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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Sun Tzu, Chapter 4 A victorious army wins its victories before seeking battle. Members of a U.S. spy plane crew freed from detainment in China in 2001 after officials used The Art of War to come up with a diplomatic strategy 24 Year The Art of War became available to the West when it was translated and published by a French Jesuit priest 1772 Years during the Chinese Warring States period 254 Desired ratio of troops to commanding officers according to Sun Tzu 3:1 The Art of Warby the Numbers Sources: Deciphering Sun Tzu: How to Read The Art of War by Derek M.C. Yuen, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Predecided Outcomes Good resources, training, and strategy are the keys to victory. Strengths & Weaknesses Wise commanders know theirs and their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Deceit as Strategy Fooling the enemy into making miscalculations wins battles. Changing Tactics War is unpredictable, a fact that good leaders use to their advantage. Main Ideas An experienced professional tactician and strategist, Sun Tzu fought for the state of Wu during a time when China’s states fought one another for primacy. He formulated his 13 topics of military strategy as an organized method of conducting war with the best possible outcome. Sun Tzuc. 400–301 BCE Author Key Figures Tu Mu High-ranking government administrator; important commentator Mei Yao-ch’en Song dynasty poet and writer; major commentator and historian Li Ch’uan T’ang dynasty writer of military strategy; prominent commentator Ts’o Ts’o Ruthless and effective King of Wei; senior commentator Warring States Period Sun Tzu lived during a turbulent period of military conflict among China’s provinces. The Tao Sun Tzu was influenced by Taoist philosophy, which emphasizes balance, virtuous choices, and harmony with nature. Chinese War Literature The Art of War was the first of the seven military classics in Chinese literature. A Battle Won Before It Is Fought Likely written during the violent and chaotic Warring States period of Chinese history (475–221 BCE), The Art of War offers a series of military strategies to wage war, involving such tactics as careful planning before battle. The strategies and tactics are analyzed and elaborated on by 13 commentators. CONTEXT Chinese Original Language c. 475–221 BCE Years Written Sun Tzu Author The Art of War War Literature Essay

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