him of trying to leave the duke and him behind. Hu... Read More
Chapter 31 After a few days of travel, the raft is in the Deep South. Judging that they are beyond any rumors, the duke and the kin... Read More
Chapter 32 Huck arrives at the Phelps farm in search of Jim. He approaches the house without a plan, instead trusting in "Providenc... Read More
Chapter 33 On his way into town Huck finds Tom Sawyer who at first thinks he is seeing a ghost. After Huck convinces Tom that he is... Read More
Chapter 34 Tom figures out they are keeping Jim in the shed. Huck is impressed by the way Tom figures this out. They hash out plans... Read More
Chapter 35 Tom is disappointed that freeing Jim has so few challenges. He wants to do things just like they do in the books he read... Read More
Chapter 36 The boys start digging with knives to get under Jim's cabin. They make little progress, and Huck is frustrated with the ... Read More
Chapter 37 Huck and Tom begin taking things from the Phelps home to use for the escape, creating much confusion in the household an... Read More
Chapter 38 Tom insists that Jim write his coat of arms on the prison cell wall. Tom also writes out mournful declarations for Jim t... Read More
Chapter 39 Huck and Tom collect the creatures—snakes, rats, and spiders—for Jim's cell. Some are accidentally let into the house by... Read More
Chapter 40 Fifteen armed farmers gather at the house at night. Huck, who is in a panic, runs to tell Tom instead of going to sleep ... Read More
Chapter 41 Huck finds the doctor and comes up with a story. While the doctor goes off, Huck falls asleep. He awakens the next morni... Read More
Chapter 42 The next morning Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas still have not gotten word from Tom. Just as they are about to open a letter... Read More
Chapter 43 Huck asks Tom what the plan would have been if they had escaped. Tom was hoping to have some more adventures, tell Jim t... Read More
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