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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Virgil's epic poem The Aeneid.

The Aeneid | Characters

Character Description
Aeneas Aeneas is the leader of a group of Trojans who fled the destruction of Troy. He is fated to found a new city in Italy. Read More
Juno Juno is the queen of the gods and wife of Jupiter, and she opposes Aeneas's fate. Read More
Turnus Turnus is the Rutulian king who fights to drive Aeneas out of Italy. Read More
Dido Dido is the queen of Carthage. Her love for Aeneas is tragic. Read More
Anchises Anchises is Aeneas's father, who helps him understand his destiny. Read More
Jupiter Jupiter, often called Jove, is the king of the gods, husband to Juno, and father of Venus. Read More
Venus Venus is the goddess of love. As Aeneas's mother, she helps and protects him. Read More
Achates Achates is Aeneas's right-hand man and is always by his side.
Amata Amata is the wife of Latinus, and mother of Lavinia; Juno turns Amata against Aeneas.
Ascanius Ascanius, also called Iulus, is Aeneas's young son, who will be a great forefather of the Romans.
Camilla Camilla is a female warrior who fights with Turnus against Aeneas.
Creusa Creusa is Aeneas's first wife, who dies during the fall of Troy.
Drances Drances is a Rutulian critic of Turnus, who argues against war with Aeneas.
Evander Evander is the king of Pallanteum, who sends his son to fight with Aeneas.
Juturna Juturna is Turnus's sister and a river nymph, who tries to save her brother from Aeneas.
Latinus Latinus is the king of Latium, a city-state in Italy, and Aeneas's potential father-in-law.
Lavinia Lavinia is Latinus's daughter and only child. Turnus and Aeneas fight over her as a potential future wife.
Mezentius Mezentius is an Etruscan king who fights with Turnus against Aeneas.
Orodes Orodes is a Trojan soldier who dies at the hands of Mezentius. He then predicts his killer's death.
Pallas Pallas is the son of King Evander of Pallanteum, and is killed in battle by Turnus.
Aeolus Aeolus is the god of the winds, whose powers Juno calls upon to create the terrible storm at sea at the beginning of The Aeneid.
Allecto Allecto is the Fury called upon by Juno to incite war between the Trojans and the Latins.
Andromache Andromache is the widow of the hero Hector who then marries Helenus and becomes queen of a region in Epirus.
Apollo Apollo is the god of the Sun, who steers Aeneas toward Italy and protects him.
Arruns Arruns is the soldier who kills Camilla and is then himself killed by order of Diana.
Augustus Augustus is the descendant of Aeneas, who represents the great destiny of Rome.
Diana Diana is the goddess of hunting, who orders the death of Arruns for killing Camilla.
Diomedes Diomedes is an accomplished Greek warrior who refused to join the Latins in their war against Aeneid.
Euryalus Euryalus, the close companion of Nisus and loyalist to Aeneas, is killed in front of Nisus by the Latins.
Mercury Mercury is the messenger god, who delivers instructions from the gods to Aeneas.
Neptune Neptune is the god of the sea, who becomes territorial about the storm Juno commanded Aeolus to create and calms it.
Nisus Nisus is the adventurous cohort of Euryalus who dies trying to save Euryalus's life.
The Sibyl The Sibyl is Apollo's priestess, who predicts Aeneas's future and guides him through the Underworld.
Tarchon Tarchon is the Etruscan king who becomes an important ally of Aeneas.
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