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The Aeneid | Book Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Beginning of journey

    After the destruction of Troy, Aeneas's fleet wanders looking for a new home.

    Book 1
  • Seven years later

    A storm drives the fleet to Carthage; Aeneas loves and leaves Dido, queen of Carthage.

    Book 4
  • Months later

    Aeneas and his people hold funeral games for his father, Anchises, in Sicily.

    Book 5
  • Sometime later

    Aeneas consults the Sibyl of Cumae and they visit his father in the Underworld.

    Book 6
  • Days later

    The Trojans arrive in Latium; Juno turns Queen Amata and Turnus against Aeneas.

    Book 7
  • Sometime later

    Turnus attacks the Trojan fort; Nisus and Euryalus die trying to get a message to Aeneas.

    Book 9
  • Days later

    Aeneas and his allies arrive and fight a great battle; Turnus kills Pallas.

    Book 10
  • The next few days

    Both sides mourn their dead; Aeneas sends Pallas's body back to Evander.

    Book 11
  • A few weeks later

    Turnus attacks Aeneas's approaching troops; Camilla fights bravely but is killed.

    Book 11
  • The next day

    After one last unexpected battle, Aeneas kills Turnus in single combat.

    Book 12

Book Summaries Chart

Book Summary
Book 1 "Wars and a man I sing—an exile driven on by Fate." With this iconic first line, Virgil begins to lay out the story of A... Read More
Book 2 Aeneas tells Dido of the destruction of Troy. This flashback to past events makes them come to life at the time of his r... Read More
Book 3 Aeneas and other survivors of Troy build ships and sail north to Thrace, where they try to build a new city. However, a ... Read More
Book 4 Queen Dido fears her burning love for Aeneas betrays her vows to her dead husband. However, her sister, Anna, asks: does... Read More
Book 5 The Trojans see Dido's pyre burning as they sail away. A strong wind forces them toward Sicily, where King Acestes warml... Read More
Book 6 Aeneas and his fleet finally arrive in Italy, landing at Cumae, home of the Sibyl (a priestess of Apollo and Diana who s... Read More
Book 7 Aeneas and his fleet sail again and finally reach the Tiber River. Upon landing the Trojans feast using dried-out wheat ... Read More
Book 8 Aeneas worries about the impending war, but the god of the Tiber River appears in a dream and assures him he is fulfilli... Read More
Book 9 Taking advantage of Aeneas's absence, Turnus and his allies march on the Trojan fort. Although they want to fight, the T... Read More
Book 10 Jupiter asks the gods why Trojans and Latins are fighting when he commanded otherwise. Venus blames Juno, begging that A... Read More
Book 11 Aeneas sends Pallas's body home to Evander in a great procession and allows the Latins to bury their dead. He says he ne... Read More
Book 12 Wanting only to win or die, Turnus demands that the terms of single combat with Aeneas be set. The next morning both arm... Read More
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