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The Bhagavad Gita | Chapter Summaries


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Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Blind King Dhritarashtra asks the poet Sanjaya to tell him the story of his family, the Kurus, clashing with the Pandava... Read More
Chapter 2 Krishna responds to Arjuna by arguing that such timidity at this moment is "unworthy of a noble mind." Still, Arjuna ins... Read More
Chapter 3 Confused, Arjuna asks why Krishna seems to advocate the path of knowledge and understanding while pushing Arjuna to do a... Read More
Chapter 4 Krishna reveals that he is transmitting an ancient teaching to Arjuna. Though Krishna has taught this wisdom to gods and... Read More
Chapter 5 Arjuna asks Krishna whether the path of renunciation or the path of action is better for him. Krishna replies that both ... Read More
Chapter 6 According to Krishna, right action, or karma yoga, is also renunciation because it requires the person to renounce their... Read More
Chapter 7 Krishna tells Arjuna he will explain how one can know him (God) by practicing nonattachment. Krishna focuses now on impa... Read More
Chapter 8 Arjuna urges Krishna to tell him about the nature of the Self, God, and action. He also asks Krishna to explain worship ... Read More
Chapter 9 Arjuna has faith and trust in Krishna. In return, Krishna promises to tell Arjuna the secret of how to attain wisdom and... Read More
Chapter 10 Krishna continues to instruct Arjuna about his nature as the supreme manifestation of God. Accordingly, all other gods a... Read More
Chapter 11 Finally understanding much of what Krishna is trying to impart, Arjuna asks Krishna to show him his "ultimate form." In ... Read More
Chapter 12 Arjuna sets the chapter's question by asking whether it is better to have devotional love for Krishna or for the less ta... Read More
Chapter 13 Krishna explains the distinction between the body as the "field" and the Self as the "knower of the field." Krishna repo... Read More
Chapter 14 Krishna instructs Arjuna about the ultimate knowledge yoga masters have achieved. He explains he is "the seed-giving fat... Read More
Chapter 15 Krishna describes "the realm of sorrow" as a tree, with the branches fed by the gunas and the roots by action. The leave... Read More
Chapter 16 Krishna describes the characteristics that belong to wise men versus "men with demonic traits." The divine traits are th... Read More
Chapter 17 Arjuna asks which guna prevails in men who "worship with faith" but "reject the scriptures." There are three types of fa... Read More
Chapter 18 In this final chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna teaches Arjuna about renunciation. Krishna makes a distinction betwe... Read More
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